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Book Proposal: Your Heart Changes Everything

Sample Book Proposal: Your Heart Changes Everything

Not all of my book proposals have been successful! My most recent idea for a book (Your Heart Changes Everything: 50 Ways to Experience Jesus in Daily Life) was reviewed with interest by the editor and publishing committee at Bethany. They never formally rejected it…but it’s been over a year and I haven’t heard anything. Nor has my agent contacted me. So, unless their emails fell between the cracks of the universe, I assume they decided not to publish this book.

6 Ways to Promote Your Blog or Books With Your Email Signature

Many successful writers use their email signatures to promote their books or blog links – but that can get a little ho-hum. Here are a few creative ways to add pizzazz to your email signature to increase book sales and blog traffic – whether you’re an aspiring author or a busy blogger (or both!).

Before the tips, a quip: 

“The blog is certainly another tool for writers out there to break their way in,” said Julie Powell, author of Julie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen. “But being a blogger does not make you a great writer.”

And being a published author doesn’t make you a great writer, either! What does make you a great writer? Writing, editing, writing, editing, and writing and editing some more. For Stephen King’s tips for writers, click On Writing. And, read on for several creative ways to use your email signature…Read More »6 Ways to Promote Your Blog or Books With Your Email Signature