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10 Types of Blogs That Do — and Do Not — Make Money

What types of blog niches make money? A freelance writer recently asked how my blogs are doing financially. She wants to start blogging but knows it’s a huge time commitment. She also heard that it’s impossible to make money writing for your own blogs.

I heard the same rumor! Many professional SEO (search engine optimization) professionals, blog experts and online writers say that blogging is the side business. The “real” business is selling a service or project; the blog simply drives traffic to the thing you’re selling.

This has not been my experience. I started my “Quips and Tips” blogs in 2008, and have been earning money as a blogger for more than 10 years. I’ve experimented with more than a dozen different types of blogs, and know which ones make money. I also tried co-blogging (blogging with a partner), creating specialized blogs (such as The Dog Blog), and even hiring writers to write blog posts.

Yes, certain types of blogs and blog niches make more money than others. Even more important is that certain types of blog posts make money! This is exciting because it doesn’t force writers to blog about things that don’t interest them. We don’t have to start a specific type of blog to make money.

“I’ve been playing with different ways to make money off my blogs for the last couple years,” says Shae on 6 Tips for Starting a Self-Help or Inspirational Blog. “Despite trying everything, the two places I still make the most from are Google and Amazon. I tried Commission Junction and in three years made about $50. Google Adsense is so easy to use and seems to produce the best results. I think making money blogging depends on consistency.”

Yes, it’s important to blog consistently; Google likes websites and blogs that are updated often with fresh content. But there’s more to the story. I essentially stopped blogging for a full year so I could work at Big Brothers/Big Sisters (the non-profit mentoring organization). I also wanted to go back to school to pursue my MSW (Master of Social Work). I stopped blogging full-time for that year, and still earned around $60,000.

Here’s the general breakdown of my blog earnings for that year:

  • Google Adsense $20,475.55 (CAD)
  • ebooks & Suite101 earnings $11,309.12 (US)
  • ClickBank, ShareaSale, Mort Fertel, and Amazon $31,905.65 (US)

If you want to know how I did it, read How Do Bloggers Make Money? How My Blogs Pay the Bills.

The take-away? Making money blogging doesn’t just depend on the type of blog or even how often the content is updated. There are many, many more factors involved. Earning a sustainable full-time living as a blogger is a full-time job.

10 Types of Blogs That Do — and Do Not — Make Money

What Types of Blogs Earn the Most Money
  1. Fashion – A fashion blog has the potential to make a lot of money, but it’s extremely competitive. This is the type of blog that women who love shopping, clothes and fashion trends want to start. A fashion blog never appealed to me, but if I were to start this type of blog to make money, I’d focus on at least two niches. A fashion accessories blog for women 50+, for instance, or a female lawyer’s clothing blog (which actually exists! A lady lawyer started a niche clothing blog for her peers; it’s very profitable).
  2. Entertainment – An entertainment blog doesn’t solve problems for readers. Thus, it’s not a blog niche that makes money.
  3. News and Politics – A current affairs-type blog also does not solve readers’ problems…and thus writing about news and politics does not make money for bloggers. Unless, of course, they’re freelance journalists who use their blog to find article ideas to write for magazines and newspapers. But this isn’t a blog niche that makes money on its own.
  4. Communication/Writing/Blogging – Some bloggers claim that online writing and blogging blogs are good ways to make money. It never worked for me! Quips and Tips for Successful Writers was never a financially profitable blog, but I love writing about writing and blogging so I’ve stuck with it. It’s emotionally rewarding 🙂
  5. Social Media – Yes, a social media blog can be a very profitable way to make money blogging. But, this is a competitive niche. It may also be difficult to keep coming up with blog posts that solve readers’ problems.
  6. Environment – An environmentalist can start a niche-specific blog and make money, but it really depends on the topics she tackles. She’d have to start a blog that addresses a felt need or real problem readers face – and that she can help solve. Otherwise she won’t earn enough to pay the website fees.
  7. Business and Employment – Business and job websites – especially if they help readers find work, get organized, stay motivated and productive, save time at work, etc – are definitely the types of blogs that make money. The problem is that this, too, is a highly competitive niche. Refer to the first type of blog (fashion) for a tip on how to deal with that problem.
  8. Lifestyle – It’s very hard to make money with a general lifestyle blog. I tried with Quips and Tips for Achieving Your Goals (one of my first blogs), and quickly realized I needed to drill down into a specific type of blog or niche if I wanted to make money.
  9. Hobby – It depends on the hobby, but generally speaking hobby blogs can be extremely profitable. For example, a photography blog helps readers take better photos, find and use good equipment, and connect with other photographers (which Darren Rowse of ProBlogger has been doing for over 15 years; he makes millions of dollars).
  10. Health – Can your physical or emotional health become a type of blog that makes money? It depends on the topic and how well it solves reader’s problems. Health blogging is incredibly competitive, which decreases your chances of being found on the internet. My infertility blog did really well for a long time, but I abandoned it because I’m not interested in writing about infertility. I’m also not a health expert, and didn’t feel comfortable writing about reproductive issues.

