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  • Is This the Reason You Haven’t Written Your Book Yet?
    Are you tired of beating yourself up for not writing your book? Maybe you have a story you’ve been trying to write for months, or even a chapter you should’ve written years ago. What if not outlining your book is the reason why you’re struggling to write your book? Good news! Here you’ll find the most powerful way to overcome that obstacle.
  • 5 Ways to Keep Writing After Multiple Rejection Letters
    Good news! If your writing has been rejected multiple times by magazine editors, book publishers and literary agents, then you’re a real writer. You’re in the game! The bad news is that you may feel too discouraged, disappointed and disheartened to keep writing. You’re tempted to kick yourself out of the game.
  • 6 Quick and Easy Tips for Heart Map Writing
    Heart map writing is surprisingly effective — and fun! These five tips for writing with a heart map will kickstart your writing (or help you maintain the momentum you already have going). Here’s how I mapped my heart and why I use it to make my writing more interesting for both me and my readers.
  • 10 Things You Need to Know About Writing for Magazines
    Of course you want to get your article published – who wouldn’t? And why else would you be searching for tips on how to write a magazine article? These tips for writing better feature articles will improve your query letters, pitches, proposals, and publication possibilities.
  • Sample Marketing Plan for a Christian Nonfiction Self-Help Book
    When I met with my nonfiction publisher and book marketing team, we discussed these nine ways to promote my first Christian self-help book for women. My marketing plan will help you launch and promote your own nonfiction book.
  • 6 Tips for Submitting Your Sample Chapters to a Book Publisher
    Unless you’re famous or somehow remarkable, your sample chapters are the only chance you have to get your book published. Therefore you must submit the best example of your writing that you can — even if it requires writing, editing, revising, and even throwing out everything you wrote only to start fresh.
  • Things You Need to Know About Co-Blogging (Blog Partnerships)
    If you’re thinking about blogging with another writer – not guest posting, but starting a new blog together — this advice will help you partner with another blogger.
  • The Query Shark’s Best Advice on How to Get a Literary Agent
    Here’s how to write a query letter that is good enough to get a literary agent’s (The Query Shark Janet Reid’s) attention. These 15 tips for pitching your book idea or manuscript are from the agent who created a whale of a blog called Query Shark.
  • 11 Most Popular Types of Magazine Articles – Print & Online
    You’ll be surprised by the variety of these different types of online and print magazine articles! This comprehensive list includes feature length articles, roundups, personality profiles, research shorts, human interest puff pieces, and “how to” articles. Whether you’re an aspiring freelance writer or an established author you’ll find lots of ideas in this list.
  • How to Stop Hating What You Write
    Do you hate writing because you think you’re a bad writer? These tips on how to love what you write are inspired by quotes from famous published authors who once hated writing, too. The first step to stop hating what you write is learning how to love the act of writing itself. If you enjoy […]
  • 6 Freelance Writing Tips From Published Writers
    How many query letters and articles do you have circulating? If your answer is 13, then you’re probably already a successful freelance writer. If you’re sure what that means or how to sell your articles because you don’t have any query letters circulating, then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s what “keep your magazine […]
  • 10 Tips for Writing Relationship Articles
    Writing for relationship advice websites is profitable and interesting – but only if they’re good articles! These tips on how to write relationship articles will help you publish better blog posts, improve your website traffic, and (most importantly) give your readers good relationship advice. If you’re serious about working with relationship advice websites, read Ann […]
  • Jeremiah the Prophet and Jesus Christ
    I just finished a course called BIBL 634: Jeremiah and Lamentations – Prophetic Writings for Crisis Times at Regent College in Vancouver, BC. One of my favorite assignments was to compare the lives of Jeremiah the Prophet and Jesus Christ. If you’re interested in learning more about Jeremiah the Prophet — or you’re taking an […]
  • How to Stop Being Jealous of Writers Who Succeed
    How do you deal with feelings of jealousy when you meet successful writers, hear about a fellow writer’s book publishing contract, or learn that yet another author won a writing prize, short story contest, or even a Pulitzer? Learning how to deal with feeling jealous is part of everyday life. We seem wired to compare […]
  • Sample Old Testament Exegesis Paper – Jeremiah 10
    Understanding the Old Testament – especially the “prophet books” like Jeremiah – can be challenging. This exegesis of Jeremiah 10 will help you understand not only what’s happening in prophetical literature, but also how to write a paper for seminary or Bible college. I’m currently a Master of Divinity student at Regent College in Vancouver, […]
  • Jeremiah and Judah’s Kings: An Example of a Historical Review Paper
    My first assignment as a Master of Divinity (MDiv) student at Regent College was for on Old Testament class. The prophet Jeremiah was the focus; the assignment was to write a historical review paper describing how the kings of Judah affected Jeremiah’s life and ministry. I’ve never written a historical review paper for a biblical […]
  • 7 Tips for Writing for Publication
    The chapters of my book are due to a publisher in one week; these tips for writing for publication will make those chapters lively, concrete, and strong! These writing tips focus on the craft of writing (not the mechanics, such as grammar, spelling, or sentence construction). You’re here, which means you want to get published. […]
  • 7 Things You Need to Know About Starting a New Blog
    These seven tips contain everything I wish I knew when I first started my “She Blossoms” blogs. I know how hard it is to find free blogging advice that is actually good. I’ve been writing online, going to blog mentoring workshops, and listening to SEO (search engine optimization) podcasts for 10 years. I’ve learned a […]
  • How Get Your Articles Published in Reader’s Digest
    These four tips on how to start writing articles for Reader’s Digest are based on my experience with my column pitch. I’d just started my freelance writing career when I got my first article published in Reader’s Digest.  It was awesome; I wrote an article about going green on Valentine’s Day. Getting that article published went […]
  • 7 Ways to Keep Blogging When You Want to Quit
    I’m celebrating my 10th year as a full-time blogger – and believe me, there were times I wanted to quit blogging! But I loved writing too much to stop. And the money I made blogging was too good. I bet you never thought you’d hear a self-employed blogger (or any type of writer) say that! […]
  • How to Start and Sustain a Popular Christian Blog
    If you’re starting a Christian blog, write like you have a message from the King…because you do! Blogging for Jesus involves humility, courage, and faith-based boldness. Christian bloggers also need a thick skin, a steady stream of wisdom from Ruach (the Holy Spirit), and a close relationship with God.
  • How to Start Writing Your Life Story
    “I want to write the story of my life but I don’t know where to start,” says one of my She Blossoms readers. Below are four tips on how to write your life story, from published author and literature professor Allan Hunter. I also share my own Blossom Tip at the end, plus additional resources […]
  • Best Types of Blogs for Writers Who Want to Make Money
    A fellow writer asked how my “She Blossoms” blogs (formerly “Quips and Tips”) are doing financially. I have no problem talking about making money as a blogger and writer – especially now that I’m a published author! Writing books for traditional publishing houses is a great experience, but definitely not as financially lucrative as blogging. […]
  • An Inspirational Fundraising Speech for a Nonprofit Organization
    This isn’t just an example of an inspirational speech for a charity; it’s the actual talk my Little Sister and I did at a Big Sisters Fundraising Gala in Vancouver. We received a standing ovation and raised more money for our charity than even planning committee expected!
