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How to Ask for and Get Feedback on Your Memoir

5 Tips for Getting Feedback on Your Memoir

Asking for feedback on your writing is hard for most writers. Getting feedback on your memoir — the most personal form of writing — can be downright painful! How do you ask for and receive feedback on your personal life story? These tips will help you accept both criticism and praise with equal amounts of grace.

how to write better with a heart map

6 Quick and Easy Tips for Heart Map Writing

Heart map writing is surprisingly effective — and fun! These five tips for writing with a heart map will kickstart your writing (or help you maintain the momentum you already have going). Here’s how I mapped my heart and why I use it to make my writing more interesting for both me and my readers.

how to end an article

5 Powerful Ways to End Your Article

How do you end your article with an echo that reverberates in your reader’s mind long after she stops reading? Endings are important. So important, in fact, that some writers say a strong ending is more important than a strong beginning.