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Practical Tips and Writing Inspiration for When You Can’t Write

When you can’t write, you need writing inspiration of a different ilk. These practical tips are inspired by the best writing quotes from famous writers – and by my experience as The Writer Who Didn’t Get Published. Yeah. More about that below. First, though, how invested are you in writing? If you don’t have regular encouragement to write, then your […]

Practical Tips and Writing Inspiration

Why You Can’t Write Causes of Writer’s Block

Why You Can’t Write – 5 Causes of Writer’s Block

Why can’t you write? Before you can overcome writer’s block, you need to find the source. Here are five causes of writer’s block and a Sioux Indian parable about awareness, to help you stay motivated to keep writing. One cause of writer’s block is perfectionism. “[A writer who is a perfectionist] expects her first drafts to be polished and well […]

5 Writing Tips for When Your Mind is Blank

Even the most successful writers have minds that go blank occasionally. These writing tips will help you overcome the paralysis that stops you from getting your words on paper. Writing when you feel like you have nothing to say is about training your mind to think like a writer. What does this mean? I don’t know, but author Sage Cohen does. She […]

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writers flow

5 Ways to Find Flow for Stuck Writers

How writers get unstuck differs from writer to writer – but there are common solutions. These five ways to find flow are from Deanna Proach, a successful novelist who just completed her second book. Before her tips, a quip: “People have writer’s block not because they can’t write, but because they despair of writing eloquently.” ~ Anna Quindlen. We all […]

How to Fix Writer’s Block and Make Your Writing Sparkle

These five tips for fixing writer’s block are inspired by writer’s coach and author Daphne Gray-Grant. If you’re stuck for ideas, look no further! You’ll find ways to make your writing sparkle again. Different writers overcome writers block in different ways, which is why it helps to read books like The Courage to Write: How Writers Transcend Fear by Ralph Keyes. It’s one of my […]

How to Fix Writer’s Block

Tips for Overcoming Perfectionism for Writers

4 Tips for Overcoming Perfectionism for Writers

Writers who try to be perfect are less likely to get published because they never finish. Here’s how to overcome perfectionism for writers, from a full-time freelance writer who more often than not hits “send” before an article pitch is ready. I polish articles until they gleam, but am trigger happy with my pitches! Perfectionism for writers can lead to paralysis, procrastination, and […]

Overcoming Writers Block – How to Start Writing, Keep Writing

Lack of inspiration? No motivation to write? These six tips for overcoming writers block will help you find what works for you.  These writing tips are from experienced freelance writers, successful novelists, and writing coaches. If you need writing prompts, read The Writer’s Block: 786 Ideas to Jump-Start Your Imagination. The book is a treasure chest of writing prompts to help writers […]

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