  • How to Stay Focused on Writing When You’re Easily Distracted
    Lack of focus is one of the biggest obstacles to succeeding as a writer. These four simple, effective tips on how to stay focused on writing when you’re distracted by little shiny things will help you Blossom into the writer you want to be. At the very least, you’ll learn how to start the essay, […]
  • 10 Reasons I Loved Writing for the Online Magazine Suite101
    Writing for online magazines is interesting, instructive, and potentially profitable! Here’s why I loved writing for Suite101.com, including how the job taught me SEO (search engine optimization) and connected me to a an awesome group of web writers. First, a writing quotation from Natalie Goldberg – one of my favorite authors: “Writing is elemental,” writes Goldberg in […]
  • 6 Essential Personality Traits That Make Writers Succeed
    According to Stephen King, it’s not talent that makes a writer successful. Talent is cheaper than table salt! These “writers’ personality traits” are essential for success in the writing world. If you’re an aspiring writer – or even a published author who wants to stay in the game – you need to make your personality […]
  • 4 Examples of Sensory Details to Fire Up Your Writing
    Good writing – like a slab of rich dark chocolate – activates all your senses: ears, eyes, nose, fingers, and even your taste buds. Here are four concrete, specific examples of how to use your senses and sensory details when you write. “If there is a profound secret to good writing, it lies in the engagement of the […]
  • 5 Key Tips for Writers on How to Overcome Setbacks
    Setbacks in your writing career are inevitable; giving up as a writer is optional. These tips for overcoming setbacks when you’re writing your book will take you beyond the proposal. It’s time to venture into the wonderland of signing a publishing contract, writing towards a manuscript deadline, and working with editors on your traditionally published […]
  • How to Stop Feeling Like a Failed Writer
    As part of my “how to stop feeling sorry for yourself” series of articles, I realized that failing as a writer was one of my biggest sources of self-pity. And if I feel like a failure as a writer, I suspect there are other writers who feel the same way. Here are a few tips […]
  • The Nonfiction Book Proposal That Won Me a Publishing Contract
    Are you writing a Christian nonfiction book? Then you need to write a book proposal that appeals to literary agents, acquisitions editors, publishing boards, and the marketing staff at publishing houses. And – if you want to get your Christian book published – then you need to read sample book proposals until you learn how […]
  • 7 Signs Your Blog Will Be Popular and You’ll Make Money With It
    One of the most important questions for bloggers who want to make money online, with their blogs: “Will my blog be popular, and can I actually earn money blogging?” Yes — if you treat your blog like a business, and actually learn how to make money blogging as a professional writer. Here, I share several […]
  • 7 Ways for Extroverts to Increase Their Writing Productivity
    Writers with extroverted personality traits tend to spend more time with friends and family – especially when compared to introverts! Here are seven tips for increasing writing productivity for extroverts (although writers with introverted personalities are welcome to use these tips, too 🙂 ). “Write only if you cannot live without writing. Write only what […]
  • 7 Tips for Starting a Writers’ Group – Writing Alone, Together
    Of course you should start a writer’s group – what are you waiting for?! A writers’ group can increase your productivity, inspire you to write more, and motivate you to send your writing to literary agents, magazine editors, and book publishers. When I mentioned my writing group on Twitter, and received several “I wish I […]
  • 5 Books to Help You Blossom Into the Woman God Created You to Be
    It’s not easy to find the “best self-help books for women” because we all need different things! Here are some of the books that helped me Blossom into the woman God created me to be. I was inspired to write this article by one of my Blossomy readers, who emailed me, saying… “I have been […]
  • 8 Things You Need to Know About Succeeding as a Freelance Writer
    Yes, you can earn more than $5 per article as a writer for magazines and online websites! And yes, you can succeed in the field of freelance writing. These practical tips will help you nudge your dreams closer to reality. My inspiration for this article came from a reader who asked a question about article writing for beginner […]
  • How to Decide if You Should Go to School to Become a Writer
    Do you need an English Literature, journalism, or writing degree if you want to become a writer? It depends. These tips for deciding if you should go to school, college, or university to learn how to write in a formal setting, as well as a few tips about what type of writer’s education you should pursue. […]
  • 4 Tips for Dealing With Discouragement After a Writing Conference
    You’re completely normal if you feel discouraged, disappointed, and even depressed after a writing conference! Writing a book and getting published is a long, difficult process — not to mention the hurdles of getting a literary agent, writing a solid book proposal, and even writing your entire novel if you’re a fiction writer. These seven […]
  • The 5 Most Helpful Blogging Workshops at Writers’ Workshops
    Should writers’ workshops and conferences offer classes or seminars on starting a blog for writers? Yes! Here are the best blogging workshops for writers who want to use their blog to reach a wider audience. Truth be told, I often leave writers’ workshops and writing conferences feeling a bit deflated. Disappointed, because the road to […]
  • 7 Ways to Get the Most Out of a Writer’s Conference
    These tips for a successful writer’s conference will prepare you to get the most out of your publishing, editing, and writing workshops and seminars! Here’s a roundup of things I learned in my three days at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference in British Columbia, Canada. First, though, here’s what one writer said: “Writers are introverted and insecure.” – best-selling author […]
  • How to Write an Author Bio When You’ve Never Been Published
    Learning how to write your author bio – even if you’ve never been published – may be easier than you think. It’s a classic writer’s conundrum: you can’t sell your articles to magazine editors because you haven’t been published yet, and you can’t get published because you haven’t sold any articles yet! I get it. I’ve […]
  • How to Write a Good Ending to Your Article or Essay
    Some writers believe ending well is more important than starting strong. These five tips on how to end an article, essay, or chapter will help you find the right way to say “The End” without coming out and saying…ahem…The End. “It is always important to know when something has reached its end,” writes Paulo Coelho in The […]
  • Before You Search for Online Writing Jobs – Help for ESL Writers
    These tips on how to find online writing jobs are specifically for English as a Second Language (ESL) writers. I wrote this article for a reader who asked if she could write a guest post for my blog… “Hi, I am really proud to have visited your website,” says PS on How to Write a Query […]
  • How to Write a Query Letter and Get Your Article Published
    How do you get an article published in a magazine? By learning how to write a query letter to a magazine editor, of course! That’s your first step – because without an excellent pitch, you’ll never sell your articles. Here’s what one beginning freelance magazine writer says: “I have a brilliant idea for an article, […]
  • 8 Creative Valentine’s Day Article Ideas for Writers
    You need to write an article for Valentine’s Day, and you don’t want to publish the same old ideas as every other writer, blogger, and content creator. My creative tips will take you beyond the usual “romantic gift ideas” and “how we met” articles.
  • 10 Ways to Write Faster and Better With Dragon Naturally Speaking
    I quickly learned how to be a faster and better writer with Dragon Naturally Speaking; my only regret is I waited so long to use speech recognition software in my work. I was introduced to Dragon Naturally Speaking more than five years ago but I hesitated to invest in it because I didn’t think it would work […]
  • Need Motivation to Write? How to Stop Procrastinating
    “Begin to weave and God will give you the thread.” Here’s how to stop procrastinating and start writing words that matter – even if you don’t have a needle yet. “I am working on a thesis in, ironically, how to analyze a Shakespearean sonnet,” said Evan in response to Overcoming Procrastination for Writers. “The irony is that I’m […]
  • How to Get Good Story Ideas for Ezines and Print Magazines
    Yes, you can be 100% sure that your pitches will pique the editor’s interest! Here’s how to get good story ideas to write for ezines, popular blogs, online journals, and even print magazines. “This is a great article on creative ways to find story ideas for articles, but I have two more tips to add,” says Joan […]
  • Social Media Manager for Blossom Blogs – Job Description
    Do you have experience working in social media for bloggers? I need to hire a Social Media Manager for my Blossom blogs; below is the job description and responsibilities. I’ve been thinking about hiring a Social Media Manager – or a Community Manager – for almost a year. I hesitated because I hired blog writers […]
  • How to Stay Motivated When You’re Starting a Blog
    Starting a blog can be daunting for even the most experienced writers – and staying motivated to keep blogging is even harder! These tips on how to start and sustain your blog are inspired by a reader. “I’ve been told I’m a good writer by several people, judging by my lengthy Facebook posts,” says Jerry on […]
  • How to Use the Power of Storytelling When You Write
    Here, you’ll find five tips on how to tell stories when you write articles, newsletters, reports and other types of writing. Learn how to tap into the creative power of storytelling… “People don’t want more information,” writes Annette Simmons, author of The Story Factor: Inspiration, Influence, and Persuasion Through the Art of Storytelling. “They are […]
  • How to Get Your Magazine Article Published in a Niche Market
    These five things you need to know about getting your magazine article published will help you break into the niche market of your dreams. I’m featuring an awesome new book on how to get published – it’s called Selling Your Writing to the Boating Magazines and Other Niche Mags by Michael Robertson. First, know this: […]
  • 8 Time-Tested Personality Traits of the Best Poets and Writers
    First, the results of a research study about the writing habits of famous writers. Then, the personality traits of the best poets and writers that stand the test of time. Which aren’t based on research. Here’s what a reader asked about the personality traits of successful writers: “Is it possible to learn to become a top […]
  • 7 Best Pieces of Advice From Creative Writing Workshops
    Prepare to be inspired, fellow scribes! The Artist’s Way was one of the creative writing workshops; the rest of this best advice comes from a variety of writers’ sessions I attended this year. Last night I attended a talk by Natalie Goldberg at the Vancouver Public Library. She’s the author of Writing Down the Bones. […]
  • How to Write Powerful Words That Grab Attention
    When you’re writing for readers easily distracted by the common ground squirrel, you need to know how to write powerful words that grab – and keep – their attention. Your readers’ attention, that is. Not the squirrel’s. I’ve recently been mesmerized by The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Power Words by Scott Snair, PhD. Almost every […]
  • How to Start Freelance Writing at 40 – and Make Money
    These tips on how to start a freelance writing career at 40 are screaming to get out of me! Why? Because I’m taking this epic Artist’s Way writing course, and the facilitator told us it’s never too late to start writing. Even at 40, or at 50, or 60. That was the good news. Yes, […]
  • 7 Essential Tips for Writing the First Draft of Your Book
    These tips on how to write the first draft of your book range from left to right brain strategies, and will help you start and keep writing. The first tip comes from a reader’s comment on my wicked old post on writing first drafts: “My favorite help (and salvation) for writing the first draft came from Randy […]
  • How I Became a Blogger – Laurie’s Story
    The second best way to learn how to become a blogger is to discover other bloggers got started. The first best way to be a blogger is to simply start blogging! Here’s how I became a blogger, plus tips to get you started on your blog. This post is actually the first in my “This […]
  • Writing a Novel? How to Stay Motivated
    I found a great article about writing a novel on The Independent. Here’s the best of the tips on how to stay motivated – I tweaked them to apply to writers who need a boost. If you’ve ever felt rejected by publishers, literary agents, or even your writing group, you need to learn ways to keep your […]
