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Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen Vancouver blogger writer

Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

My name is Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen; I’m the Adventurous Writer who created the “She Blossoms” blog and book series. I write full-time from my treehouse overlooking the waters of Indian Arm in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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My purpose is to help women let go of past losses and pain, and blossom into who God created them to be. I write books and articles that are filled with Christian inspiration and practical tips. I help people move through grief in practical, sustainable ways.

I’ve experienced many losses and tragedies in my life — like you have. It hasn’t been easy, has it? But our stories aren’t over.


A Glimpse Into My Garden 


  • My mom struggled with schizophrenia and nervous breakdowns my whole life; I lived in three foster homes and was living on my own at 17 years old. My mom lives in a group home on an acreage near Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.


  • My dad is Jewish, born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel – where he still lives. I didn’t meet him until I went to Israel when I was 29 years old.


  • I lived in Kenya, East Africa for three years. I taught Grade 8 Language Arts and High School Journalism at Rosslyn Academy, an American school for missionaries’ and ex-pat kids in Nairobi.


  • My undergraduate degrees are in Education and Psychology from the University of Alberta, in Edmonton. My Master of Social Work (MSW) is from the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, Canada.


  • I started volunteering with the Big Sisters/Big Brothers organization in 2012; my “Little” Sister was 11 when we were matched. We still meet twice a month; when she graduates from high school I hope to visit her in Quebec — her dream is to attend university in Montreal! I was a Little Sister myself when I was 10 years old, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I’m still in touch with my Big Sister today; she lives in Toronto, Ontario.


  • As a freelance writer, I’ve written for a wide range of magazines such as Reader’s Digest, Woman’s Day, MSN Health, Natural Health, Spirituality & Health, and sometimes More.


  • I didn’t get married until I was 35. I married Bruce, who I met when I was 18 and he was 21. He was a bartender at Chi Chi’s Mexican Restaurant, and I was a waitress. We were friends for a long, long time before I finally proposed. 🙂


  • We struggled with infertility and can’t have children because of azoospermia. We chose not to get in vitro fertilization (IVF), though we did try intrauterine insemination (IUI). Those fertility treatments didn’t work; we decided not to adopt or foster kids.


  • I’ve written several “She Blossoms” books and ebooks, and have been earning a full-time living as a blogger and writer since 2008. My first traditionally published book is Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back.


After I turned 40, I got my Master of Social Work (MSW), taught myself to play the flute, and started painting with oils and acrylics (a dream come true for me). I also went on my first mission trip to Haiti.

I’m represented by literary agent Janet Kobobel-Grant, founder of Books & Such Literary Management.


My “She Blossoms” Blogs

I write articles to help women walk through loss. Letting go of the past and moving into a new season is a process that takes time, energy, hope, courage and faith. But it’s worth it, because it’s how we blossom.


My two most popular blogs are:

  • How Love Blossoms – articles about marriage, relationships, and healing from breakups, divorce, and other losses in love.
  • Blossom Tips – articles about life, work, family, career, and spirituality.


Originally called Quips and Tips for Love and Relationships, She Blossoms – Relationships contains my first love and relationship articles. That blog grew too big — a victim of its own success — and I had to create a new garden.

Laurie Pawlik Kienlen Vancouver blogger writer Blossom

Jackson and Me

Once called Quips and Tips for Achieving Your Goals, She Blossoms – Goals has all my first articles about goals, life, family, and work.

Originally Quips and Tips for Successful Writers, She Blossoms – Writing is the first blog I started, back in 2008! My goal was to share my writing journey and help my fellow scribes get published.

And finally, I started Quips and Tips for Couples Coping With Infertility when my husband and I discovered we can’t have kids. She Blossoms – Health contains my articles about trying to get pregnant and deal with childlessness.


Your thoughts are welcome on any of my blogs – I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments section below, or on any article in my She Blossoms garden.

Don’t forget to sign up for my free weekly Blossom Tips. You’ll get my email address, and we won’t lose touch. 


