These tips for writers who want to blog full-time are based on my experience transitioning from full-time freelance writer to full-time blogger (but I’ll accept magazine assignments when assigned!). Here’s what I’ve learned so far…

Tips for Writers Who Want to Blog Full-TimeGot guts? Blog away, fellow scribes. Read Ruth Soukup’s How To Blog For Profit: Without Selling Your Soul for a detailed description about how to improve your productivity, learning to work smarter not harder, and take concrete steps to transform your blog into a business. You’ll also learn how to increase your blog traffic and build solid platform through field-tested strategies.

Before my blogging tips, here’s a quip from Sylvia Plath: “Everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise,” she said. “The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” If you tend to doubt yourself as a writer and blogger, read Learning to Write Without Fear and Trembling.

Tips for Writers Who Want to Blog Full-Time

If you already have a blog but no traffic, read Grow, Little Blog! Blogging Tips From the Most Popular Blogs.

Make sure you’re behind yourself

I was reluctant to delve into blogging full-time, and I think it’s partly because it’s not as prestigious as magazine writing. When I say I freelance for magazines such as Reader’s Digest, Health, MSN Health, and Woman’s Day, people get it. They understand what I do, and they’re impressed. The last time I told someone I’m a blogger, she asked if people go to my blog to see my picture. Granted, she’s almost 80 years old – but even for younger people, the respect level isn’t the same. Anyone can blog, but not everyone can get paid $2 a word to write articles for print magazines. I haven’t been behind my own self…and that has negatively impacted my progress.

No matter what writing genre you choose, fellow scribes…you have to get behind your own self.

Start slowly

I’m becoming a full-time blogger the same way I became a full-time freelance writer: I started part-time, began to realize that the more time and energy I spent, the more I earned – and so I started to work full-time hours. Few people can afford to quit their day jobs and blog or write full-time…but we can all find a few minutes a day to chase our dreams!

Be prepared to put in a lot of time

I just added my Ask a Question button to all four of my blogs – and it took almost four hours! I couldn’t believe it; it was my own fault for forgetting a simple – but key – step. If you’re a writer who wants to blog full-time, be prepared to spend hours on programming and blog details that should be simple but aren’t – and it’ll drive you crazy! But it’s just part of running an online business.

Dedicate a specific part of every day to blogging

Successful bloggers need to stick to their schedule, whether it’s an hour before work or four hours before bedtime. If you want to blog full-time, you need to stick to your schedule.

Pick a sustainable blog topic

A friend of mine blogged for a few months, then deleted the whole thing because she couldn’t think of anything else to say.

blogging tips for writers

Tips for Writers Who Want to Blog Full-Time

I love my Quips and Tips for Achieving Your Goals blog because it’s so general – I can blog about lending money to friends one day, and surviving a breakup the next! My other two Quips and Tips blogs are more specific, but still general enough that I can find lots to write about. If you’re a writer who wants to blog full-time, find a general – but not too general – topic that you will enjoy for years to come.

Focus on all aspects of your blog

A successful blog – one that actually earns you money – isn’t just about adding regular content. It’s about making sure the RSS Feed works, your pages load correctly, your readers can comment easily, and your advertising is effective but not garish. I spend just as much time tweaking my blog layout, plugins, and old posts as I do writing new articles…and I think this type of maintenance is almost as important.

Experiment with ads and affiliate programs

I’ve created four blogs now (the Quips and Tips series, and See Jane Soar – see the boxes on the right) – and each blog has different types of advertising. To learn what I’ve learned, read How to Make Money Blogging for Writers.

Don’t box yourself in

To earn a consistent living as a writer and blogger, consider developing multiple channels of online income, in addition to your blog. I personally wouldn’t blog for other websites or work for the other online possibilities – other than Suite101. I love writing for that ezine because it’s taught me so much about web writing. Plus, I earn several hundred dollars a month there. Here’s my 10 Reasons to Write for Suite101.

Fellow scribes, do you have any tips for writers who want to blog full-time – or any questions? I welcome your comments below!

May you write long and hard every day of your life. When you’re not writing, may you be living big and beautifully!

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4 thoughts on “8 Tips for Writers Who Want to Blog Full-Time”

  1. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    George, you are the most community-minded person I’ve met online! It’s amazing how much time it takes to develop relationships with people – both online and in person.

    And, now I think the most important tip for writers who want to blog full-time is to build community. Because if you don’t have a connection to the blogger, you’re less likely to go back.

    One problem, though: the bigger your readership, the harder it is to connect with readers. Same with Twitter, Facebook, etc. I guess that’s an example of being a victim of your own success!


  2. I have never worked so hard in my life, Laurie. (at least in terms of hours spent.) I work 7 days a week, most days 8 – 12 hours, others – not so much.

    it is not something to be entered into lightly. Take a day or two off and that time does need to be made up.

    The rewards can be tremendous in terms of the wonderful folks you meet when you work hard on building your community.

    And that can make it all worth it.


    Tumblemoose’s last blog post..What Kindergarten taught me about writing today

  3. Of course, Mary! How could I have forgotten about marketing your blog?!

    Yes, if you want to be a full-time blogger and writer, you have to contribute to forums, establish relationships with advertisers and other bloggers in your field, and generally get your name “out there” as much as possible.

    I didn’t realize how time-consuming blogging is. And I’m finding that the more time I spend on my blogs, the more things I find to do…like any job!

    How much money do you need to survive, each month? If you’re thinking about blogging full or even part-time, I think it’s smart to figure out how much you need to earn…and give yourself at least 6 months to earn that figure. That means working elsewhere part or full-time, and being patient and diligent.


    Laurie PK’s last blog post..Tips for Writers Who Want to Blog Full-Time

  4. Great tips. People really don’t have a very clear understanding of blogging. I love that you talk about the time involved in all the aspects of blogging. I’d also like to add that much time is needed for marketing yourself and your blogs and for establishing relationships with advertisers. Blogging is just as time consuming and detailed as freelancing writing, I’m finding. Would you agree?

    Mary’s last blog post..How I’ve Missed You, Writer’s Digest!