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How to Write a Romance Novel – 8 Tips From a Published Writer

These tips on how to write a romance novel are from a published author of many romantic books. Here’s what novelist Mary Jo Putney said at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference in British Columbia — these are her best tips on the writing, editing, and publishing business….

Here’s one of the things she stressed:

“When your book comes out, there will be errors in the text.”

Okay, this may not seem like a brilliant writing tip, but I love it because 1) it increases my faith that I will soon a published book author (fellow scribes, keep saying to yourself, “When my book comes out, when my book comes out,”…and one day you will be published!); and 2) her tip reassures me that no writing is perfect, no matter how many readers or editors have combed through it. Even published writing isn’t perfect.

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