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Writing Articles for Niche Markets – How to Freelance Write

Some writers believe writing articles for niche markets isn’t the best way to learn how to freelance write, while niche market writers believe specialized markets are the only way to go! These tips for freelance writers will help you figure out if you’re a niche market writer…

One of my readers recently pointed out that making money writing may be easier if you’re a generalist. Niche writers may have a more difficult time earning money in specialized markets because of fewer opportunities and lower readership levels…

Here’s what she says:

“The advice you give is fabulous, very useful,” commented Irene on my For Money Hungry Writers – 10 Tips to Make Money Writing article. “But…I’ve noticed that all successful freelance writers who claim making big figures from their writing (implying that therefore, other writers can do it, too!) are either financial advisers, or IT specialists, or psychology gurus, or have some other specialty currently well-paying and in high demand. What if a writer’s niche is tiny and not really popular? I’m a historian, for instance – what do I do? Get training as an IT specialist? Other than that, what can a writer who’s unlucky enough to have an “unpopular” specialization do? Thank you very much!”

Irene, I don’t have all the answers — but I do have a few suggestions! First, snuggle up to freelancing by learning as much as you can about pitching query letters, writing excellent feature articles, and working with editors. Feature and Magazine Writing: Action, Angle and Anecdotes might help – it’s a great resource for writers.

And, here are nine tips for niche writers…Read More »Writing Articles for Niche Markets – How to Freelance Write