  • How to Write to Make a Difference
    Whether you’re writing scripts, blog posts, articles or books – you need to know how to write to make a difference. Even more importantly, you need to know what “making a difference” means to you. Do you struggle to call yourself a writer? Read You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One) by Jeff Goins. […]
  • How to Make an Editorial Calendar for Writers
    How about increasing your writing productivity by 150%? Here’s how to make an editorial calendar for writers who want to write but get distracted by other tasks. If your writing is hit-or-miss, read A Writer’s Guide To Persistence: How to Create a Lasting and Productive Writing Practice by Jordan Rosenfeld. You’ll learn how to balance writing […]
  • Inspiration for Women Writers
    Do you need inspiration to write? The five most important things women writers need are faith, energy, time, discipline, and freedom. Here’s a quick shot of each, to motivate and inspire you. If you struggle to write every day, read Writing Habit Mastery: How to Write 2,000 Words a Day and Forever Cure Writer’s Block by […]
  • SEO Tips for WordPress Blogs
    Search engine optimization (SEO) is challenging for bloggers who want to rank high in search results. These SEO tips for WordPress blogs are inspired by a WordPress MeetUp I’ll be attending tonight. Search Engine Optimization All-in-One For Dummies offers comprehensive SEO tips for all blogs, including WordPress. I find print books easier to learn from because […]
  • Writing Techniques That Make Words Come Alive
    These writing techniques won’t make your words come alive unless you actually apply them to your writing. That is, you need to edit your work by looking for each technique in your writing. The only way to write better is to rewrite your work. If you’re serious about learning how to write better, read Improve Your Writing […]
  • How to Get Published
    Whether you want to publish a short story, article, novel, or nonfiction book – you’ll need to write a query letter. These tips on how to get published revolve around the single most important letter you’ll ever write. Do you know how to write a query letter? Learn from the experts in Writer’s Market: The Most […]
  • How to Decide if You Should Major in Journalism
    If you want to be a journalist, you might consider becoming a journalism major. A successful writing career doesn’t depend on journalism school – but an education can be helpful! Here’s what to think about when you’re choosing a college major. I’m not convinced you need to go to college and be a journalism major to become […]
  • How to Write an Article – Test Your Story Idea
    The most important part of learning how to write an article for a magazine, periodical, or newspaper is recognizing good story ideas. No matter how skillfully you write, an editor won’t publish an article on a topic that’s been covered gazillions of times. In The Complete Guide to Article Writing: How to Write Successful Articles […]
  • How to Become a Better Writer – an Artistic Perspective
    I’m always searching for ways to write better; these tips on how to become a better writer are inspired by a book for new, or busy, or hesitant artists. In Art Before Breakfast: A Zillion Ways to be More Creative No Matter How Busy You Are, Gregory offers short little exercises for every artist – […]
  • 10 Tips to Help You Start Your First Online Magazine
    Are you a writer who wants to go beyond blogging and freelance writing for magazines? Here are several things you need to know about starting online magazines. In Writing Online: Write Your Dreams To Reality, Sean Platt describes how to teaches you how to write content that attracts readers. He also describes selling, marketing, blogging, […]
  • Creative Gifts for Artists – Inspired by Picasso
    Painters, sculptors, cartoonists, potters, and sketch artists  will love this list of creative gifts for artists. I also share a short parable by Picasso – it’s both inspirational and realistic. It offers insight into the painter’s life, and that’s one of the best gifts you can give an artist. Picasso (the book cover is pictured) is Philippe Dagen’s […]
  • Blogging Tips From the Most Popular Blogs
    What makes the most popular blogs sizzle? These blogging tips aren’t the secret sauce; they’re the meat and potatoes of how bloggers attract traffic and keep readers. Search engine optimization is the prime rib of the most popular blogs that make money. Read SEO 2016: Learn Search Engine Optimization by RL Adams to learn how Google […]
  • How to Become a Freelance Writer
    Writing for a living is awesome! These tips on how to become a freelance writer are inspired by reader’s questions about pitching query letters, waiting for magazine editors to respond, writing for your blog, and starting out as a writer. If you want to make money writing, read Secrets of a Freelance Writer: How to […]
  • A Writer’s Quest – How to Write Creatively
    These tips on how to write creatively are inspired by my recent meeting of CWEST (pronounced “Quest” and representing “Creative Women Expressing Soul Together”). CWEST is a group I started a couple months ago – and I daresay it’s the most interesting group I’ve ever created! We discussed The War of Art: Break Through the […]
  • Practical Tips and Writing Inspiration for When You Can’t Write
    When you can’t write, you need writing inspiration of a different ilk. These practical tips are inspired by the best writing quotes from famous writers – and by my experience as The Writer Who Didn’t Get Published. Yeah. More about that below. First, though, how invested are you in writing? If you don’t have regular […]
  • Learning to Write Without Fear and Trembling
    Here’s why you shouldn’t learn how to write from popular bestselling authors such as Stephen King and Anne Lamott. You’ll learn more about writing if you search for lesser known authors such as Tara Moss and Neil Gaiman (maybe not the best examples because they’re quite popular, but work with me). If you want to […]
  • How to Journal – and a Bunch of Journaling Ideas
    When I taught grade 8, my students had to journal every day. These journaling ideas and tips on how to journal are based on my experience with my students – and inspired by a beautiful new book about journaling alone, together. In Writing Alone Together: Journalling in a Circle of Women for Creativity, Compassion and […]
  • How to Know What to Blog About
    On my article about increasing blog traffic, a reader asked about reviving her blog. These tips will help you know what to blog about – especially if you want to take your blog in a new direction. When I was struggling with what to blog about, I read The War of Art: Break Through the […]
  • How to Earn Extra Money Blogging
    Five years ago, I shared my favorite affiliate programs for writers who want to learn how to earn extra money blogging. Now that I’ve more than doubled my income as a blogger, I thought I’d update my bloggy quips and tips. Sarah Morgan’s The Badass Blog Planner: Your Guide to Defining Your Purpose, Creating Clarity, […]
  • How to Find the Courage to Write
    Successful writers know how to find the courage to write – especially when they’re scared! These tips are inspired by William Faulkner’s famous writing quip about killing your darlings, and by The Parable of the Mountain Climber. I’m not saying you’ll find courage to write if you steal from other writers – but from Steal Like an […]
  • Writing Motivation for Struggling Writers
    The Parable of the Poor Farmer is the perfect storm of writing motivation for writers who are struggling to write a book, chapter, page, or even a sentence. My tips on how to stay motivated to write are inspired by this parable – and by Natalie Goldberg. The True Secret of Writing: Connecting Life with […]
  • How to Deal With Writing Distractions
    These tips for dealing with distractions as a writer are inspired by a parable about James Joyce, and will help you develop the productivity of a writer like Stephen King. Learning how to deal with writing distractions isn’t just about turning off the internet or writing in pomodoros. In Writing Habit Mastery: How to Write […]
  • How to Become a Photojournalist
    These five tips for becoming a photojournalist (or a travel writer, truth be told) are inspired by the parable of the Tiger and Strawberries, and based on an article called “10 Tips for Selling Your Travel Writing.” There is no way any article can teach you everything you need to know about how to become […]
  • Why You Can’t Write – 5 Causes of Writer’s Block
    Why can’t you write? Before you can overcome writer’s block, you need to find the source. Here are five causes of writer’s block and a Sioux Indian parable about awareness, to help you stay motivated to keep writing. One cause of writer’s block is perfectionism. “[A writer who is a perfectionist] expects her first drafts […]
  • How to Know What to Write About
    It’s the bane of every writer or blogger’s existence: what do I write about? These four tips for finding inspiration as a writer are inspired by a parable about salt and light. It’s a Jesus parable, but you don’t have to be a believer to be encouraged. If you want to make writing part of […]
  • 10 Careers for Writers Who Want to Make Money
    Not all writers are starving! This list of writing careers will help you find the right niche and show you how you can make money as a writer. Finding the right career can be challenging for a beginning writer, but there are a surprising number of options to explore. The Well-Fed Writer: Financial Self-Sufficiency as […]
  • 7 Writing Strategies for Beginners
    These tips and strategies for beginning writers are from a published writer, world traveler, and blogger of rants, reviews, and writing advice. How do I know Jim Heskett is the right person to offer writing strategies for beginners? Because his voice and personality shines through his writing. His writing is fun. Interesting. Quirky. About these strategies […]
  • Get Paid to Blog for Quips and Tips
    If you want to get paid for blogging, I have a job for you. I’ve been blogging since 2008, and created seven “Quips and Tips” blogs. I can’t write for them all – I can barely keep up with the comments from readers. Help! I want to pay bloggers to write articles that show readers […]
  • How to Predict if Your Novel Will Be Popular
    There’s a big difference between getting your novel published and writing popular novels. This research shows how to predict popular novels. If you can convince literary agents and publishing houses your writing will be popular, you’re more likely to get your novel published. In Outlining Your Novel: Map Your Way to Success, K. M. Weiland helps authors choose […]
  • 10 Ways Blogging Pays Writers
    Does blogging pay? You better believe it! These benefits for blog writers start with money, and include recent research findings about how blogging pays financially, emotionally, and socially. If you want blogging to pay your bills, you have to approach it like you would any small business. That means you need to be disciplined, professional, […]
  • 10 Tips for Dealing With Rejection as a Writer
    If you’re working towards your goal of getting published, you need these tips for dealing with rejection – for your writing will be rejected. Rejection is a sign you’re in the game! Deal with setbacks properly, so you can bounce back and query again. As a full-time freelance writer and blogger, I apply these tips almost every […]
  • How to Find Blog Posts Not Indexed by Google
    Getting indexed by Google is easy. Harder is figuring out which blog posts are NOT indexed by Google, so you can tweak and tweet them. Here are five steps to finding posts Google hasn’t indexed, and helping Google do her job. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): An Hour a Day by Jennifer Grappone andGradiva Couzin is an […]
  • How to Ask for Feedback on Your Writing
    Writing feedback can be both invaluable and crushing. It’s crucial to get feedback on your writing, but it’s equally important to make sure you approach the right reviewer, in the right way, at the right time, with the right questions. In The Writing & Critique Group Survival Guide: How to Make Revisions, Self-Edit, and Give and […]
  • How to Write a Magazine Article
    From pitching a query letter to submitting your invoice to the editor, these tips on how to write a magazine article will give you the inside scoop on freelance writing. I learned how to be a freelance writer by reading books such as The Art and Craft of Feature Writing: Based on The Wall Street […]
  • 5 Things You Need to Know About Writing for Magazines
    These tips on how to write for magazines are from The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Publishing Magazine Articles. These tidbits jumped out at me as some of the most important things freelance writers need to know about writing for magazines. Sheree Bykofsky and  Jennifer Basye Sander’s Complete Idiot’s Guide to Publishing Magazine Articlesis a valuable book […]
  • 5 Ways to Become a Freelance Writer Who Gets Repeat Work
