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How to Get Travel Discounts for Bloggers and Writers on Vacation

10 Ways to Get Travel Discounts for Bloggers and Writers

I'm preparing for a month-long trip overseas (India? Greece? Jordan?), and am looking for vacation discounts. I'm not a "travel blogger" but I often write about my travel experiences. These are the best tips I've found so far; they're perfect for writers and bloggers who don't usually write about travel but who are going on a trek, all-inclusive vacation, or trip to the moon.
readers digest magazine guidelines for writers

10 Things You Need to Know About Writing for Reader’s Digest

My Reader's Digest editor taught me more about writing magazine articles and query letters than any other editor I've worked with! These are the ten most important things I learned about writing for Reader's Digest; these tips will also help you understand and follow the submission guidelines for contributors (which can feel overwhelming to freelancers).
Dealing With Money Anxiety as a Freelance Writer

Dealing With Financial Stress as a Freelance Writer

How do you write good magazine articles, books and blog posts when you’re stressed about money? The short answer is that you can’t. Financial stress destroys your creativity, productivity, and energy. These tips for dealing with financial stress as a freelance writer will decrease your anxiety, increase your creativity, and encourage you to keep writing.