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reasons manuscripts are rejected

reasons manuscripts are rejected

17 Reasons Book Manuscripts Get Rejected by Publishers

Reasons Book Manuscripts Are Rejected by Publishers and Agents

Why do book proposals and unpublished manuscripts get rejected by editors, publishers, and literary agent? These common reasons for rejection are from a panel of book industry professionals at a writer’s conference. These tips will help you get published by showing you what not to do.

10 Sample Chapter Summaries of a Book Proposal

Sample Chapter Summaries for a Nonfiction Book Proposal

Are you wondering how to write a nonfiction book proposal with sample chapter summaries? You’re in luck, fellow scribe! These chapter summaries in my nonfiction book proposal will give you ideas on how to summarize your own chapters. I also included a summary of my book’s introduction.

How to Fail and Bounce Back as a Writer

How to Stop Feeling Like a Failed Writer

Do you feel like a failure as a writer, blogger, or freelancer? You are not alone. Use these tips for failing and bouncing back to help you overcome the rejection and criticism all successful writers experience.