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5 Ways to Salvage Writing Disasters

5 Ways to Salvage Writing Disasters Publication coach Daphne Gray-Grant shares five ways to salvage writing disasters – from poorly written articles to weak anecdotes.

But first, as ever, a quip:

“The process of writing has something infinite about it. Even though it is interrupted each night, it is one single notation.” ~ Elias Canetti.

Writing is a long, fluid process – and writing well is even longer and more fluid! Gray-Grant’s tips on salvaging writing disasters are excellent ways to ensure you’re writing fluidly and well. And, have you heard of Rejected: Tales of the Failed, Dumped, and Canceled, edited by Jon Friedman? It’s a funny compendium of authors, cartoonists, and columnists who were rejected from everywhere from Marie Claire to Buddy Hackett interviews for Time magazine. These writers’ stories give hope to hopeless writers!

Okay; here are five ways to make your writing better…Read More »5 Ways to Salvage Writing Disasters