How to Create the Best Atmosphere for Writing

Do you need to create certain conditions to be a productive, creative writer? It depends.

atmosphere for writingMe, I can only write in complete silence. Or in a coffee shop. I must be like Virginia Woolf that way! “In solitude we give passionate attention to our lives, to our memories, to the details around us.” – Virginia Woolf.

As a writer, you may not crave solitude (or a room of your own). But, you probably need to create a space that inspires, motivates, and encourages you. It doesn’t have to be a big space, or even a particularly beautiful space — but it should make you feel like a writer. Else, you won’t write!  If you struggle with creativity and flow, read Ray Bradbury’s Zen in the Art of Writing: Releasing the Creative Genius Within You.

Here are five tips from a smattering of freelance writers and bloggers. They share their thoughts on finding the best place to write your book, blog, or brochure…

1. Create an atmosphere that invites the writing Muse

“My best tip for creating a writing atmosphere – especially if you want to write the first draft of something – is to write with music playing in the background. I’ve gotten inspiring ideas without music at times in the middle of the night, but you realize that when your mind is the most relaxed, usually when soothing music is playing, you come up with words and phrases you would’ve never thought of otherwise.” – Tanya Marie Moushi, writer.

2. Find a place to write that inspires you — even if it’s Kinko’s

Many writers believe that creating the best atmosphere for writing a book — from where to write to what to listen to — will help increase your motivation and productivity levels.

“How do you find the right place to write your book? Go where you’re inspired, not distracted. I go to a Starbucks, Kinko’s, somewhere with WiFi. I have zero home distractions (bed, la-z-boy, couch, TV, kitchen) and focus on my writing.” – Joel Elad, blogger.

3. Turn on the background tunes

“Every writer needs a soundtrack,” says blogger Freddy Nager.

Best Atmosphere for Writing

How to Create the Best Atmosphere for Writing

“Nothing jars loose the blockages and shakes free the cobwebs better than music. My personal soundtrack? Motion picture soundtracks, of course — the musical scores, to be exact. Motion picture soundtracks are intentionally moody, and they generally don’t have lyrics to interfere with my thoughts as I write. They’re also incredibly easy to match with the genre I’m working on: “When Harry Met Sally” works for romantic comedies, “The Lord of the Rings” for action/adventure, “The Crow: City of Angels” for horror/suspense…

He adds that when he’s writing for his blog, he listens to a lot of calypso and reggae, since escaping to a tropical beach is one of his primary reasons for being in business.

It’s always silence for me when I write – especially when I’m journalling in my Morning Pages.

4. If you write in different genres, change where you write

“Since I spend a full day at the computer working on client’s copy, when I am in the mood to write a short story or any kind of fiction, I find myself stumped if I try to switch gears at my normal workspace. So I pack up my laptop and move into the library, or to Panera’s, or take a notepad to the park. The change in venue tells my brain that it is time to write something different.” – Nicole Amsler, freelance copywriter

5. Go somewhere “writerly”

” ‘Write in the place where you feel like a writer and feel inspired.’  For me, this is a library.” – Kathleen D. Pagana, best-selling author who has written 21 books and 60+ articles.

If finding the right place to write your book isn’t a problem, but self-discipline is, read How to Deal With Writing Distractions.

And if you have any questions or thoughts on these tips for creating the best atmosphere to write, I welcome you below…


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