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Are Relationship Blogs Successful

How Do You Start a Successful Relationship Blog?

I’ve started more than a dozen different types of blogs since my blogging career began 12 years ago. Which blog was most successful? The relationship blogs! If you’re thinking about blogging or looking for ways to make money as a blogger — or you’re just wondering if relationship blogs are successful — you need these tips.

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8 Valuable Lessons From the Most Popular Blogs

What attracts blog readers and keeps them coming back? Personality. Content. Entertainment. Information. The problem is that those qualities aren’t enough to make a blog popular. It’s at least equally as important to learn SEO (search engine optimization) so your blog doesn’t get left behind.

5 Tips for Sitting on a Blogging Panel at a Writer’s Conference

Participating in a blogging or writing panel is my favorite way to attend conferences for writers! If you’ve been invited to sit on a writing or blogging panel, these five tips will help you prepare and improve your experience. And here’s a bonus for the non-panelists in the crowd: the top three takaways from the last blogging panel I was on (the “Writing for the Web” forum at the Write on Bowen Festival on Bowen Island, BC).

Before the tips, a quip:

“It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.” ~ Mark Twain

I’ve been on panels, and could tell that my fellow panelists hadn’t prepared at all. Their thoughts were jumbled, their sentences mumbled. Participating in a panel requires less preparation than teaching a blogging workshop or running a writing session, but it does require some forethought! So, make like Mark Twain and prepare for the impromptu questions you may be asked.

If you’ve never been to a writing conference, you’ll probably find The Portable Writer’s Conference: Your Guide to Getting Published extremely helpful. It’s one of my favorite resources for writing because it offers more information than you’d get if you attended a conference in person (because you can’t possibly attend every session!). Okay…here are my tips for being a participant on a writing or blogging panel…Read More »5 Tips for Sitting on a Blogging Panel at a Writer’s Conference