My most successful blog is Quips and Tips for Love and Relationships, because love and relationships are at the forefront of most people’s lives. Love and relationships are a felt need that readers need help with.

Three things you need to know about the types of blogs that make money:

  1. The most profitable types of blogs are in a specific niche.
  2. The most interesting blogs combine two or more specific types of niches, topics, or audiences (eg, a fashion blog for male lawyers, or an online writing community for females over 60 who are starting their first blog).
  3. The most profitable and popular blog posts help readers solve a specific problem. For example, 8 Ideas for Halloween Blog Posts and Magazine Articles is popular every September and October.

If you’ve been researching the best type of blog to start, you’ve already been advised to write about things you love. The more passionate you are, the more vibrant and alive your writing will be! And the easier it’ll be to keep blogging even when you’re tired and unmotivated.

Another thing you need to know…

Choosing the right type of blog is just the beginning. More important than what you blog about is writing posts that are consistently found by readers is a whole new ball game.

10 Types of Blogs That Do — and Do Not — Make Money

Read books like Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World by Michael Hyatt. Learn how popular bloggers, best-selling authors, public speakers, entrepreneurs, musicians, and other creative types write blog posts and keep readers.

Remember that if you’re relying on the most popular blog posts to tell you how to blog, then you’re just doing what everybody else does. And that won’t put you ahead of the game.

The most important thing is to solve readers’ problems — and offer resources that they need! Starting a specific type of blog is less important than helping people find solutions to their problems. For more specific tips on monetizing your blog, read 10 Tips for Making Money Blogging.

Enjoy your journey as a blogger. Make it interesting, fun, meaningful and heartfelt. Then it won’t matter how much money you make or what type of blog you start! You’ll love what you do.

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23 thoughts on “10 Types of Blogs That Do — and Do Not — Make Money”

  1. great list. love the ideas.. I am actually doing the same ” helping people by solving their problems” and i hope that i can get enough money now. *finger-cross*

  2. Great list of the types of blogs that helps the people to earn money, I didn’t know that political blogs also can make money. Thanks for this great list!

  3. Hello, my name is Seth and I am interested in starting a photography blog. What would be your recommendation on how to make as much money as possible from a photography blog in order to help pay for college?

  4. yeah thanks for the information…u forget to say seo blogs and health blogs get more views so they earn more money than gossip blogs.

  5. Hi Subur,

    I think a health blog is one of the best types of blogs if you want to earn money – but you have to avoid just giving information. You can’t just share all the same facts that all the other websites offer. Rather, you need to make your health blog stand out in some way.

    Here’s an article about making money as a blogger:

    8 Ways I Make Crazy Money With My Blossom Blogs

    Take the first step, and create your blog. Listen to podcasts and learn how to write blog posts that are interesting and valuable. It takes time and effort — blogging as a career is a small business that takes dedication and perseverance! Be patient, and work hard.

    And keep reading my blog posts 🙂


  6. Cool blog, Inna – it makes me want to go to Dubai! 🙂

    When you ask about platforms, do you mean the WordPress platform? WordPress.org is all I’ve ever used. It’s definitely the best!