    Here are five tips on how to become a freelance writer who keeps getting work from editors of print and online magazines. One thing I didn’t realize when I first started freelancing was that good writers don’t have to keep pitching articles. Editors need a stable good writers, and when they find a writer who is smart, […]
  • 7 Ways to Prevent Carpal Tunnel for Writers
    If you rely on writing – longhand or keyboard – for your livelihood or pleasure, you need to know how to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. Writers, don’t set yourself up for unnecessary health issues in the future! The best way to prevent carpal tunnel is to wear a wrist brace regularly, such as the PerfectFit Wrist […]
  • 10 Reasons We’re Not Succeeding as Writers
    My writing has easily paid my bills since 2008, yet I still struggle with my identity as a writer. Here’s my struggle – plus 10 reasons I feel like I’m not succeeding as a writer. Methinks they might apply to you, too. If you’re paying your bills – but not by writing – read The Productive […]
  • 8 Tips for Writing Your Life Story
    The first tip on how to write your life story is from John Irving, the next five are from Writing the Memoir, and the rest are from my research on writing autobiographies, memoirs, and life stories. For a step-by-step guide on writing the story of your life, read Writing the Memoir: From Truth to Art by Judith […]
  • 15 Things You Need to Be a Freelance Writer
    Ten of these tips are from a panel of BC magazine editors, and five are my things you need to know if you want to be a freelance writer. It was easy for me to sell my articles and earn a living as a freelance writer for two reasons: 1) I read all the books on […]
  • When to Hire a Webmaster for Your Blog
    Are you the master of your domain? Here’s how to know when to hire a webmaster for your website or blog. I’ve been supporting myself with my Quips and Tips blogs for six years – and twice I hired a webmaster to poke around my domain. I’m a DIY girl, which means I read books […]
  • How to Think Like an Editor – 8 Tips for Writers
    You need to think like an editor if you want to sell your articles, blog posts, and books. These tips for writers will help you get published – or at least see the idea-generating process in a different way. Finding article ideas that editors will actually pay to publish is the hardest part of freelance […]
  • 10 Ways to Get More Writing Gigs
    You love to write, but you also love to make money writing. Right? Here are 10 ways to get more writing jobs, based on my success as a freelance writer. I earned over $40,000 in my first year writing freelance articles for magazines. There is no secret to making money as a writer, no special […]
  • 5 Writing Tips for When Your Mind is Blank
    Even the most successful writers have minds that go blank occasionally. These writing tips will help you overcome the paralysis that stops you from getting your words on paper. Writing when you feel like you have nothing to say is about training your mind to think like a writer. What does this mean? I don’t know, but […]
  • 6 Tips for Living Off the Feast and Famine of Freelance Writing
    These money tips for freelance writers will help you cope with the unpredictability of not working for a steady, reliable paycheck. The hardest part of freelancing (or any self-employed home-based business) is managing an unpredictable cash flow. These tips for freelancers are from a financial expert (not me) and an experienced freelance writer (me!). First, […]
  • How to Write When You Have No Ideas
    You want to write, but you think you have nothing to write about. Maybe you’re paralyzed by fear or uncertainty. Here’s how to write when you have no ideas. “Write what disturbs you, what you fear, what you have not been willing to speak about. Be willing to be split open,” says Natalie Goldberg, author of […]
  • 3 Ways to Increase Your Writing Confidence
    If you struggle with doubt and insecurity as a writer, here are a few specific tips for increasing your writing confidence. Female writers are almost always paralyzed by self-doubt, self-criticism, and fear – even the most successful published, most well-read authors. I don’t think male writers struggle with the same self-doubts. I increased my confidence […]
  • Writing Tips and Quips From the Great Fitzgeralds
    Need inspiration and courage to keep writing? Heed the great authors of the days of yore. These writing tips and quips are from Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald (he wrote the classic The Great Gatsby). If you want to be a writer, read How to Write Anything: A Complete Guide by Laura Brown. There’s only so […]
  • 4 Ways to Attract Readers to Your Blog
    You don’t need 20 or even 10 ways to use social media to attract blog readers – you just need a few “best practices.” Here, Honor Clement-Hayes describes the four best ways to get blog traffic. In SEO Step-by-Step – The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Getting Traffic from Google, Caimin Jones teaches you how to uncover […]
  • How to Hire a Social Media Marketer
    Your hands are full doing what you love (writing, creating products, running your business) – you have no time to market your books and brand online! It’s time to hire a social media marketer. Here’s what one published author says: “I’ve read a million ‘how to’s’ about social media, and have spent a ton of […]
  • How to Get Your Book Published – Advice From Publishing Pros
    These tips on how to get your book published are from a panel of writers, agents, and editors who answered questions from a roomful of writers at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference (phew – how’s that for a run-on sentence!). How much research have you done? Study the 2015 Writer’s Market: The Most Trusted Guide to Getting Published – […]
  • 6 Reasons Your Blog Doesn’t Make Money
    The main reason bloggers don’t make money is because traffic isn’t high enough. Here are several ways not only to increase blog traffic, but to address the other reasons your bog isn’t making money. How to Start a Blog that People Will Read by Mike Omar describes how to create a website, write about a topic […]
  • How Do You Get Paid for an Article After the Editor Leaves?
    You write an article for an editor – after agreeing on a fee – and the editor leaves the magazine. How do you get paid for that article? Here’s what one blogger says: “I was commissioned to write two articles by a publishing company for their new magazine, which is launching this month. After agreeing […]
  • 10 Creative Ways to Improve Your Writing
    These tips on how to improve your writing are creative, which means not boring! I learned how to improve my writing the hard way: writing for Reader’s Digest magazine editors, who are excellent at their job. If you want to improve your writing skills – and you don’t have an editor who will help you […]
  • 5 Reasons to Write for Free
    A reader recently asked if she should write for free for a website, and give up copyright of the article. Here’s her dilemma: “I volunteered to write an article for a website for free, assuming that I would at least get to retain rights to the article and pitch it to other websites. Come to […]
  • How 7 Successful Authors Got Their Start
    Every writer has a different story about how they got started – and each story will inspire you in a different way. In this article, a guest author shares how seven successful authors started their writing careers… Whether you’re a budding writer aspiring get published or curious about the mind from which your favourite story came, […]
  • 10 Most Common Grammatical Errors – and How to Fix Them
    A grammar mistake as “little” as its instead of it’s can stop you from getting published, or change an A paper to a B or even a C. Here are the most common grammatical errors people make, plus tips on how to fix them. This is a guest post from Honor Clement-Hayes, who is – […]
  • How Has Your Writing Changed Over the Years? 9 Q’s to Think About
    Look at the voice, content, and style of your writing. How has it changed over the years? Here are a few questions to help you assess your writing style – sort of a “before” and “after” look at yourself as a writer, blogger, novelist, or poet. My reason for writing this is a question from […]
  • When Your Publishing Contract is Cancelled – How to Save Your Writing Career
    As a writer, it’s devastating to discover your publisher wants to cancel your contract. In my case, I no longer wanted to work with my publisher. “There are three difficulties in authorship: to write anything worth publishing, to find honest men to publish it, and to find sensible men to read it.” ~Charles Caleb Colton. […]
  • How Do I Earn Income by Writing Articles for Online Markets?
    Q: I would love to write articles online as a supplemental income while I’m in school. I would appreciate any info on how to get started. Thank you very much! Writing for Online Markets to Earn Extra Money A: The most important thing to remember is that writing online and earning money isn’t easy. You […]
  • How to Stop Making Excuses and Start Writing
    One of my readers wants to be a writer; her problem is that she keeps making excuses. She wants to start writing, but can’t motivate herself. Many writers – including me – have found Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages to be the best way to stay focused and disciplined to write — read The Artist’s Way. […]
  • The Writing Technique in 12 Easy Steps – From a Writer’s Workshop
    These steps to a flawless writing technique and how to make writing easy are from a writer’s workshop by Michael Gartner. They were shared by a reader who attended the workshop. If you want to be a writer, read How to Write Anything: A Complete Guide by Laura Brown. There’s only so much digging into the […]
  • How to Find Guest Bloggers to Write Good Articles for Your Blog
    I’m hiring editors to run Quips and Tips, and want to help them find guest writers. So, I gathered the best ways to attract good-quality guest writers and articles – ranging from MyBlogGuest to digging up your past sources. “The whole idea of guest blogging or guest posting is to get high-value backlinks pointing to […]
  • How to Get Your Poetry Published – 5 Tips for Poets
    These tips on getting your poetry into magazines, anthologies, or your own book of poems are from John C. Goodman. Not only has he published two collections of poetry, he wrote a non-fiction book called Poetry: Tools & Techniques. Here, Goodman describes the chances of getting your poetry published, and offers tips on breaking into the poetry […]
  • Need to Hire Managing Editors for Quips and Tips Blogs
    I need to hire a managing editor (or 7!) for my Quips and Tips blogs, but I don’t know how much to pay. I’m thinking payment per 100 page views, but I’d love your feedback… Here’s the scoop: For the past four years, I’ve been writing and blogging full-time — I started the Quips and […]
  • Want to Make Money Writing? Build Relationships With Editors
    Getting published isn’t about good writing, it’s about good relationships. If you want to make money writing, check out these tips for building strong relationships with editors. I’m telling ya, relationships are the key to a steady income! I make money as a writer (I hope to earn more than $50,000 this year). The majority […]
  • How to Manage an Unpredictable Cash Flow – Tips for Freelancers
    The worst part of freelancing (or any self-employed home-based business) is managing an unpredictable cash flow. These tips for freelancers are from a financial expert (not me) and an experienced freelance writer (me!). First, here’s a cool quip from a writer: “Writing is turning one’s worst moments into money,” said Irish American author J. P. […]
  • 10 Steps for Writers Who Want to Earn More Than $15 Per Article
    Earning $15 per article is a fine way to start a writing career – but don’t lose these steps for writers who want to earn MORE money from their articles and posts! The lowest amount of money I’ll accept for writing an article is $50. Those articles don’t require research or interviews – they’re straight […]
  • 5 Reasons Writers Should Not Outline Articles or Essays
    I never outline my magazine articles, book ideas, or essays, so when I found this article on the reasons writers should not outline their work, I was thrilled! Here’s what Publication Coach Daphne Gray-Grant says: “When I was a sullen high school student, many of my teachers demanded that we submit outlines with every essay. […]
  • 20 Writing Quotes From Famous Authors – From Hemingway to Jong
    These quotations about writing will inspire you to write more – they’re from famous authors such as Ernest Hemingway, Anne Lamott, Anne Tyler, Erica Jong, John Updike, Julia Cameron, Walt Whitman, and more. To kick things off, here’s one my favorite writing quotes from Annie Dillard: “I don’t do housework. Life is too short and I’m too […]
  • 5 Writing Secrets From William Shakespeare
    If you want to learn writing secrets, get thee to the greatest writer in the English language! Here are William Shakespeare’s secrets of great writing, via the Publication Coach. First, though, look at Write Like the Masters: Emulating the Best of Hemingway, Faulkner, Salinger, and Shakespeare. The idea isn’t to copy how other writers write – […]
  • How Can I Improve on This Query Letter to Literary Agents?
