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How to Make an Editorial Calendar for Writers

How about increasing your writing productivity by 150%? Here’s how to make an editorial calendar for writers who want to write but get distracted by other tasks. If your writing is hit-or-miss, read A Writer’s Guide To Persistence: How to Create a Lasting and Productive Writing Practice by Jordan Rosenfeld. You’ll learn how to balance writing with the rest of your […]

How to Organize the Writing Process

Why should writers stay organized? Because disorganization leads to writer’s block and confusion. These organizational tools for writing will help writers see the beginning, middle, and end of their work. “First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.”~ Napoleon […]

How to Be a Productive Writer

What are your writing goals – finish the novel, pitch more magazines, contact the best literary agent on Twitter? Knowing how to write productively will help! Here, freelance writer Thursday Bram shares five tips for finding your own system. Writers write differently, and what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another. If you’re still struggling to find what works for you, […]

8 Tips for Maintaining More Than One Blog

These tips for maintaining more than one blog will help you become a more organized, better blogger. Many of these tips are applicable even if you just have one blog – and they’re especially important if you’re considering starting a second or third blog. If you haven’t read The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging by the editors of the Huffington […]

8 Stress Management Tips for Writers

These stress management tips for writers are key for success, since stress can  impede creativity and trigger writer’s block. You’ll stay focused and creative with these tips for managing stress. Help! For Writers: 210 Solutions to the Problems Every Writer Faces by Roy Peter Clark (one of my favorite writers on writing) presents an “owner’s manual” for writers. He outlines the […]