    When you’re considering what types of blogs earn the most money, you should always factor in time. I don’t know how long you’ve been blogging for, but a few months isn’t long enough. It takes years to establish yourself, to find your place in the online marketplace.

    My experience tells me that it isn’t the number of blogs you have, it’s how effective your blogs are. There’s a ton of really good, helpful, sound information on how to make money blogging online. Keep reading those blogs and applying their tips. Listen to podcasts about the types of blogs that earn money.

    Don’t give up! Read:
    How to Stay Motivated When You’re Starting a Blog

    Keep learning and growing — and don’t forget that starting a blog is like starting any small business! It takes time and effort, and may not pay off right away. But if you stick to it and apply the tips you’re learning from professional bloggers, you will succeed.

  7. Hi, it’s amazing to see that google leads to this page, which is a few years old. Indeed, yay for longevity! Anyway, I have a practical question- which platforms have you used for your blogs and which ones do you find the most effective/user-friendly? I started my blog a few months ago, it still hasn’t picked enough traffic (last month, which was the first month of adsense for me, my adsense earnings were about $30), and I am still trying to play with layouts, themes, and potentially starting more blogs. Really would appreciate your advice. Thanks!

  8. i am into business and employment and i thing am earning pretty well here in Nigeria.the thing is that you need to look into what the society needs then key into it by providing solution. your post is great.

  9. Hi Vikram,

    I think a coupon discount blog or website would earn alot of money! Good luck with it; I hope you’re successful.


  10. Hey Laurie, I am feeling motivated after knowing your earnings through your websites. Recently I have started my website which is based on Discount coupons. I read your suggestions and i will keep that in mind. Thanks for sharing this.

  11. Thanks for your comments! I especially like hearing from people from my home, Vancouver 🙂 It’s just nice to connect with people in my own city — but I do love hearing from bloggers from all over the world. The beauty of blogging continues to amaze me.

    I’d love to connect with other middle income bloggers, like me. If anyone makes around $30,000 a year blogging, let me know!

  12. Thanks for the transparency in income. It’s really good to know as a new blogger that you really can earn a decent income. The first few months are scary, lots of doubts creep in. Thanks again, Mel

  13. I like your writing, you come across as an interesting person to enjoy a coffee and chat with.

    The reason I’m on your blog is because of a recent link with Katherin Lake – I started snooping around the VWS website. And the blogging category caught my attention.

    I’ve been asked by a publisher if I’d be interested in writing a book on health & safety in the private security industry – not as esoteric it may sound.

    I’m not a skilled writer but I do have something to say and there seems to be an interesting audience.

    Thank you for your insights on blogging.


  14. I’ll trying to work with my blogs, is hard to do, but with passion I’m sure that I’ll earn money!
    Great Post!!

  15. Thanks for the insights Laurie. This is a helpful article for novices as well as others with more experience blogging.Your personal experience and professionalism are appreciated because amplifying and maximizing one’s writing income is important.

  16. Hi Eileen,

    I’m glad your blog is starting to pick up! Consistency is super important – and so is longevity. Don’t give up, because making money blogging really is a long-term investment.

  17. I have been following your blog on and off. Thank you so much for the insight to making money on blogging. I make peanuts from the advertisements. Then again, I haven’t been blogging consistently, and don’t have the traffic, but after 4 years, it’s starting to pick up, and hence, my articles on Yahoo!Voices are doing better.

  18. Thanks for your comments, Don 🙂

    I’ve been re-thinking my statements about making money off a writing blog. Is it possible??!! I’d love to be proven wrong!

  19. Hi Carol,

    I emailed the editor, and asked her to remove my articles from Suite. I don’t remember her name — Jennifer, I think it was! She did immediately. Now I have hundreds of articles to post – but I keep forgetting about them 🙂

  20. Thanks for the insights Laurie. This is a helpful article for novices as well as others with more experience blogging.Your personal experience and professionalism are appreciated because amplifying and maximizing one’s writing income is important.

  21. A couple more making money blogging tips:

    ~ Every affiliate link should be related to the topic of the blog.

    ~ Minimize the advertising in the sidebars; I’ve found it ineffective.

    But different things work for different bloggers!