    Two years ago, my agent stopped trying to sell my nonfiction book because the biggest publishing houses rejected it. Now, I’m sending a revised query letter to different literary agents because I really really want to write this book (under contract with a book publisher)! Back then, I was sorta relieved that a publisher didn’t […]
  • Best Ways for New Freelance Writers to Start Selling Articles
    Probably the best way to start selling articles is to spend 90% of your time preparing (sharpening your ax, as Abe Lincoln would say). These tips for new freelance writers range from preparation to execution, and are inspired by a reader’s question…“How would you recommend a newbie to start earning money from writing?” asks Jack […]
  • Lost the Ability to Write? How Writers Find Their Grooves
    If you’re sick of being a “wannabee” writer and tired of wondering where your writing ability went, check out these tips for getting your groove back. They’re inspired by a reader who is both sick and tired… “I have wanted to write ever since I can remember, and I used to write an awful lot […]
  • Lost Interest in Writing Your Novel? How to Love Your Characters
    When writing a 85,000 word (or more!) novel, you’re bound to lose interest in your book. These tips for connecting with – loving – your characters are for fiction writers who need a boost… If you really want to bring your characters alive, read Characters, Emotion & Viewpoint: Techniques and Exercises for Crafting Dynamic Characters and […]
  • 6 Best Writing Tips – Besides “Read Lots” and “Show Don’t Tell”
    Just like one man’s trash is another’s treasure, my best writing tips may be your tripe. But can agree we’re tired of writing tips like “show, don’t tell” and “read voraciously”? Here’s a bit ‘o wisdom from a writer who just won the Richard C. Holbrooke Distinguished Achievement Award (formerly the Dayton Literary Peace Prize Lifetime […]
  • How to Improve Your English – Speaking, Reading, Writing
    Even if you’re not an ESL student, these tips on how to improve your English will help you speak, read, and write better. This article is inspired by a recent comment: “I’m an Asian student studying in a foreign country,” says Howard on How to Write Good Sentences and Paragraphs. “I’ve found out this year […]
  • How to Improve Your Blog – A Quick Website Review
    Often, you need someone else to review your website or blog before you can improve it. This quick site review is from Chris of Really Simple Web, and it can help you improve your own blog or website. He gives away a free cut down version of his full site review to a few of his […]
  • 6 Tips for Inspirational Bloggers
    Want to write for even create an inspirational or self-help blog? These tips are for bloggers who want to inspire and help readers, but aren’t quite sure where to start. In Blogging For Dummies, Amy Lupold Bair and Susannah Gardner offer a wealth of tips for online writing. This book updates you on the latest […]
  • 5 Alternatives to Google Adsense Ads for Bloggers
    Maybe you don’t want Google Adsense ads on your blog, maybe Google banned you, or maybe you just want to find better products. Here are five alternative types of affiliate ads for bloggers. If you want to take your blogging business beyond blogging, read The Six-Figure Second Income: How To Start and Grow A Successful […]
  • 5 Tips for Overcoming Discouragement and Rejection for Writers
    Even the most talented, creative, brilliant writers won’t go far unless they know how to overcome the discouragement of getting rejection after rejection! Talent and creativity isn’t nearly as important as stick-to-it-iveness. Here’s what one poet recently said: “Lately, I’ve been struggling with writer’s block with my poetry,” says M. on my Ask a Question […]
  • When to Ask Magazine Editors About Article Pay Rates
    Congratulations – a magazine editor is interested in publishing your article! But when do you ask about pay rates? These tips for freelancers are inspired by a reader’s question… One of my favorite freelance writing books is The Renegade Writer: A Totally Unconventional Guide to Freelance Writing Success – it’ll get you away from the “rules” of […]
  • Can’t Decide on Your Blog’s Focus? Tips for Baffled Bloggers
    Does your blog need a focus? How do you decide on a specific topic or niche? These tips for bloggers will help you narrow down your ideas; they’re inspired by a question from a reader… “I want to start a blog I’ll actually publish to frequently for quite some time,” says Jimmy on Ready to […]
  • Overwhelmed by the Thought of Selling Your Writing? Help is Here
    If you’re a writer who gets overwhelmed when you think of marketing and selling your writing, you’re not alone! Not wanting to promote my writing is why I hesitate to pursue a literary agent and get my books published. Here’s how a fellow writer describes it: “The thought of all the details I must be […]
  • How to Join Google Plus – Get Your Invitation Here
    If you want to join Google Plus, I’d be happy to invite you. G+ is easier and more fun than Facebook, and more interactive than Twitter. Why not see for yourself? Just tell me a joke or funny one-liner in the comments section below, and I’ll send you an invitation. If you have nothing funny […]
  • How to Use Speech Recognition Software – 5 Tips for Writers
    Speech recognition software is one of the best ways to become a more productive and successful writer; these writing tips will get the most from this tool. This post was dictated using Dragon Naturally Speaking, and was contributed by guest writer Sharon Hurley Hall. She is not an affiliate for Dragon Speech Recognition Software, and isn’t […]
  • For Reporters – The Best Way to Make Your Articles Better
    What do you think is the best way to make your articles better? These tips for newspaper and magazine writing are especially for reporters – but they apply to all types of writers. They’re from Vancouver-based publication coach Daphne Gray-Grant – one of my writing mentors. “Do you see interviewing as a fact-gathering mission?” asks Gray-Grant. “If […]
  • 5 Steps to Writing a Killer First Chapter – How to Wow Readers
    Writing the first chapter of your novel – a killer first chapter – isn’t as easy as it looks. These five steps to writing Chapter One will wow your readers and keep them riveted. Before the tips, a quip: “The first chapter must open with a bang, hit the ground running, take no prisoners, grab […]
  • How to Increase Writing Confidence – Grow the Skin of a Rhino
    What’s so great about the skin of a rhino? It’s tough as Teflon! These tips on increasing your writing confidence will help you toughen up and soldier through the moments of despair all writers face. If you lack confidence, work your way through The Confident Writer. It’ll change how you write and how you see your […]
  • Should You Get Paid Per Post or Per Click? Tips for Web Writers
    Is it better for online writers to get paid per blog post, or earn money per click? Here are the pros and cons, plus the reasons I stopped writing for Suite101 – an online e-zine that’s been nosediving for over a year… First, a question from a reader: “Could you elaborate on why you are […]
  • Want to Blog, But Don’t Know Where to Start? 5 Tips for Newbies
    Many writers and “normal” folk want to blog, but don’t know where to start. These tips for new bloggers range from choosing a web host to troubleshooting blog blips and crashes. “Great blog content comes from craft, care, and attention. Not talent.” ~  Sonia Simone. If you’re worried that you’re not a talented blogger, you can rest […]
  • 5 Ways to Find Flow for Stuck Writers
    How writers get unstuck differs from writer to writer – but there are common solutions. These five ways to find flow are from Deanna Proach, a successful novelist who just completed her second book. Before her tips, a quip: “People have writer’s block not because they can’t write, but because they despair of writing eloquently.” […]
  • 5 Tips for Building an Online Business While Traveling
    Believe it or not, starting and running an online biz is easier when you’re on the road! These tips for building an online business while traveling are from Adam Costa, author of Business in a Backpack: How to Build and Run a Profitable Business While You Travel the World. “Building an online business while traveling is […]
  • 5 Tips for Disorganized Writers
    If you’re not writing enough, do yourself a favor. Put just one of these tips for disorganized, distracted writers into action – and watch your productivity skyrocket! “Writing isn’t about making money, getting famous, getting dates, getting laid, or making friends,” writes Stephen King in On Writing: 10th Anniversary Edition: A Memoir of the Craft. […]
  • Writing for Quips and Tips – Perks and Procedures
    Want to write for “Quips and Tips”, get online exposure, and practice your SEO skills? Sure you do! Here are the perks and procedures for writing for Quips and Tips. First, here’s why guest posting is so good: “The whole idea of guest blogging or guest posting is to get high-value backlinks pointing to your […]
  • The Best Ways to Advertise on Your Blog – 5 Ad Placement Tips
    Learning the best ways to place advertisements on your blog is part trial and error, and part learning from other bloggers. These ad placement tips are part of the research I did when writing my ebook about making money blogging. No blog post about ad placement would be complete without a word from Google: “Creating […]
  • Margaret Atwood on Writers’ Childhoods and Getting Published
    How do writers’ childhoods affect writing and getting published? What is the writing process? Here are bestselling author Margaret Atwood’s writing quotations and advice, from Negotiating With the Dead: A Writer on Writing. “All writers must go from now to once a upon a time; all must go from here to there; all must descend to […]
  • Waiting for Publishers and Editors to Decide Your Writing Fate?
