Is Writing for Suite101 Worthwhile? It Depends…

The only way to know if writing for Suite101 is worthwhile is to give it a short. And, learn web writing tips from experienced Suite writers.

A new Suite writer asks, “How long did it take you to write 539 articles for Suite101, how important is Suite to you blogging life, what tips would I give new Suite writers, and what three things make you a successful Suite101 writer?”

I’m not sure I’m “successful” at writing for Suite; it depends how you define success! I’ve learned a lot about writing web content, like being connected to a community of writers, enjoy writing Suite articles, and make about $30 a day.

I’m the Psychology Feature Writer, and have learned that Psych isn’t the most lucrative topic on the block — especially for writers who don’t spend a lot of time on search engine optimization! Nevertheless, I’m very happy to be a Suite101 writer.

Is Writing for Suite101 Worthwhile? It Depends…

Whether or not it’s worthwhile depends on your goals for writing web content. If you want to get rich, don’t write for Suite. Read Internet Riches: The Simple Money-Making Secrets of Online Millionaires.

But if you want to build a career as a freelance web writer, you may want to check Suite out.

First, I’ll answer the new Suite writer’s questions. Then I’ll describe three key tips for making Suite writing worthwhile…

How long did it take to write 539 articles on Suite?

I started writing for Suite in October, 2006 – so it took me 4½ years to write over 500 articles. When I first started, I wrote several articles a week. Now, I write one a week…and sometimes I miss a week (but shhhh! don’t tell my Suite editor).

How important is Suite101 to your overall blogging life?

It depends on how you define “important.” I certainly would miss writing for Suite, but it’s not the crux of my blogging life. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give Suite a 5 because it’s not a huge source of revenue, but it’s fun. But, since it was the foundation of my blogging career and is the reason I started six “Quips and Tips” blogs, maybe I should give it a 10!

What tips would you give to new Suite101 writers?

1. Learn web writing (search engine optimization) tips from Suite and Google. When I first started writing for Suite, I ignored their SEO tutorials and tips for writing web content! It was foolish – but I was eager and couldn’t wait to see my articles online. And I know other new Suite writers do the same thing. Every day, I see Suite articles that have poorly worded titles and aren’t optimized for the internet.

2. Read the Suite writers forum – but don’t take it as web writing gospel. I’ve been misled by information on the Suite writers’ forum. Nobody has all the answers for search engine optimization, writing web content, increasing blog traffic, etc – and even the most experienced, successful Suite101 writers may offer tips that simply don’t work for every writer. Read the forums, but bring your salt shaker. When I’m confused about something on the Suite forum, I ask my Suite editor for her opinion.

3. To increase Suite traffic, find what works for you. There are so many tips for attracting readers to your articles! Unless you’re a full-time Suite writer, you can’t possibly do them all. Pick a few article marketing ideas that seem logical, and try them out. For instance, here’s one of the oft-touted tips for attracting traffic I never do: find Psychology blogs, comment and leave my link back to Suite101, and wait for the traffic to come pouring in. I don’t have a Squidoo lens, and I don’t try to get a big Facebook following. The only way I promote my Psychology articles is by tweeting them – I’m PsychArticles on Twitter (by the way, I tweet ALL Psychology articles on that Twitter page, not just my own).

What are 3 key things that made writing for Suite101 worthwhile?

1. Persevere. If I gave up after the first six months or year, I wouldn’t be making my astounding $30 per day! Granted, it’s not a lot of money, but it’s a steady stream of passive income. Well…mostly passive…as I said, I write one article a week, and occasionally blog.

2. Rework old Suite articles. My most popular Suite101 articles are those I’ve tweaked to increase search engine optimization and visibility. When I have time, I edit and rework my 2006, 2007, and 2008 articles.

3. Keep up with Suite’s tutorials. Okay – this isn’t actually what helped me be successful on Suite101, but I think it’s a fantastic idea! Writers should constantly read updated information about writing web content, from both Suite101 and Google. I earn a fail whale here.

Also — if you’re serious about making money writing for Suite, then do your keyword research. I don’t spend a lot of time on SEO for my Suite articles, which is probably why I’m not making $100 or more a day!

Still have questions? Read Writing for Suite101: 10 Reasons I Love Being a Suite Writer.

Even better, read Should You Get Paid Per Post or Per Click? There, I describe why I stopped writing for Suite101.

