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Are Relationship Blogs Successful

How Do You Start a Successful Relationship Blog?

I’ve started more than a dozen different types of blogs since my blogging career began 12 years ago. Which blog was most successful? The relationship blogs! If you’re thinking about blogging or looking for ways to make money as a blogger — or you’re just wondering if relationship blogs are successful — you need these tips.

Tips for Writers Who Have Nothing to Write About

7 Ideas for Writers Who Have No Idea What to Write About

How do you write an essay, article or blog post when you have no ideas and nothing to write about? When I taught Language Arts and Journalism, I often watched students stare at their blank pages, bewildered. They knew they had to write – and they even wanted to write – but they had nothing to write about.

How to Get More Freelance Writing Work

5 Ways to Get More Freelance Writing Work

These five tips won’t just help you become a freelance writer, they’ll ensure you keep getting article assignments you don’t even have to pitch! No more writing query letters, sending article ideas to magazine editors, or searching the internet for online publications.

do it yourself editing tips

5 Painless Ways to Edit and Elevate Your Writing

Learning how to DIY (do it yourself) when it comes to editing your own writing isn’t just difficult, it’s downright painful. How do you edit the words you so carefully crafted? Luckily, I found five editing tips that will elevate your writing and improve your work. Your readers will think you hired a professional editor!