    What do you do while waiting for editors and publishers to decide on your writing fate? Don’t just sit there! Check out these five ways to keep your motivation and hopes high, because it can take forever to see things happen… “It took a year for my agent, Christopher, to find a publisher,” said J.K. […]
  • Tips for Turning Your Blog Into a Business – Not Just a Hobby
    Want to blog full-time? Use these tips to turn your hobby blog into a blogging business that actually pays for your time, efforts and energy in US dollars (not just satisfaction and happiness!). First, you must start thinking like a businessperson or entrepreneur: “Part of being an entrepreneur, above and beyond having the next greatest product […]
  • 5 Tips for Getting Things Done Before the Deadline
    Whether it’s a tax deadline, client deadline, or a “drop dead” date on your honey-do list – the benefits of getting things done before the deadline far outweighs the luxury of procrastinating. These tips for getting things done without panicking before they’re actually due are from Vancouver-based writer, Daphne Gray-Grant. “Do deadlines make you nervous?” […]
  • 6 Most Important Reasons Your Blog Isn’t Earning Money
    The main reason your blog isn’t making money is low traffic. But, blog traffic isn’t everything, my friends. You can make big bucks even if you only have a few hundred readers a day, depending on where your ads are and what they look like. And, how bold you are as a blogger! “If you […]
  • 7 Health Tips for Writers Who Don’t Get Enough Exercise
    Unless you write on a walking treadmill, you probably don’t get enough exercise. These health tips are for writers who know that healthy bodies equal healthy minds…and healthy minds increase creativity, productivity, and overall happiness. “The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and […]
  • Why I Stopped Hiring Bloggers to Write for Quips and Tips
    If you’re a freelance writer, these reasons I no longer pay writers for Quips and Tips articles will help you get more article assignments. Learn from my perspective as an editor – I offer several tips for freelancers below. First, did you know that: “A catless writer is almost inconceivable. It’s a perverse taste, really, […]
  • How to Increase Your Energy to Write
    Writers, do you struggle to find the time and energy to write? Who am I kidding – of course you do! Motivation, energy, and inspiration are both the bane and the backbone of a writer’s existence. The book I’m reading is called Choosing Easy World: A Guide to Opting Out of Struggle and Strife and Living […]
  • 10 Writing Tips for Science and Math College Students
    College students majoring in science or math often say they can’t write. These writing tips will help math or science majors who struggle to write term papers, essays, and tests. These tips will help you explain formulas and theories in actual words and sentences. Before the tips, a quip: “One of the endlessly alluring aspects […]
  • Writing Obstacles Be Gone! 3 Ways to Keep Falling Forward
    Writers, no matter what your genre, you will face obstacles to writing. Use these tips to keep falling forward. In fact — say it out loud right now: “Writing obstacles, be gone!” And check out one of my all-time favorite quips: “It’s a sad day when you find out that it’s not accident or time […]
  • How to Write a Query Letter to Publishers – Fiction Manuscript
    My writer friend sent this query letter to ten publishers, and all ten asked to see his fiction manuscript. You can’t beat a 100% return rate! Why did every publisher ask to see his book? Because the author told an interesting story in an entertaining way. Here’s how one famous writer describes it: “I have been […]
  • Write More Creatively by Dodging These Creativity Killers
    Fellow scribes, if you want to write more creatively, you have to stop killing your creativity. These tips will help you find and flex the creativity muscle that will take your writing from good to grrreaat! “Why is ‘How to Kill Your Creativity’ a great title for an article?” asks Vancouver-based publication coach and freelance […]
  • 8 Freelance Writing Habits That Will Get You More Work
    Want to get more work as a writer? Need clips and experience? Don’t miss these freelance writing habits – they work. The first two habits I describe are what got me the writing gig I’m starting today – a blogging job for which I’m charging “an arm and a leg” per word (when I’m too […]
  • How J.K. Rowling Followed Her Heart to Fame and Fortune
    Learning how J.K. Rowling followed her heart to fame and fortune will motivate and inspire you to write, fellow scribes! J.K. Rowling’s goal was to write what she loved…and now she makes millions of bucks as a published author. “It is our choices, Harry, that show us who we truly are, far more than our […]
  • Example of a Query Letter to Literary Agents for a Nonfiction Book
    Here’s the query letter for my “Quips and Tips” nonfiction book series, which I sent to a couple dozen literary agents five days ago. So far, I’ve received six positive responses and many rejections. I’ll post some of the agents’ responses soon — some of them are really interesting! Fellow scribes, how’s your writing coming […]
  • Best Blogs About Writing – From AW Forums to Writing World
    On What Are the Best Writing Websites and Blogs? Why?, I asked for the best blogs about writing, and you answered! Here are a few writing blogs suggested by writers, plus a few reasons why those bloggers have something we all want: a ringing endorsement from a fellow scribe. Before the tips, a quip: “Writing is […]
  • What Does It Mean to be a REAL Writer?
    Are you a real writer? What does that mean to you? As the creator of Quips and Tips for Successful Writers, one of the things I’ve always, always struggled with is the fact that I’m not a traditionally published author. Can I run a strong, successful writing website when I’ve never been published? Never worked […]
  • 9 Reasons Your Blog Isn’t Attracting or Keeping Readers
    Here’s what I learned when I asked my Quips and Tips writers how I could improve my blogs – I asked them to be brutally honest with me. Their feedback applies to all blogs — not just mine — and can help you attract and keep readers! Here’s one of the most interesting tips I received: […]
  • Getting More Links to Your Blog – Things That Make People Link
    What blogger doesn’t want to get more links to her blog? I know I do, so I asked my Quips and Tips writers what makes them link to blog posts, spread web articles, and keep visiting a blogger’s space. Here’s a great tip, right off the bat: “I really like clean cut minimal looking blogs […]
  • Can’t Get Published? Freelance Writers, Stop Doing This…
    If you can’t get published, you’re making mistakes. Freelance writers, here are the top reasons I don’t assign articles – and sometimes don’t even return emails from writers. These tips will help you get your articles (and perhaps books) published…but only if you take a cold, hard look at your own writing. Before the tips, […]
  • What Are the Best Writing Websites and Blogs? Why?