If you write web content for Suite or another online e-zine, do you find it worthwhile? I welcome your thoughts and questions below…

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14 thoughts on “Is Writing for Suite101 Worthwhile? It Depends…”

  1. I have 70 articles on Suite 101, which used to earn close to $100 per month, but have now dropped to a pitiful $6 per month. I wish I never wrote for them. I know they got hit hard by Panda, but the worst part is, Suite owns the rights to all articles placed on the site. Therefore, you can’t take them down and use them anywhere else, except as a sample of your work. It’s a complete waste of time to write for them… Before Panda it might have been worth it, but not now.

  2. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Hello JQR77,

    Thanks for your thoughts on writing for Suite! I didn’t think about this downside of using your real name. It’s a tough call, since many (most?) writers want to gain exposure. It’s hard to gain exposure if you’re using a pen name!

    I’m still earning $15 to $24 a day from Suite, even though I’ve only written 3 or 4 articles in the past 9 months. I like this stream of passive income, and don’t regret the time I put in there. I wouldn’t write for Suite again, but I have no regrets.


  3. I wrote for Suite and only made about $20 off of 10 articles. did not pay very close attention to SEO, though one of my articles happens to come up #1 in Google for one of the keywords I used. I mainly used Suite 101 as a place to gain published writing samples to help with my portfolio for getting a job post college.

    I think if you follow the author’s suggestion, you can definitely make a nice side income from Suite. I would never expect it to be a full time job.

    A WORD OF WARNING: I was naive enough to use my real name instead of a pen name. DON’T DO THIS!! Use a pen name if you write for Suite. I have a very uncommon name, and my name has been posted on a pornography site in connection with Suite, claiming me as a prostitute writing about escorts in my city. If I Google myself, this site comes up on page 3. Definitely not good for trying to get a job and very embarrassing. I tried to get Suite to change my name and they are very unresponsive about taking down my name on all parts of the site. They are also refusing to take down my articles, because their policy is that they own the rights to the articles forever. If you choose to write for Suite, read the contract carefully and never use your real name.

  4. Kostas | Opportunities Planet

    Personally I don’t write on sites like suite101 especially after the Panda update, I prefer to write for free as guest poster on quality blogs on my niche, I certainly don’t get paid for these articles but I get links on my blog which brings traffic, quality backlinks and most importantly networking with the bloggers of these blogs, all these have as a result much more money that I would ever get from suite101

  5. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    I have to say that things have changed A LOT at Suite101 since I wrote this article. Maybe I need to write a new post, called “Why I No Longer Write for Suite101.”

  6. I just have over 50 articles in Suite, so I am far from making $30 a day! I’ve hit a bit of a slump, but your article is inspiring me to write more 🙂

  7. That is great letting us to know about how 3 key things that helped you in becoming successful on Suite101?The three things you quoted that led you to success seemed to be very much informative.I would like to say,yeah,it really depends on how we define “important”.

  8. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Thanks for answering El Eclar’s question, Wendy! I’m not sure how other Suite101 writers get paid, if they don’t live in countries without PayPal. I’ll check the Suite forum and see if there’s info there.

    Walker ~ yes, you definitely have to be dedicated to writing, in order to make Suite financially worthwhile. Same with blogging: it’s a full-time effort to make it profitable. But there are other perks to writing for Suite, which blogging alone doesn’t offer.

    Sus ~ good luck with your possible move into Suite writing! And thanks for letting me know that this article came up as #5 🙂


  9. El Eclar, in answer to your question, Suite is open to everyone (I am in the UK and very much enjoy writing for them). However, they pay only through PayPal, which is a problem for people living in countries where PayPal does not operate. Another reader may know of ways to get around this.

  10. Laurie,
    Thanks for sharing this. I was just reading some of your articles on Suite101 this morning. I’ve been writing there for several months but not with the right amount of dedication to make it nominally profitable. I agree that it can be a good writing exercise and I’ve had people find my freelance writing blog through my Suite profile.
    Your suggestion about going back to enhance old articles is a great one!

  11. Thank you Laurie, your wise and clear advice was just what I was googling for, and your post popped up as a fine no. 5. I’m already a free lance writer and blogger, but I’m somewhat stuck and would like to blog for some pocket money – and then this morning I stumbled on a suite 101 bookmark. I’ll now consider my first move.

  12. Hi. Thanks for the tips! I was wondering..does Suite offer services outside of the U.S? Some sites only pay those who are U.S. and Canadian residents. I’m from The Philippines.. Are Suite’s services available to us as well? Thanks!

    All the best,
    El Eclar