The Best Affiliate Programs for Writers Who Blog for Money

Finding the best affiliate programs for writers who blog for money takes time, but these tips will make it easier for you. I’m a full-time blogger and writer; I support myself from my “Quips and Tips” blogs and my “Quips and Tips” ebooks. I wouldn’t be able to make money blogging without several affiliate programs.

In  8 Ways I Make Crazy Money With My Blossom Blogs, I share how I earn my living. One of my favorite quotes about making money as a blogger is:

“If your blog provides genuine value, you fully deserve to earn income from it.” ~ Steve Pavlina.

Of course, what a writer thinks is “genuine value” may be different from what a reader thinks is “genuine value.” But, if you put time and effort into reading, researching, and thinking before you write a blog post, then you should earn a penny or two. Or more!

Okay, here are the affiliate programs that work for me…

The Best Affiliate Programs for Writers Who Blog for Money

Note that I don’t “sell” products. I feature books that I know would be helpful to readers, but I don’t actively market products on my blogs. I write articles…and if readers want to buy stuff, that’s fine by me! I just love to write, and I’m fortunate that I’ve found a way to make money writing what I want to write about.

When you’re looking for the right affiliate program, find products and services to help your readers. What search terms do your readers use to find your blog? For example, readers often find Quips and Tips for Successful Writers by searching for “feature article ideas”, “how to end an article”, and “magazine writing tips.”

So, my advertisements should focus on freelance writing, magazine articles, and writing tips. I can help my readers by giving them the opportunity to get better at writing for magazines, or writing in general. I also feature books, books, and more books on Successful Writers because I love books! Promote stuff you believe in, fellow scribes.

The Amazon affiliate program

It was a slow start, but I’m now earning upwards of $350 a month from Amazon. Some days I earn $45. I very rarely earn less than $7 a day. The cool thing about Amazon is that readers don’t just buy the book you feature on your blog. They buy bicycles, wart removal creams, chocolate bon bons, and fertility products. Those products can earn high commissions because they’re more expensive. The downside of featuring books from Amazon is that books are cheap. I earn about a dollar for every book sale; sometimes I earn $0 if the book cost the reader a penny! So, if you want to blog for money, you might consider featuring more costly items — as long as those items benefit your readers. To learn more about Amazon’s affiliate program, read 5 Tips for Advertising Amazon Products on Your Blogs.

Google Adsense affiliate program

Affiliate Programs for Writers Who Blog for Money
The Best Affiliate Programs for Writers Who Blog for Money

As you can see, I’m a big fan of Google Adsense advertising! Well, I’m not a big fan of how it looks and feels on my blog, but I sure do love the monthly paycheck. I now earn about $50 a day from this affiliate program — it fluctuates, but not dramatically — and I’ve earned more than $170 in one day. As a writer who blogs for money, I think Google is one of the best affiliate programs around. But if the Google gods gave me the boot, I know I’d find other affiliate programs that make just as much money.

ClickBank affiliate program

There are two ebooks that I advertise on my Quips and Tips for Money and Love blog: The Magic of Making Up, and How to Get Your Ex Back. I sell one of these books almost every day, and earn at least $26 each time. The commission varies according to what the reader purchases. Of course, ClickBank sells tons of other products — those ebooks are just the ones that work for me.

Mort Fertel’s Marriage Max affiliate program

And what a freaky coincidence – I forgot about Mort Fertel’s affiliate program, and I just earned $125! Seriously: right this second, an email popped up to notify me that I made a sale. I wouldn’t have listed Fertel’s Marriage Max advertisements because it’s not one of my best affiliate programs, but when it pays out…it pays out.

Commission Junction affiliate program

It took me a long, long time to get a check from Commission Junction – and not because they were remiss in paying me! I just couldn’t figure out what advertisements to put on my blog, and I didn’t want banner ads. Finally, I’ve figured out that the best way to use this affiliate program for my blog is to put Halloween ads on my Halloween costume articles on Quips and Tips for Achieving Your Goals. And, my “Jobs for Writers” links at the end of the articles on this blog are Commission Junction ads, and they work well. Even though Commission Junction isn’t one of my best affiliate programs, it is starting to pay off. If you blog for money long enough, it eventually works!

Miscellaneous affiliate programs

I’m also a “passive” affiliate for Solostream, HostGator, and ShareASale. All three offer fantastic products and services — and have strong affiliate programs — but I just don’t have the time or blog space advertise their products. They have the potential to be the best affiliate programs…but there are only so many ways a blogger can monetize her blog! Especially a blogger who wants to write about what she wants to write about. 🙂

In How to Earn Extra Money Blogging, I share an updated account of my earnings for this year. It’s more than doubled from the figures above.

Two Tips for Writers Who Want to Blog for Money

If you want to make money with your blog, you have to…

Buckle up…it takes time to find the best affiliate program for you

I once read that writing blogs make more money than any other type of blog…and I was naïve and foolish enough to believe it! Quips and Tips for Successful Writers is not my most profitable blog (Quips and Tips for Achieving Your Goals is). Either my dear fellow scribes don’t spend money, or I haven’t found the best affiliate program, or I don’t have enough traffic on this writing blog yet. Perhaps it’s a bit of all three. But remember: if you want to make money with your writing blog, you’ll need to experiment with affiliate programs and products.

Write about topics that support your affiliate program…aka affiliate marketing

This, I rarely do on any of my blogs. I want to be a writer, not an affiliate marketer! I’m not even 100% sure I want to be a blogger, because I think blogging is about expressing yourself: what you think, what you’re doing, who you are. I don’t really do that; I just want to write practical, nonfiction articles to help readers. But if you’re a writer who wants to blog for money, you’ll do well to write posts that highlight the products your affiliate program sells.

If you’re new to blogging, read 10 Tips for Starting a Blog for Writers.

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If you have any thoughts or questions about affiliate advertising or blogging for money, please comment below…


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