    I’m compiling a list of the best writing websites and blogs – including the reasons why those sites are great for writers. So, tell me which writing site you can’t live without, and give me at least one reason why. Is the website motivating, informational, funny, interesting, or quirky?  Is the writer a published author, […]
  • How to Pitch a Query Letter to Magazine Editors
    These tips on how to pitch a query letter to magazine editors will help you structure your writing and get your articles published. Querying and pitching query letters to editors are reliable ways to get freelance writing work. I’ve been on both sides of the fence – I worked as an editor receiving queries, and […]
  • Character Sketches for Writers – How to Bring Characters to Life
    Why create character sketches before writing stories? To bring your fictional characters to life! These tips for sketching out the personalities, weaknesses, and strengths of the characters in your novel or short story will help you bring those “peeps” alive. Before the tips, a quip: “When writing a novel a writer should create living people… people, not […]
  • Got Fiction Characters? How to Use a Character Web to Track Them
    Creating strong fiction characters involves knowing how to keep track of them. Learn what a character web is, and how to use it to track the relationships between your stock and dynamic characters. But first, learn how talented writers create fiction characters readers never forget… “Every human being has hundreds of separate people living under […]
  • Email Bloopers! Funny Mistakes Writers Made When Emailing Editors
    These email bloopers or mistakes writers make are not only true and funny, they’ll help you stay out of hot water with editors! I also included tips for emailing pitches to editors of magazines. Have you ever hit “Send” on an email – only to spot a cringe-worthy error just as it launched into cyberspace? […]
  • 5 Ways to Market and Sell Your Poetry Book
    You’ll find selling poetry much easier if you know how to spread the word! These five tips for marketing your book of poems are from published poet and freelance writer Cherie Burbach. “Happiness is sharing a bowl of cherries and a book of poetry with a shade tree.  He doesn’t eat much and doesn’t read […]
  • How to Find Article Ideas That Editors Will Pay to Publish
    Finding article ideas that editors will actually pay to publish is the hardest part of freelance writing! I already knew this as a writer – but I’m seeing the problem in a whole new way as an editor. “You can’t wait for inspiration to strike,” said Jack London. “You have to go after it with a club.” […]
  • How to Get Published When You Don’t Know What Book to Write
    Fascinating! Here’s how to get published even when you don’t know what type of book to write, you have no book ideas, and you can’t write a book proposal. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Here are the benefits of — and tips for — writing for a company known as Book Packagers, […]
  • Tips for Writing Your Memoirs Without Hurting Family Members
    How do you write your memoirs or life story without hurting family members? These tips for writing memoirs are inspired by a question from a reader… “Your article on tips for writing your memoir is informative as well as inspiring,” says U. on Here’s what a reader asked How to Write Your Life Story – […]
  • Best Online Banks for Writers – Ally, ING, First Internet Bank
    Low or no ATM fees is a necessity for a bank to qualify as one of the “best online banks for writers”! These four banking options for freelance writers include the pros and cons of each bank. Before the tips, a quip: “Modern poets talk against business, poor things, but all of us write for […]
  • Managing Freelance Income – 4 Tips for Tracking Money and Time
    Knowing how to manage your freelance income is the first step to successfully running your own business! These tips for tracking money and time will help freelancers of all shapes and sizes. Before the tips, a quip: “Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.” ~ Woody Allen. Yes, you love working as a […]
  • Want More Writing Jobs? 5 Ways to Set Yourself Apart as a Writer
    If you want to find more writing jobs, you need to set yourself apart as a writer! (And keep  improving your writing skills.) These five ways to set yourself apart are from Vancouver based publication coach, Daphne Gray-Grant. “If anything is clear about writing these days, it’s that the ‘traditional’ routes to success are badly […]
  • How to Write Chapter After Chapter Until You Have a Book
    There isn’t one secret to learning how to write a chapter of a book – there are many! Here’s what authors need to know about writing chapters – because writing a book is more than putting words to the page. Writing a book is about organizing your words into a compelling and interesting series of chapters. […]
  • Becoming a Freelance Writer? 10 Keys to a Busy Writing Career
    If you’re becoming a freelance writer – or your writing career has stalled – here are the keys to a busy writing career! Some of these freelance writing secrets are from professional writers, and other are based on my own experience. Before the tips, a quip: “The best style is the style you don’t notice.” […]
  • Writing a Character Profile? 5 Tips for Developing Characters
    Writing a character profile must come before writing a novel! The profile is separate from the novel itself. These tips for developing characters in fiction will help you write about protagonists and antagonists that readers (and editors, and publishers) love. Before the tips, a quip: “Plot springs from character… I’ve always sort of believed that these people […]
  • Expressive Writing – 5 Ways to Write With Emotion and Hook Readers
    For writers, expressive writing helps hook readers and keep them reading! These ways to write with emotion will help you get in touch with who you really are and what you really think. And that, fellow scribes, will make you a successful writer. Before the tips, a quip: “Growth demands a temporary surrender of security.” […]
  • How to Write Historical Fiction – A Book Set in the Past
    The hardest part of writing historical fiction is authenticity. These tips on how to write a book set in the past will help you write a historical novel that readers (and editors!) love. Before the tips, a quip: “It’s not a documentary. It’s a historical fiction. But we have attempted to make the world, the background, the […]
  • How to Organize the Writing Process
    Why should writers stay organized? Because disorganization leads to writer’s block and confusion. These organizational tools for writing will help writers see the beginning, middle, and end of their work. “First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, […]
  • 6 Tips for When You’re Starting Out as a Freelance Writer
    Yes, starting out as a freelance writer is tough. But YES, you can get paid to write – even as a new freelance writer. Don’t miss these tips for writers just starting out, which revolve around discipline, drive, and determination. Many novelists and freelance writers just starting out worry that their ideas will get stolen […]
  • Creative Writing Prompts for Writers – Make Your Words Flow
    Writer’s block is deadly – but fear not! These creative writing prompts for writers won’t just make your words flow, they’ll fire up your creative juices. Before the tips, a quip: “The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays […]
  • 6 Ways to Promote Your Book for Free Online
    These tips for promoting your book are free – but they still require effort! The right marketing tips will help you avoid paying money to PR companies and publicists – and these tips are for authors who have more time than money. First, remember: “Success isn’t always an immediate change.” ~ Dirk Matson. None of these […]
  • Web Content Writers, Where Art Thou? How to Find a Writer
    Knowing how to find a writer is one thing – and finding the right web content writers is another story! Whether you’re a successful freelance writer with too many writing jobs or an entrepreneur who needs web content, hiring writers will ease your workload. Use these tips to find a writer you trust. Before the tips, […]
  • 10 Blog Post Ideas for Mommy Bloggers
    Need ideas, mommy bloggers? These tips for topics will help ease the pain of finding blogpost ideas. They’re from Prerna Malik, a mom blogger who started blogging years ago. One of the best tips for becoming a blogger is to find a niche that makes you happy. Maybe your blog is about moms who have octuplets, […]
  • Promoting a Book – Should You Hire a Book Promotion Company?
    Even before you get published, you need to start promoting your book! Should you hire a book promotion company? These five tips will help you answer these questions: What is the best book marketing service for me? Which promotion companies should I contact? How much will it cost to market and advertise my book? How can […]
  • Need Writing Experience? How to Get Clips and Get Published
    Here are a few tips on how to get writing experience – and the good news is that getting clips so you can get published is easier than you think! If you need writing experience, relax into the knowledge that you can be a successful writer – even if you’ve never had anything published. Reading On […]
  • Got Article Ideas? 6 Best Ways for Writers to Remember Ideas
    Finding book and article ideas isn’t the problem for most writers – retaining those ideas is! Here are some of the best ways for writers to remember ideas, and keep them alive long enough to develop them. We’ve all had it happen: you have a great idea while you’re in the shower, but all you can […]
  • 5 Traits of Top Writers
    What are the traits of top writers? What makes good writers good – how and why do they rise to the top? The following traits are only one piece of the puzzle — but they’re an important piece. “Write straight into the emotional center of things,” writes Anne Lamott — a top writer — in […]
  • Need Writing Focus? 5 Tips for Focusing Your Magazine Ideas
    If you need writing focus, you must read these tips for focusing your magazine ideas! Are you a writer with lots of ideas, but little direction? Do you wonder which ideas to pursue, which audiences to write for, or which markets to choose?  Without proper focus, sorting through the writing maze can be confusing. These five […]
  • A Paid Blogging Job – Writing Quips and Tips Articles
    Hop on – the “Quips and Tips” train is gaining steam! This paid blogging job involves writing articles for one (or all) of my four “Quips and Tips” blogs. Topics vary widely, from planning parties to getting pregnant to writing character descriptions to planting square foot gardens. I pay per blog post in US dollars, […]
  • 5 Travel Writing Tips for Writers
    These travel writing tips are for writers who can’t write description – like me! I travel all the time, and indeed am currently on vacation in Waikiki, but I wouldn’t call myself a “travel writer.” These tips are for writers who travel and want to sell articles about their trips, but don’t wish to describe […]
  • How to Write Chick Lit for Women – 5 Writing Tips for Female Readers
    Learning how to write chick lit for women is the first step to getting your book published! These writing tips for female readers are from editors, authors, and readers. First, what is chick lit? “This whole category of chick lit – I think people like to categorize because it makes life easier for people in […]
  • Do You Need a Writing Degree to Make Money as a Writer?
    The answer to the question, “Do writers need writing degrees?” depends on who you ask! These tips for aspiring writers are inspired by a reader’s question and based on my writing career – I’m a full-time blogger and writer. My degrees are in Education and Psychology, from the University of Alberta. If you dream of […]
  • Is Writing for Suite101 Worthwhile? It Depends…
    The only way to know if writing for Suite101 is worthwhile is to give it a short. And, learn web writing tips from experienced Suite writers. A new Suite writer asks, “How long did it take you to write 539 articles for Suite101, how important is Suite to you blogging life, what tips would I give […]
  • Job Security for Freelance Writers – Tips for a Steady Income
    Yes, job security can exist for freelance writers! These tips for a steady income will keep you writing, motivated, and well-fed as you build your writing career. Before the tips, a quip: “When you reach an obstacle, turn it into an opportunity. You have the choice. You can overcome and be a winner, or you […]
  • Margaret Laurence’s Problems – And How She Wrote Books Anyway
    Canadian novelist Margaret Laurence’s problems didn’t stop her from writing great books — literature studied in universities. Here’s what Laurence struggled with, and how she wrote books anyway. “Although I had some ideas about what happened during the years after [Margaret Laurence] was diagnosed with cancer,” says biographer James King, author of The Life Of Margaret […]
  • 10 Good Writing Habits – Tips From a Publication Coach
    Who better than a publication coach to learn good writing habits from? These tips may seem odd – such as turning your monitor off while you type – but they’ll make you a better writer. “I had a tough time not editing while writing for years,” says Vancouver-based publication coach Daphne Gray-Grant. “Then I started […]
  • 4 Examples of a Professional Writer’s Goals
    What are your writing goals? You won’t get far without them! Below are four examples of a professional writer’s goals. They’re more than my own resolutions – they’re my career plans for this year (well, the first three months of this year, anyway). One example of a writer’s goals is to learn how to get your magazine […]
  • How to Proofread and Edit Your Writing
    These editing and proofreading tips will improve your writing, and help you become a successful writer. I tend to edit as I write, which many a writing coach has spanked me for. If you’re as weak at editing as I am, read Copyediting and Proofreading For Dummies. There’s no doubt about it: editing and revising the […]
  • Nonfiction and Fiction Writing Tips – Keep Readers Hooked!
