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What Should You Blog About? 5 Ways to Find Ideas

All bloggers eventually ask, “What should I blog about?” These blogging tips will help if you have no ideas, and catapult you from “casual blogger” to “professional blogger” (a blogger who makes money blogging…it’s a sweet ride, fellow scribes!).

Bloggers, like freelance magazine writers, need to learn how to spot and write about the best story ideas. Finding good ideas is a muscle or habit that takes time to build — but once you build it, it’ll serve you well. Speaking of being served; if you want to your blog to earn its keep, read

These tips focus on writing blog posts – not creating new blogs – and will help bloggers who struggle to find stuff to write about…

5 Ideas for Bloggers Who Have No Ideas

“Everybody walks past a thousand story ideas every day. The good writers are the ones who see five or six of them. Most people don’t see any.” ~ Orson Scott Card.

Solve problems in your own life

I created six “Quips and Tips” blogs, and I almost never write about my personal life, opinions, or daily habits. I’d much rather share quips and tips — and I love writing about how to solve problems! For example, my husband and I recently adopted a dog (black lab/German Shepherd cross) from the SPCA. I didn’t blog about the adoption or training, but I did write How to Train Your Dog Without Getting Angry. When I’m wondering what I should blog about, I try to solve a problem in my own life — and I share my tips with my readers.

Use a phrase, idea, or person from a previous blog post

My most popular articles on “Quips and Tips for Achieving Your Goals” are my Halloween tips and tricks. So, to ride that horse in the direction it’s going, I wrote  a “sister” blog post called Book Character Costumes – Literary Halloween Costume Ideas. It’s not a rehash of my previous Halloween blog posts — it contains all new ideas and it was a blast to write!

This tip for bloggers can be effective even if you have no ideas and only a few old blog posts to draw on. All you need is a kernel of an idea…

Revive your old blog posts

What Should I Blog About

What Should I Blog About

Since I’m a professional blogger — “Quips and Tips” is my full-time job — my goal is to write at least two blog posts a day.

I’ve written over a thousand articles, and regularly sift through them for new ideas, tips, and quips. I don’t just republish my old articles; I rewrite blog posts so they’re new and fresh. Sometimes I change my mind about ideas or tips I’ve shared in the past; other times, I’ll take a single tip and explain it further. If you don’t know what you should blog about, jump into your previous posts with an open mind!

Visit science or news websites

When I was a full-time freelance writer, I read ScienceDaily and Eurekalerts every day for new article ideas. I don’t do that much these days, because I have lots of ideas for blog posts! But, when I don’t feel like delving into my stockpile of ideas or I just need a change, I’ll look at what’s happening on the research front. If you’re wondering what you should blog about, you might also read current press releases — they can be a solid source of ideas for blog posts.

Make WIIFM your standard (the best tips for bloggers!)

WIIFM stands for “what’s in it for me”? This is a solid freelance writing tip: writers need to give readers information that relates directly to them or solves their problems. WIIFM is also a great way to help you figure out what you should blog about. Ideas for blog posts are everywhere — but interesting, relevant ideas are harder to find. If you’re a blogger who wonders if a particular topic is worth posting, look at through your WIIFM lens.

You gotta help, inform, or entertain your blog readers somehow, or they won’t return to your blog — and you won’t make money as a blogger or writer.

If you have any thoughts or questions about these tips for bloggers who have no ideas, please comment below…

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7 thoughts on “What Should You Blog About? 5 Ways to Find Ideas”

  1. I wouldn’t try to blog on the most popular trends, because they end really quickly. Don’t chase the trends! Instead, blog on topics that are evergreen (such as “how to find ideas to blog about”), and that you’re interested in.

    Also, what questions do readers ask you? That’s another great way to find topics to blog about!

  2. what are the most popular trends that a blogger can blog about? I write about travel, nature and foods and i cant think of any new ideas to blog on.

  3. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Thanks for your comment, Joseph — I don’t think you’re being rude.

    The thing is, one blogger may write about something may seem important and worthwhile to him, but that same post may seem like “meaningless dribble” to another blogger or reader.

    So who decides what’s meaningless dribble and what’s not? The owner of the blog, the publisher of the magazine, the editor of the newspaper.

    And that’s the beauty of blogging — the freedom.

  4. Umm, not to be rude — but:

    If you don’t have anything of meaning to say — don’t say anything.

    If you are honest and have come to the realization (thank goodness) that you have no ideas — please don’t fill the internet with meaningless dribble just because you want to be a blogger.

    Of course — this also reminds me of another piece of wisdom: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Advice I should have listened to.