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How I Became a Blogger – Laurie’s Story

The second best way to learn how to become a blogger is to discover other bloggers got started. The first best way to be a blogger is to simply start blogging! Here’s how I became a blogger, plus tips to get you started on your blog. This post is actually the first in my “This is My Story” series. I’ve […]

how to become a blogger

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How to Write Relationship Articles for Websites

These tips on how to write relationship articles will improve your website traffic and your blogging skills. I’ve been writing articles about love and relationships since the dinosaurs roamed the internet, and have learned a thing or two about web writing. Ann Handley’s Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content is full of awesome tips on writing articles for […]

Writing for Online Magazines – How to Find Work on the Web

Writing for online magazines can be profitable and interesting, especially if you know which sites are hiring! These tips for finding work on the web are inspired by a fellow writer’s questions about online writing jobs… To learn more about maximizing your income as a writer, read My So-Called Freelance Life: How to Survive and Thrive as a Creative Professional for Hire by […]

Writing for Online Magazines

Making Your Blog Posts Popular – 5 Web Writing Tips

These tips for marketing your blog posts are from experienced Suite 101 writer, Mark Solomon. He uses over 70 marketing techniques to make his blog posts more popular – and here he shares five big ones! Before the tips, a quip: “Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the […]

Why Write for Suite 101? 10 Benefits of Online Writing

Suite 101 writer Rosemary Gemmell answers the question I’m often asked: “Why do you write for Suite 101?” Here, Gemmell shares ten benefits of online writing from her own experience. Before we jump into the reasons she loves writing for Suite, I gotta say that three out of four members of my writer’s group have written for Suite 101! One quit […]

Web Writing Tips From the Type-A Mom Blogging Conference

Angela England shares her web writing tips from the Type-A Mom Blogging Conference – where she was a speaker. This blogger is one of my fellow writers at Suite101 (an online magazine). Before the tips, a quip: “A blog is a tool that lets you do anything from change the world to share your shopping list.” – unknown. However, unless […]

Increase Your Blog Readership – 5 Ways to Get More Web Traffic

Getting more web traffic is the first step to making money blogging! These five tips for increasing your blog readership are from freelance writer and blogger Susan Johnston, who has a strong blog following. Before her tips, a quip from a professional blogger: “Making money from blogging requires you to do only two things: drive a lot of traffic, then […]