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27 thoughts on “About Laurie

  • Des Maerz

    I have a baby blog (4 months old). And while doing some research, I found yours. I’m trying to figure out which direction I should take my blog. Reading your experience helps me a lot. I also could write all day long! By the way, I’m from Alberta. Nice to meet another Canadian blogger.

  • Beverly Huttinger

    Loved your article, Laurie. I am a former freelance writer and retired college teacher, now 88, in excellent health. I’ve experienced some dementia but it’s now a lot better–not a real hindrance. I want to go back to writing magazine articles. How about “How I Conquered Dementia”?

    • Laurie Post author

      Beverly, I’m so glad to hear from you! I hope I’m in excellent health and still growing forward when I’m 88. You sound like a smart, accomplished women with goals for the future. Awesome!

      Your article idea sounds interesting, and definitely worth pitching to magazines. Zoomer, CARP, women’s heath, senior or retirement magazines would be interested in an article about conquering dementia. Give it a whirl; what do you have to lose?

      Let me know how it goes 🙂


  • Alison Maxfield

    Dear Laurie,

    I love your blog. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and new to the professional of freelance writing. I would like to write an article for your blog: “How to Feel the F.E.A.R. and Write Everyday.” With humor, tips and hope, this article would breakdown the acronym F.E.A.R. (False, Evidence, Appearing, Real.) and provide ways to counteract the fears many new writers face so that they can start writing everyday. Please contact me if this sounds like an blog for you. On a personal note, congrats on getting your MSW!

  • Michael Robertson

    Hi Laurie, I am writing a writing book and would like to run some quotes from your blog by you, quotes that I want to use in my book. Please contact me ASAP. I thought I put a comment like this here before, but didn’t hear from you and don’t see it now. Going to print very soon… Thanks! Michael

  • Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen Post author

    Hi Latayne,

    Thanks for your question – it’s a great one! I answered it in
    because I had too many thoughts to put here 🙂

    The short answer is that I’d wait for at least 2 months, if not longer. Reader’s Digest gets hit with tons of pitches, and it can take editors a long time to go through them all. Since you’re a published author, you might have better chances of getting published.

    If you have other magazines to pitch the same article, you might start sending those out in a couple of weeks. It’ll take other editors a long time to respond, as well….and the worst part of freelancing is waiting for a response!

    Be patient, and know that God will do what He intends in your life and with your writing. You are in good hands, my friend. So whether you wait for three months or three more days, know that He is guiding you and the editors, and He will do what He plans. While you’re mulling over your next steps, ask God what He thinks you should do. Ask Him if you should wait longer, or proceed.


  • Latayne C. Scott

    Laurie, I very much appreciate your insights. I, too, am a Christian writer (17 books) and have published in quite a few magazines (Guideposts, Writer’s Digest, others). But I’d really like to sell to Reader’s Digest. I was encouraged that you got your first article with them through the slush pile. That’s the way I sent my first query a couple of weeks ago, but I haven’t heard anything. How long would you advise me to wait for a response? I have another high-profile article I’d like to pitch to them, too.

    Thanks so much for all your helpfulness!

  • Joan Webb

    I found your information about query letters and your sample letter helpful. However, in the finale sentence of your sample letter you ask, “Can I write this article… Shouldn’t it ask, May I write this article….?

  • Laurie Post author

    Hi, thank you for your comments! I’m so glad you found Quips and Tips for Successful Writers 🙂 I’ve emailed you directly, md ashraf hossain and Kelli.

  • Kelli Faulkner


    My name is Kelli Faulkner and I was wondering if there was a way to submit a copy of an eBook called “Sweet Surrender” to you? I am not looking so much for a review on it but I am trying to get a very strong message out that was written within it and possibly get others to help pass it around? Even if you are not able to do it due to your schedule is there a way you can direct me towards others who might be able to read it and possibly speak about it on their blog?
    Please feel free to email me with your reply or whomever you may feel might be a better fit.

