Why Write for Suite 101? 10 Benefits of Online Writing

Suite 101 writer Rosemary Gemmell answers the question I’m often asked: “Why do you write for Suite 101?” Here, Gemmell shares ten benefits of online writing from her own experience.

Before we jump into the reasons she loves writing for Suite, I gotta say that three out of four members of my writer’s group have written for Suite 101! One quit after a few months, saying the writing guidelines were too strict. The second was hired a couple months ago, and recently celebrated her first paycheck. She’s a happy writer! The third has been writing for Suite 101 for three years, and loves it (me 🙂 ).

When people ask if they should write for Suite 101, I tell them to apply and give it a whirl. They won’t know if it’s for them until they start writing! Okay, let’s move on to the featured book. ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income is a fantastic resource for online writing and blogging, whether you’re an experienced blogger or newbie web writer. I like reading the book better than surfing Rowse’s Problogger website; it’s easier to earmark pages and make notes in the print version.

Okay, on to Gemmell’s reasons for writing for Suite…

Why Write for Suite 101? 10 Benefits of Online Writing

Joining this online magazine and community of writers, says Rosemary Gemmell, is a great decision for any writer for the following reasons:

1. Online writing training. The Suite 101 Learning Hub is fantastic training material for a new web writer, covering everything needed to succeed, including SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the best use of keywords.

2. Editorial support. Each subject section on Suite 101 has its own professional editor who ensures high standards of writing and presentation.

3. Suite 101 writer’s forums. The forums are friendly and helpful, and cover every possible question. The experienced writers go out of their way to help new people, and even the editors often join in discussions or offer immediate advice.

4. Source of passive income. Writing for Suite 101 isn’t a way to get rich quick but, over time, the payment amount gradually creeps up and can provide a regular source of passive income for many years to come. The more articles a writer has online, the more chance of increasing revenue.

5. Outlet for creativity and writing. Suite 101 provides a wonderful outlet for writing. With print magazines, there is the long wait for an editor’s reply, then a further wait to see the article in print. With Suite 101, articles can be submitted and published immediately.

6. Wide range of topics to write about. Suite writers can write in different subjects of expertise, from researched material, or about hobbies and interests.

7. Photography skills optional. Suite writers can use their own photographs to illustrate articles; it’s a great way to use travel photographs by writing about places visited. (Even if you’re not a travel writer, you can write about traveling!).

8. A sense of immediacy. Writing for Suite increases output as there is real excitement about writing a new article for Suite101 and knowing it will be published online immediately.

9. Suite 101 writer’s challenges. The regular writing challenges set by Suite101 staff are fun, but they also encourage writers to try different types of writing and increase productivity. 

10. New online writing markets. As online writing opportunities increase, this is a great time for writers to learn the basics and become a part of it all.

For more info on writing for Suite 101, read 10 Reasons to Write for Suite101 (which I, Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen, wrote a year ago to commemorate my second anniversary with Suite).

If you’re a “Suitee”, why do you write for Suite 101? And if you have any questions or comments – Suite 101 writer or not – please respond below… 

Rosemary Gemmell is a freelance writer based in Scotland. She writes articles, short stories and children’s stories, many of which have been published in magazines. Her full profile is on Suite 101.

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7 thoughts on “Why Write for Suite 101? 10 Benefits of Online Writing”

  1. Will – the passive income aspect of Suite101 is what makes some people give up too soon. Yet it’s a great way to let the revenue gradually build up. Good luck!

    Thanks Suzanne – you’re absolutely right. The professionalism of the site makes us take more care as writers. And it’s so addictive!

  2. Nice article, Rosemary! And I agree with all 10 of your points. I would also put “online writing training” at the top of the list. But of equal importance for me is the professionalism of the site. And this goes back to the fairly strict editorial standards, particularly the requirement that every article be backed up by a source or reference.
    .-= Suzanne´s last blog post ..My Dog Growls When I Go Near Her Food Bowl =-.

  3. will - freelance superstars

    I really got a lot out of the Book you recommend from Darren at Problogger. His site has really helped me.

    The top 10 list for reasons to write for Suite 101 has helped open my eyes to new opportunities. To me number four is what it’s all about.

    thanks for coming up with that Top 10 list.


  4. Good to read your comments on the above Suite101 piece, Gini. It’s an addictive type of writing, isn’t it?

    George – I’d definitely recommend trying Suite101. It’s a really friendly place to write.

    Thanks for your support, Laurie.

  5. Gini, I’m glad Rosemary’s reasons resonated with you, and that you like writing for Suite 🙂

    It’s definitely not a “get rich quick” enterprise, but if you focus on writing what you love and even helping people, then it’s a wonderful place to be.

    George, I’ve never tried writing for the Examiner or any other online magazine or website. I’ve heard both bad and good about Examiner, but don’t have personal experience. Let me know if you move forward with Suite 101! That’d be cool.
    .-= Laurie PK´s last blog post ..How to Stop Feeling Depressed About a Relationship Breakup – Rita Rudner =-.

  6. Hi Laurie,

    I’ll probably go have a look, but I had some yukky experiences with Examiner.com and Business.com Always open to new ideas though, so…

    Here I go!


  7. I really enjoy writing for Suite for all the reasons you mentioned, Laurie – I’ve learned so much about SEO, I like having writing goals, it feels great to poste and article and see it live right away and then watch the money trickle into my account – a wonderful sense of accomplishment. Plus, my Suite articles reach so many readers – the main purpose of why I write – to reach and help others.

    .-= Gini Grey´s last blog post ..Simplicity =-.