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8 Web Writing Tips From Bloggers

Writing online can be tricky for writers who want to increase their readership. These web writing tips are from experienced bloggers; they range from effective search optimization to linking strategies.

web writing tips from bloggersTo learn more about web writing, read Content Rich: Writing Your Way to Wealth on the Web by Jon Wuebben. You’ll learn secrets to attracting online traffic from this book, which is packed with tips and techniques, insights and practical advice.

“Blogging is where the writer really lets his personality show,” says Kelly Robbins of The Copywriting Institute. “Blogging is designed to be personable and encourage interaction – not only by linking to other blogs but by asking questions and encouraging reader responses.” If you’re new to blogging, read Grow, Little Blog! Blogging Tips From the Most Popular Blogs.

 8 Web Writing Tips From Bloggers

If you’re a new blogger, you might find The Huffington Post’s 8 Tips for Great Blogging helpful.

Learn about search engine optimization. “Successfully merging search engine optimization (SEO) targeted keywords into a body of text or copy is challenging. Anyone can flood a couple of sentences with juicy keywords. However, more often than not, the sentences are unable to support those keywords. It’s important to remember that SEO research is based on which words are most popularly used to search for something. This does not always end up being a pretty, smooth or even correct sounding phrase. However, it is usually a word that can be worked with if one rule is applied: DON’T OVERDO IT! Since keywords are specific, you can usually get the maximum amount of SEO benefits by simply including one or two keywords per paragraph.” – Copywriter Thomas Redmond of Webbed Marketing

Write a mix of short and long blog posts. “My tip for web writing is write different types of posts. I try to mix up my content with brief commentary and links to other news, interesting quotes about marketing, writing, etc., and occasional longer entries that delve into relevant topics in more detail.” – Online writer Liz Kelly of the Brilliant Blog

Pick meaningful titles. “Don’t give in to the temptation to give an article or blog post a clever title! Titles can be catchy but should be to-the-point, contain keywords for what the writing is about, and accurately describe what the reader should expect. To change things up, pose the title as a question. Accurate descriptive titles with important keywords or phrases in them are also very good for your Search Engine Optimization.” – V. Scott Ellis of BlackBox Technologies

Use subtitles that are optimized for search engines. “One of the best ways to make your copy both skim friendly and effective is with well-written headlines and subheads. Someone should be able to skim nothing but your headlines and subheads to get all the major points and decide whether or not to read deeper.” – Marketing expert and author Stacy Karacostas of Success Stream

Tips for Web Writing
8 Web Writing Tips From Bloggers

Capitalize on interactivity and community. “To promote your blog and increase blog readership, pepper your site with links, contributions from visitors, polls, and other fun stuff.  One difference between a book and a website is that a website can be interactive-so take advantage!” – Online writer NB Kelly of Stories About Why We Are Here

Be consistent with your blog or online writing. “My blog writing tip is to maintain a theme and consistency. Blog frequently, don’t give folks a chance to forget who you are. And if you want feedback make it easy by reducing the stumbling blocks, such as log-ins, captchas and email verifications. Keep your blog theme-oriented; if you want to frequently blog about a different, unrelated subject, set up a different blog.” – Author Chelle Cordero

Tell a good story in as few words as possible. “Keep your blog posts crisp and compelling. I am constantly looking to cut and trim and pare my words down to the minimum.  As a result, what comes through is the core message, with minimal enhancement. Just the “keywords” if you will.” – Copywriter Bill McDonough of Scribendi Advertising & PR and A Good Mind

Link to other blog posts and internet articles. “Include links to unknown or interesting references; this will make it easy for the reader to learn more. But make sure links open in a new window so your readers don’t get lost and forget where they started.” – Marketing Director Kelly Quintanilla of CUSO Development Company.

If you have any questions or thoughts on writing online or blogging, I welcome your comments below…

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  1. Thanks for your comments on my web writing tips from bloggers. I can’t believe I wrote this post in 2009! Time for an update….

  2. Love your site! The best advice I’ve seen for freelancers.Can you work in a method for emailing previous posts to oneself or another?

  3. Oh, yeah.

    A healthy dose of real world tips. I’ve never seen a definition of blogging before and this one really fits.

    I think it’s important for us scribes to not neglect the medium – blogging. You may be an outstanding writer but that will not guarantee your success as a blogger unless you follow some very basic rules.

    Nice post, Laurie!



  4. I’ve been thinking about getting into more web writing, as the print market is drying up. These are some great straightforward pointers to get me started!