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Jeremiah the Prophet and Jesus Christ

I just finished a course called BIBL 634: Jeremiah and Lamentations – Prophetic Writings for Crisis Times at Regent College in Vancouver, BC. One of my favorite assignments was to compare the lives of Jeremiah the Prophet and Jesus Christ. If you’re interested in learning more about Jeremiah the Prophet — or you’re taking an Old Testament class at Regent […]

Sample Old Testament Exegesis Paper – Jeremiah 10

Understanding the Old Testament – especially the “prophet books” like Jeremiah – can be challenging. This exegesis of Jeremiah 10 will help you understand not only what’s happening in prophetical literature, but also how to write a paper for seminary or Bible college. I’m currently a Master of Divinity student at Regent College in Vancouver, BC, Canada. One of the […]

4 Tips for Dealing With Discouragement After a Writing Conference

You’re completely normal if you feel discouraged, disappointed, and even depressed after a writing conference! Writing a book and getting published is a long, difficult process — not to mention the hurdles of getting a literary agent, writing a solid book proposal, and even writing your entire novel if you’re a fiction writer. These seven tips for dealing with discouragement […]

How to Decide if You Should Major in Journalism

If you want to be a journalist, you might consider becoming a journalism major. A successful writing career doesn’t depend on journalism school – but an education can be helpful! Here’s what to think about when you’re choosing a college major. I’m not convinced you need to go to college and be a journalism major to become a journalist – but you […]

10 Quick Ways to Recognize Great Article Ideas

You think you have a fantastic idea for a magazine article, but will the editor buy it? Yes, if it meets the following 10 criteria. Here’s how to focus your pitches and land more assignments… “Editors frequently complain that freelance writers don’t study their publications before they submit unsolicited ideas and manuscripts,” write David  Sumner and Holly Miller in Feature […]

How to Find the Right Writing Mentor

Improving your writing skills and discipline is much easier when you find mentors who are writers. Here’s how to find a writing mentor who can help you write and get published. Did you know a book such as Make Your Words Work: Proven Techniques for Effective Writing-For Fiction and Nonfiction by Gary Provost can be a “writing mentor”? His book is like […]