    BTW…I love your site!

    God bless,

    Kelli Faulkner

  • Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen Post author

    Hi Julie,

    Thanks for your request! If you’d like to share that article online, then I ask you only share the first 2 tips, and link back to Quips and Tips for Successful Writers. If you share it in print, feel free to publish the whole thing, with credit to Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen.


  • Julie Douglas

    I’m wondering if it would be okay to share your 5 tips for getting rid of writing distractions came my way via Ragan’s daily update) with out City employees.
    We’re always looking for ways to improve our working efficiency, and your article makes an informative and memorable read.
    Do you provide permission to share this way?
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you in advance…

  • Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen Post author

    Thanks for your interest, Sean! I’ve emailed you directly.

    Andrea, thanks for including Quips and Tips for Successful Writers in your list! I really appreciate it.

    All good things,

  • Sean Platt

    Hi Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen,

    My name is Sean Platt and I run Ghostwriter Dad, a site aimed at helping struggling writers make more money for every word they write, by building a strong reputation based on quality content.

    I’d love to submit a guest post, if you’re interested. I’m a regular contributor at Copyblogger and have posted at ProBlogger, Write to Done, Zen Habits, and many other leading blogs.

    Please let me know and I’ll get something to you right away.


  • Andrea McDougal

    Hi Laurie,

    I just posted the article, “Who’s the Boss?: Top 50 Freelance Blogs” ( http://mastersinprojectmanagement.com/whos-the-boss-top-50-freelance-blogs/ ) on my site. I’m happy to tell you that your website has been included in the list. I thought I’d email you about it in case you think your readers would find the article interesting enough to warrant you giving the article a quick mention on your site.

    Either way, hope you have a good week.

    Andrea McDougal

  • Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Hi Amy,

    Welcome to the world of freelance writing!

    I don’t know of any sites that have work available (do you mean e-zines? blog sites?) — but I have tons of tips for freelance writers!

    Learn as much as you can from successful writers. Read as many posts on writing blogs like these — and put what you learn to work.

    Here are two articles to get you started:

    Starting a Magazine Writing Career – How to Make Money as a Freelancer

    6 Secrets From Successful Freelance Writers

    And remember: freelancing is a business, and it takes time to learn and establish yourself as a writer. Like ANY career, it takes dedication and effort. But once you get the ball rolling, you’ll find that it gets easier and easier….

    Happy writing, and feel free to ask questions on any of my articles.

    Tally ho,

  • Amy Shields

    I’m a beginning writer, looking for freelance work, and experience to do writing. Do you know of any sites that have some work available, or any tips on how I should get started?

    I hope to hear from you, any writing opportunities I would appreciate.

    Thanks, Amy

  • Reed Fisher

    Right, Laurie, great post. It’s always difficult for writers to know how much time they spend on each project. I’ve tried time-capture products but never had any luck with those stopwatch-based systems; I always forgot to start and stop the timers so they were less than successful for me. Don’t you wish you had one that was completely automatic? One that would start and stop itself, and even know when you had several windows open and just time the one you’re working in? One that would recognize your idle time and then tell you how many minutes it was and let you assign the time to projects or just let it be idle time?

  • Laurie PK

    Thanks, Tina, I’m glad you like Quips & Tips! If you have any questions or comments on anything here, please feel free to jump in.

    I’ve never been that far east; my dream is to take a road trip across Canada one day — from ocean to ocean. I’d LOVE to see the Maritimes.

    Take care of your end of Canada, my friend, and I’ll take care of mine 🙂


  • Tina L. Ray

    This is the best – and I mean THE BEST!!!! writing, kick in the pants, cry in my coffee, keep writing, site I have ever found…

    I don’t even know how I found it?!?!

    Thank you, keep it up.

    plus you are a fellow Canadian – I am so proud of us!!! 🙂 Your out on Bowen Island – I am here on the opposite coast in Saint John, NB – we got the country covered lol!!