6 Ways to Promote Your Book for Free Online

These tips for promoting your book are free – but they still require effort! The right marketing tips will help you avoid paying money to PR companies and publicists – and these tips are for authors who have more time than money.

First, remember: “Success isn’t always an immediate change.” ~ Dirk Matson.

None of these services guarantee that your book will be an overnight success, but at least they offer you a free platform to connect with other professionals and to show off your writing talent.

A fantastic resource for book promotion is Plug Your Book! Online Book Marketing for Authors, Book Publicity Through Social Networking.

6 Book Marketing Tips

If you self-published your book or hired a publishing company to transform your manuscript into a professional looking paperback, chances are you don’t have a lot of money left over for promotion and marketing!

In this economic crisis, many well-established publicists and authors are realizing how hard it is for new authors -especially those who self-published their work – to promote books. So, they’re offering inexpensive, and in some cases, free book promotional services to struggling authors.

Here is a list of six legitimate online resources that offers free and inexpensive services to authors.

My Blog Guest

Owned and operated by Ann Smarty, a well-established blogger and social media expert, My Blog Guest is a forum that includes blogging jobs and guest posting opportunities. You can even upload articles onto their article database. This is a great place to promote your book for free. The people are very friendly and are open to  featuring posts, written by unknown writers, on their blogs. All you need is an active blog and a creative mind. You don’t have to pay to join and participate on the forum. However, Smarty does offer paid options for writers who want more exposure.

Blogger Link Up

Blogger Link Up is an ingenious service created by Cathy Stucker. This is a completely free service that offers you the chance to build your network of contacts, increase traffic to your blog and generate buzz about your book. All you have to do is submit your full name and email, and Stucker will send you three emails a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), with a list of bloggers seeking guest posts and bloggers offering guest posts. This book promotion tip will help you network and connect with other writers .

HARO – Help a Reporter Out

HARO (Help A Reporter Out) was created by Peter Shankman with the intention to help journalists find the right sources on demand and experts to pitch story ideas to journalists. HARO is completely free. All you have to do is create an account and choose your area of expertise. You will then receive emails three times a day, Monday through Friday. It is up to you to read through every HARO email and to respond to requests that match your area of expertise. How is this a way to promote your book for free? If the journalist choose to use you as a source, you can add your book to your bio.

Pitch Rate

Pitch Rate offers the same services as HARO. However, Pitch Rate offers you more options than HARO. You can create a profile which will be attached to every query you make and you can upload articles onto the Pitch Rate article directory. Pitch Rate even offers a wide variety of categories, which is good for book authors. This site is also free of charge. The more visible and “exposed” you are, the more books you’ll promote and sell!

The Breakthrough Bookstore

The Breakthrough Bookstore, owned and operated by Dannye Williamsen, a self-published author herself, is a marketplace for self-published authors. You can have your book listed on this site for free as long as it is available on Amazon. Williamsen also offers inexpensive services to authors who would like to have their book featured on the website. This a great way not only to promote your book for free, but also to support other self-published authors.

Emerging Novelists

Created by award winning novelist, Michael Murphy, Emerging Novelists is a website that is dedicated to promoting new literary talent. Right now, however, he is only open to featuring works of traditionally published authors.

None of these services will boost your book sales to the best-selling rank in a short time. You have to work at building the right connections, like you would in any other industry. However, with a good work ethic, positive attitude and sharp intuition, you will become the successful writer you’ve always dreamed of becoming!

Have you written a book – and how do you promote it? Comments welcome below!

About the author: Deanna Proach is a novelist. Her first novel, Day of Revenge, a historical suspense set in revolutionary France was released by Inkwater Press. She currently resides in Sechelt, British Columbia, where she is working on her second novel, ‘To be Maria’.

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