The Make Money Blogging eBook – and My Top 10 Tips

Writing my “make money blogging” eBook changed my approach to blogging! I learned that most bloggers don’t have the time, energy, or desire to be a six figure blogger — and so Quips and Tips for Successful Bloggers is for us bloggers who want to earn a few hundred (and eventually thousand) dollars a month.

A few hundred dollars a month is realistic and achievable goal for most bloggers. Hundreds of thousands of dollars a year isn’t!

Here are the top ten tips I learned while researching, writing, and editing . You won’t find these tips in the eBook itself – the information in the book is completely different than the information here on my blog.

Before the tips, a quip:

“If your blog provides genuine value, you fully deserve to earn income from it.” ~ Steve Pavlina.

If you spend time and energy building a valuable blog — and you want to make a few hundred buckeroos a month from your efforts — take Quips and Tips for Successful Bloggers for a spin. And, here’s what I learned from writing this, my second eBook…

The Make Money Blogging eBook – and My Top 10 Tips

4 Writing, Editing, and Critiquing Tips

1. Writers need to write about what they know – but they also need to learn new stuff. The best articles, blog posts, and books showcase the writer (or protagonist) learning something new, sharing a mistake she made and learned from, or growing or changing in some way. Gripping writing isn’t just “write what you know”….it’s “write what you’re learning about” or “write how you screwed something up.”

2. Reader feedback is unpredictable and valuable – but not always in-depth. I sent my first draft of Successful Bloggers to several readers for feedback. When they responded, I could immediately tell who had read the book and who didn’t get past page 9 (they gave me the “you missed a comma here” remarks). But, one of my readers commented and asked questions on most pages of my ebook, like a “real” editor would do – and I learned so much from her! Don’t get me wrong; I still learned from the less intensive critiques…but next time, I’ll give my critique-ers specific questions so I get specific feedback. Also — I have to remember that it takes time to give solid feedback, and not everyone has that kind of time.

3. Readers want to learn about writers and bloggers…and me! About Successful Bloggers, Susan Johnston of The Urban Muse said, “I like that you included more of your own experiences than your previous eBook.”  But it’s hard for me to write about myself because I find it so boring! I don’t think I’m ho hum; I think rehashing my experiences and thoughts is ho hum.  That’s why I love gathering “quips and tips” from everyone else on God’s green earth. So, when I hear people say they like hearing what I’ve experienced, I’m always shocked. But I want to be a better, more connectable writer…so I’ll try to share more stuff about me.

4. The more you edit, the better your writing gets. ‘Nuff said.

6 “Make Money Blogging” Tips

1. The most successful affiliate marketers and professional bloggers have been online since the 1990’s. In Successful Bloggers, I share some of the best tips from a few affiliate marketers and professional bloggers. Their bios told me that 95% have been online for at least ten years…which underscores the importance of not giving up. Making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month or year is a career, not a hobby. So, keep blogging even when you think you’ll never break the $1,000 a month mark!

2. Some bloggers are opposed to making money online. After I presented a blogging workshop at the Northern Voice conference last month, an audience member thanked me for being honest about my desire to make money blogging. He said some of the bloggers he knows pooh-pooh the idea of making money online, and look down on blogs with ads. He said it’s refreshing to hear a writer say she wants to make a living from her blog! And, take a professional bloggers promise that you’ll make hundreds of thousands of dollars a month or year blogging with a grain of salt. It’s possible, but it takes a ton of hard work. And time.

3. Bloggers need to find the right balance. Making money blogging is about balancing respect for your reader with a healthy desire to receive compensation for all the time, energy, and effort you spend on your blog. There’s nothing wrong with making money by offering resources for readers – especially if those resources are directly related to your topic and the readers’ interests. Of course advertising can be overdone…and my blogs may be guilty of that. Finding the right balance is an important tip for making money blogging (okay, this tip is in Successful Bloggers…but I explain how to find the right balance in more detail there!).

4. Increasing blog traffic is the single most important way to earn money online. I can’t believe how important traffic is – it’s even more important than good writing, a fascinating blog niche, or the most gorgeous WordPress or Blogger theme design in the world! That’s why I dedicate 10 of the 75 tips for successful bloggers to increasing website or blog traffic.

5. Linking to other blogs is really, really important — I need to do it more often. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s that I never think of it! If you’re a blogger who writes about writing, web writing, freelancing, scriptwriting, blogging,  or anything related to Quips and Tips for Successful Writers, please let me know in the comments section below! I want to share more link love with you…

6. Remember that blogging and affiliate marketing are very different beasts. One of the most interesting lessons I learned while researching and writing Successful Bloggers is the difference between blogging and affiliate marketing. Those “six figure affiliate marketers” earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by driving traffic to merchants. It’s business…but blogging isn’t necessarily a business to the rest of us. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to or can’t earn a few dollars on the side! We can apply many affiliate marketing tips to our little niche blogs without going the whole hog…and we will taste blogging success.

That’s it! I’m all tipped-out. If you have any comments or questions about what I learned writing my ebook about making money blogging, please share below…

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6 thoughts on “The Make Money Blogging eBook – and My Top 10 Tips”

  1. Thank you for the tips…it appears I am going about it all wrong. I have been blogging for months now and have made less than $1.00; more would be very nice. I enjoy the things I write about but perhaps the need for homemaking tips and ideas is low. I will try your approach and hopefully it will make a difference in my income. Thanks again!

  2. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Thanks for your offer to review something I’ve written, Annie! I will definitely consider you — I’d appreciate your perspective as a reader.

    And, remember that there ARE people who want to hear what you say. The challenge is finding those people….


  3. Annie Stith (@Gr8fulAnnie)

    Hey, Laurie!

    Thanks so much for the tips. While the main purpose of the website I’m developing is a blog that inspires others and builds community among those of us who have struggled with traumatic issues (like abuse), I could sure use some extra money to add to my minimal Disability Income. It’s also been a dream of mine for a long time to publish my story as a book, and I’m hoping that, down the road a ways, the website will serve as a platform for selling any writing I might publish.

    So, for me, sharing my story (and finding others willing to share theirs) is HUGE. It’s good to hear that your readers respond to the more personal posts you write. One of the tapes playing in my head is that no one will want to hear what I have to say.

    Anytime you’d like a reader to review something you’ve written, please consider me. While not a professional editor, I could certainly share my perspective as a reader. I’ve been told I write well, which I believe comes from being an avid reader, including this blog. 😉


  4. Thanks for the mention, Laurie! I think #1 is important can tie into #3 as well. Anytime you share something that has worked well for you (or hasn’t), it’s a chance for readers to see you as a real human being and share in your triumphs or mishaps. Enjoying reading the eBook so far!

  5. Hi Laurie,

    This is a very good idea for a post. It really gives us a sense for what to expect in the book.

    Of course I’m happy to write a review if you’d like.