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Writing Product Reviews – A New Slant for Freelance Writers

Writing product reviews isn’t my bag ‘o books, but I recently discovered a new slant for freelance writers who do review gizmos and gadgets! A fellow Suite101 writer borrows products to review…when she returns them to the company, they lend them out to other freelance writers.

This is news to me — I didn’t know products were loaned to writers for review purposes! Fascinating. It certainly ensures that writers are reviewing products for the sake of the review and their readers, not lure of the cool new gadget.  

Here’s another tip for freelance writers and product reviews:

“Writing product reviews isn’t hard to do, but you need to make sure you think it through and put yourself in the seat of the potential customer. Write what they want to read, not just another sales pitch.” ~ Matt Carter, Writing Product Reviews.

Writing product reviews can be a source of passive income for bloggers, and great writing practice for freelancers. If you’re a writer who yearns to support yourself financially by writing (and trust me, it is possible) — read 88 Money-Making Writing Jobs. And check out my Q & A with Alex Sharp, who is a product reviewing guru, a teacher, and a philanthropist.Read More »Writing Product Reviews – A New Slant for Freelance Writers

Should You Talk About Your Article or Book Ideas?

Successful writers create new article or book ideas all the time – but do they talk about them before they’re written? Not according to Mario Puzo, Sidney Sheldon, or Ernest Hemingway…

“Never talk about what you are going to do until after you have written it,” said Mario Puzo.

Oops. I’m not only talking about my latest book idea, I’ve actually written about it on my website — The Adventurous Writer. But, the good news is John Steinbeck talked about his book ideas before they were written, too!  Here’s a few quips from published authors about talking about writing – plus some tips. For more in-depth info on getting your ideas published, click on Putting Your Passion Into Print: Get Your Book Published Successfully! by Arielle Eckstut and David Sterry.Read More »Should You Talk About Your Article or Book Ideas?

How Freelance Writers Generate Article Ideas That Sell

Pitching queries that contain article ideas that actually sell is a huge part of successful freelance writing – and luckily, it gets easier and easier all the time! Here are several tips for freelance writing and generating article ideas.

First, a quip from the best-selling author Lawrence Block:

“I suspect television is a great source for story ideas. I’d use it more often if I could bear to watch it, but I generally can’t,” writes Block.  I’ve never actually tried it, but I bet TV is an extremely effective way for freelance writers to generate article ideas.  

Lawrence Block’s Telling Lies for Fun & Profit: A Manual for Fiction Writers is an excellent book for freelance and other nonfiction writers. It’s basically a compendium of the articles Block wrote when he was the Writer’s Digest columnist, so he’s writing from years of experience as both a magazine writer and best-selling novelist. Okay, on to tips for freelance writers to generate article ideas that sell…Read More »How Freelance Writers Generate Article Ideas That Sell