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Blogging Goals – 7 Types of Goals to Set for Your Blog

It’s time to set blogging goals – new year or not! Here are seven types of goals to set for your blog, to solidify your intentions and help you be a successful blogger.

First, here’s a quip about writing that can be applied to blogging:

“That’s the essential goal of the writer: you slice out a piece of yourself and slap it down on the desk in front of you,” says science fiction and fantasy writer Stephen Leigh. “You try to put it on paper, try to describe it in a way that the reader can see and feel and touch. You paste all your nerve endings into it and then give it out to strangers who don’t know you or understand you.”

Leigh wasn’t talking about blogging per se – but he could’ve been! Bloggers share their personal lives and opinions with strangers, try to be as clear as possible, and hope the post doesn’t hit the fan. If you want to learn hardcore blogging tips, read Blog Marketing: The Revolutionary New Way to Increase Sales, Build Your Brand, and Get Exceptional Results.

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