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Opportunity for Bloggers – Contribute to an eBook About Making Money Blogging

Hear ye, Hear ye! Here’s an opportunity for successful bloggers, web writers, and ezine writers to share what they know, motivate writers who want to make money blogging, and spread the word about their blogs, books, and businesses…

I’m writing an eBook, tentatively titled Quips and Tips for Monetizing Your Blog, which will describe ways for aspiring (and experienced) bloggers to overcome 15 different obstacles to making money. This book is for all types of bloggers, online writers, “armchair” e-zine writers, etc. 

If you’re tempted to contribute to this e-Book, but worry that you’re not “successful” enough – have no fear! You don’t need to make a million bucks as a blogger to know how to overcome obstacles and make money blogging. Sometimes the most valuable quips and tips come from the quietest, least public web writers.

So, check this“opportunity for successful bloggers” out…Read More »Opportunity for Bloggers – Contribute to an eBook About Making Money Blogging

Self-Publishing Your Book – 6 Tips for Print on Demand Publishing

Self-published author Gang Chen describes how he earns $30,000 a month with “print on demand” (POD) publishing, and why he’ll soon self-publish his third book with Outskirts Press. He’s a primo example of self-publishing success!

“The economy wasn’t so bad when I started thinking about self publishing my first book, Planting Design Illustrated,” says Chen. “I had some interest from traditional publishers, but they wanted to make quite a lot of changes and add a co-author. These were changes that would have made me dislike my own book!  So, I turned to self publishing.  At the time, making a lot of money was not at the top of my priorities. I simply wanted to publish my own book in my own way.”

To learn more about creating a “print on demand” book from start to finish, read The Step-by-Step Guide to Self-Publishing for Profit! Publish Your Non-Fiction Book with CreateSpace and Amazon (pictured) — it’ll guide you every step of the way. And, here are Gang Chen’s tips for self-publishing success…Read More »Self-Publishing Your Book – 6 Tips for Print on Demand Publishing

Self-Publish or Find a Publisher? 6 Benefits of Self-Publishing

Self-Publish or Find a Publisher

Self-Publishing Has Its Benefits

Should you self-publish your book or find a publisher? These six benefits of self-publishing will help you decide if you should tackle the publishing world yourself, or keep knocking on traditional book publishers’ doors….

But first, a quip:

“I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.” ~ Mark Twain.

Good writing takes time and effort, fellow scribes! The quicker you get to the point, the better (but the more work it takes).

Once you’ve written your novel or nonfiction book, you need to decide if you should query one publisher at a time, or several at once. Should you send the whole manuscript, or just the first few chapters? Do you need an agent? Should you self-publish? What are the benefits of self-publishing, versus going with a traditional publisher?

Great questions! I can’t answer them all here, but I can help with the self-publishing decision. Here are six reasons to self-publish your novel or nonfiction book… Read More »Self-Publish or Find a Publisher? 6 Benefits of Self-Publishing