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How to Keep Writing After Multiple Rejection Letters

5 Ways to Keep Writing After Multiple Rejection Letters

Good news! If your writing has been rejected multiple times by magazine editors, book publishers and literary agents, then you’re a real writer. You’re in the game! The bad news is that you may feel too discouraged, disappointed and disheartened to keep writing. You’re tempted to kick yourself out of the game.

how to write better with a heart map

6 Quick and Easy Tips for Heart Map Writing

Heart map writing is surprisingly effective — and fun! These five tips for writing with a heart map will kickstart your writing (or help you maintain the momentum you already have going). Here’s how I mapped my heart and why I use it to make my writing more interesting for both me and my readers.

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How to Start an Inspirational Christian Blog

Sharing your faith has never been easier! These tips on how to start an inspirational Christian blog will help you write like you have a message from the King (because you do). Blogging for Jesus involves humility, courage, and faith-based boldness.