Why I Stopped Hiring Bloggers to Write for Quips and Tips

If you’re a freelance writer, these reasons I no longer pay writers for Quips and Tips articles will help you get more article assignments. Learn from my perspective as an editor – I offer several tips for freelancers below.

First, did you know that: “A catless writer is almost inconceivable. It’s a perverse taste, really, since it would be easier to write with a herd of buffalo in the room than even one cat; they make nests in the notes and bite the end of the pen and walk on the typewriter keys.” ~ Barbara Holland.

And there you have it: the number one reason I stopped paying bloggers: most of them didn’t have cats!

I thought the reason I’d have to stop paying writers is lack of money – I earn a full-time income from my blogs and wrote an ebook called 75 Ways to Make Money Blogging to explain how.

But, money turned out to be the least of my concerns…

Why I Stopped Hiring Bloggers to Write for Quips and Tips

If you’ve written for Quips and Tips, don’t take this personally!

It’s not you, it’s me.

This article is a follow up to Want a Blogging Job? Quips and Tips is Hiring Bloggers.

Receiving and approving article pitches was frustrating

No matter how many times I asked writers to send specific, focused, creative, interesting article ideas, 90% of the time I received general, vague, ho hum pitches. I think this is because I’ve been a freelance writer and blogger for several years, and I’ve seen and pitched thousands of ideas. So, the “6 Writing Tips for Students” aritcle ideas just don’t cut it.

Since I felt bad about just ignoring pitches, I had to explain why I didn’t want to publish the article. That took time – especially since I didn’t always know exactly why I didn’t want the article.

  • Takeaway for freelance writers: If you write about things you’re experiencing in your daily life, make sure you have a fresh, unique twist. “Write what you know” only works if you have a fresh, unique perspective.
  • Another takeaway: Sometimes editors can’t explain why they don’t think an article is suitable for their publication. They just have a gut feeling. They know articles that fit when they see them.

Editing articles was annoying

Since I didn’t pay much per blog post (I’m just a writer, after all), I didn’t ask writers to edit their articles. I did all the editing. On the one hand, I found the grammatical, spelling, sentence structure, and other errors really annoying. On the other, I realize I only pay $15 per article…so what do I expect? Sometimes you get what you pay for. So, I spent tons of time editing articles to make them flow.

The good news – for me – is that my writing skills improved! The bad news – for the writers I paid – is that theirs didn’t.

  • Takeaway for freelance writers: No matter how much you’re getting paid per article, make it the best article you ever wrote. Your name is on that article, right? You want more assignments from editors who pay more, right? Then write good, dagnubbit!!! Potential clients and other writers who may have writing leads on jobs won’t give you work if you can’t write.
  • Another takeaway for freelancers: Don’t switch perspective or point of view in the middle of a paragraph, article, or sentence. Many, many, many writers do this. In fact, I did it when I wrote “…I realize I only pay $15 per article…so what do I expect? Sometimes you get what you pay for.”

Fellow scribes, do not write, “Writers should stick to one point of view, so you can write good blog posts for Laurie.” Instead, write, “Writers should stick to one point of view, so they can write good blog posts for Laurie.”

Receiving and paying invoices was boring

Ugh – it was a major drag getting the invoices, filing them so I could pay writers at the beginning of the month, paying them, and then filing them in a “paid” folder for tax purposes. Bo-ring.

  • Takeaway for freelance writers: Don’t ask your editor what their payment policies are or how to make an invoice. Read the information they sent you in your contract! My writers’ guidelines explained everything clearly, yet writers still emailed me with questions. And, if you don’t know how to create an invoice, then learn it on your own time. You want your editors to eagerly open your emails – not feel dread when they see them.

The worst part of no longer paying writers is that I have money! I set a budget for Quips and Tips, and haven’t even come close to spending it. I want to pay writers, but I don’t need the hassle. The bottom line is that I’d rather be writing than editing or managing writers.

In Can’t Get Published? Freelance Writers, Start Doing This…, I describe the top reasons I didn’t assign articles. Good info if you’re a writer who pitches article ideas to editors.

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What do you think of why I stopped hiring writers for Quips and Tips? Got any tips or solutions for me?


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