    These nonfiction and fiction writing tips will keep your readers hooked; they apply to fiction books or nonfiction magazine articles, creative writing or technical business reports, blog posts or tweets… And it’s all because of a Quips and Tips reader’s question: “I like the tip about the teaser,” says Marla on 6 Query Letter Tips […]
  • Web Writing Tips – How to Write Articles Online and Make Money
    These web writing tips are straight from the horse’s mouth – a web writer who makes money! Learn how to write articles online from Angela England, the author of a concise, informative ebook called Making Money From Your Blogging in New Ways – Moving Beyond Banner Ad Sales. “This ebook explores in detail the three […]
  • 8 Ways I Make Crazy Money With My Blossom Blogs
    Cha-ching! To me, crazy money means over $100,000 per year. As a writer??!! Since everyone asks me, “How do bloggers make money?”, here’s how my Blossom blogs pay the mortgage. I’ve been blogging since 2008, and started making money blogging right away. In How I Became a Blogger – Laurie’s Story I describe how I started freelance […]
  • How Writers Find Ideas for Magazine Articles and Blog Posts
    I’m often asked how writers find ideas for magazine articles and blog posts, and I usually say, “I dunno.” Ideas for articles and posts just come to me! But after reading an article in the Edmonton Journal about how cartoonists find ideas for their drawings, I realized the value in figuring out the idea-finding process. […]
  • How to Sell eBooks – 7 Tips That Make Selling eBooks Easy
    Knowing how to sell ebooks is crucial to earning a living as a writer. Here are seven tips that make selling ebooks seem easy — but it still takes time and effort. These marketing tips aren’t just about selling more books – they’re about figuring out who you are as a writer (your brand) and sharing […]
  • Need a New WordPress Theme? Tips for Choosing Blog Themes
    I’ve needed a new WordPress theme for ages, and finally took the plunge! These tips for choosing blog themes explain why I bought this WordPress theme – DaVinci – from Solostream… Before the tips, a quip: “In at least one way we [bloggers who make money blogging] are atypical bloggers. That’s because we just keep […]
  • Writer’s Style Vs Good Writing – Examples of Style and Substance
    Knowing the difference between a writer’s style versus good writing is part of being a successful writer, no? These examples of style and substance are inspired by my experience editing bloggers on Quips and Tips From the Working World. Before the tips, a quip: “What’s important is the way we say it. Art is all about […]
  • How to Write a Query Letter to a Literary Agent
    These query letter tips are from a must-have book on how to find a literary agent – which I contributed to! The Complete Guide to Hiring a Literary Agent was written by Laura Cross, and it’s packed full of tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts, trials and tribulations. “Well-known writers such as Stephen King, J.K. […]
  • Want a Blogging Job? Quips and Tips is Hiring Bloggers
    Here’s an easy, interesting “Quips and Tips” blogging job that will improve your editing skills, increase your online exposure, and earn you a bit ‘o money. This post has been updated – read Get Paid to Blog for Quips and Tips. I’m looking for bloggers to contribute to Quips and Tips From the Working World. […]
  • 10 Most Common Writing Mistakes, Plus 10 Remedies
    You won’t just find the most common writing mistakes here; also included are ten remedies for writers who make the same mistakes over and over! These writing tips are from Vancouver-based writer and publication coach, Daphne Gray-Grant. “Effective writers understand that they are lifelong apprentices,” says Gray-Grant. “They learn by reading – constantly. Note: this is […]
  • Examples of Good Writing From Published Writers
    These examples of good writing are from a collection of essays from professional writers. The best way to improve your writing skills is to learn how published writers write is to study good writing. Good writers are “particular.” That is, they have a unique way of expressing themselves that goes beyond drawing readers in. They keep readers hooked, […]
  • Basic Writing Tips – 6 Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills
    Even the most successful writers need to review the basic writing tips occasionally! These six ways to improve your writing skills will keep you grounded and in touch with what really matters (a publishing contract is exciting, but doesn’t really matter. What really matters is that you’re constantly, happily, improving your writing skills!). Before the tips, a quip:  “There […]
  • 8 Gift Ideas for Bloggers – From the Adventurous Writer
    These gifts for bloggers include the best gift ideas for adventurous writers of all types: business bloggers, writers who blog, casual bloggers, serious bloggers who yearn for a book publishing contract…these gift ideas contain something for every blogger in your life! Before the tips, a quip: “The best style is the style you don’t notice.” ~ Somerset […]
  • 6 Tips for Writing a Fast First Draft
    These tips for writing the fast first draft of your magazine article, life story, or novel are from six writers and editors. I also wove in a few comments from readers, to bring life to the tips. In Wild Women, Wild Voices: Writing from Your Authentic Wildness Judy Reeves says, “If you want to find a story, […]
  • Nonprofit Writing – How to Write a Donation Letter to Raise Money
    Nonprofit writing – such as writing a donation letter to raise money for a nonprofit organization – is different than writing business letters, newsletters, or reports. These tips for writing donation letters are from my experience fundraising for a hospital in Vancouver, BC. Before my tips, a quip: “When you catch an adjective, kill it,” wrote Mark […]
  • How Do I Write an eBook? 5 Writing and Self-Publishing Tips
    Question from a blogger: “How do I write an ebook?” These writing and self-publishing tips are based on my experience – I wrote four Quips and Tips ebooks in six months. It’s easy for me to write, format, and self-publish ebooks. Marketing is the hard part! I know how to market them and I’m not afraid of self-promotion, […]
  • 6 Tips for Staying Motivated to Write From Successful Writers
    Six tips for staying motivated to write, from successful writers, freelancers, novelists, playwrights, and poets — because they know how to stay motivated to write despite rejection. In Wild Mind: Living the Writer’s Life, Natalie Goldberg tells you how to find time to write, how to discover your personal style, how to make sentences come alive, and how to […]
  • Courage to Write – Tips From an Anxious Bestselling Author
    One of the best ways to find the courage to write is to learn from published authors. These tips are inspired by bestselling author Lionel Shriver, whose writing journey shows us that fear, anxiety, and perseverence aren’t earmarked for unpublished writers. Even bestselling authors have to convince their literary agents and editors that certain book ideas will sell! Even bestselling authors have to […]
  • How to Connect and Network With Writers – 5 Social Media Tips
    Knowing how to connect and network with other writers is the key to a successful writing career. These social media tips are from one of the most community-minded, supportive, connected writers I know: George Angus of Tumblemoose. “We are the most fortunate generation of writers there has ever been,” says George. “Instantly, we can put our […]
  • Should I Quit My Job to Work as a Writer for Hire?
    The $1,000,000 question: “Should I quit my job to work as a writer for hire?” Here are a few tips to help you figure out if you’re ready to work as a freelancer full-time. For me, the biggest sign that I didn’t want to continue working as a freelancer was that I quickly wearied of pitching new article […]
  • How to Start Writing a Blog
    Knowing how to start a writing blog – or start writing a blog – is less important than just jumping into the fray! Nevertheless, these tips for new bloggers will help you blog better — whether you’ve been blogging for ten years or ten days (or you’re just thinking about blogging….). The tough part about blogging is growing […]
  • Business Writing Jobs and Rates – How Much Do Writers Make?
    This list of business writing jobs and rates will answer the question, “How much do writers make?” Note that these are business writing jobs and rates – they don’t include web writing, print magazine articles, book royalties, or blogging income. If you want to make money as a freelance writer, you need to read Robert W. […]
  • 10 Blogging Guidelines to Set Before Getting Paid to Blog
    Setting professional blogging guidelines will protect you and your client. Before getting paid to blog – or hiring a blogger – get these business blogging guidelines in writing. “Typically, business bloggers are paid an hourly rate, a rate per post, or a monthly fee for a set amount of work,” writes Susan Gunelius in 30-Minute […]
  • 5 Tips for Making a Living as a Writer
    Do not listen to the nay-sayers; you can make a living as a writer. These will take your freelance writing to the next level – even if you only follow one or two of my suggestions. Making a living as a writer isn’t as hard as people say, unless you’re a literary writer who wants […]
  • Freelance Writing Pay Rates – Newspaper and Magazine Articles
    Here’s a list of writing jobs and pay rates for freelance writers, plus how I earned $35,000 my first year of full-time freelance writing. I thought I’d be relying on my husband for financial support, but I had no problems making money freelancing. Writer’s Market 2020: The Most Trusted Guide to Getting Published is one of […]
  • Examples of SMART Goals for Writers
    Writers, the best way to achieve your goal of getting published is to set SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely). These examples are based on my journey as a freelance writer and blogger… If you haven’t read any Writer’s Market books, get the 2015 Writer’s Market: The Most Trusted Guide to Getting Published. Your first goal […]
  • How Do I Write a Book? Fiction Writing Tips From a Bestselling Author
    Asking “How do I write a book?” is the first step to getting published! These fiction writing tips are from bestselling author Barbara Taylor Bradford. She’s written dozens of books, and her advice applies to writers of all genres — including freelance writers, bloggers, and web writers. Here’s what Bradford says about getting published: “Basic writing ability is […]
  • What Should You Blog About? 5 Ways to Find Ideas
    All bloggers eventually ask, “What should I blog about?” These blogging tips will help if you have no ideas, and catapult you from “casual blogger” to “professional blogger” (a blogger who makes money blogging…it’s a sweet ride, fellow scribes!). Bloggers, like freelance magazine writers, need to learn how to spot and write about the best […]
  • Need Story Writing Help? 6 Ways to Write Better Fiction
    Need story writing help? Check out these six ways to write better fiction. Don’t just read these story writing tips; apply them to each sentence, paragraph, and page of your writing. Reading tips is easy — actually putting them into action is the hard part! Before the tips, a quip: “A writer is somebody for whom writing is more […]
  • How to Ask for More Money – Tips for Freelance Writers
    Writers, knowing how to ask for more money takes self-confidence, experience, and a bit ‘o moxy! These tips for freelance writers will help you increase your per word rates from from 50 cents to a dollar or two per word, or from $20 to $50 per hour. And, it may be easier than you think to make more money […]
  • How to Write a Business Thank You Letter
    Knowing how to write a business thank you letter is an important skill for all businesspeople, including freelance writers! Sending a quick note thanking an editor for an assignment may help build a good working relationship and ensure those articles keep getting assigned. And that’s what these business letter writing tips are all about…. “A meaningful note […]
  • 5 Practical Tips for Improving Your Writing Skills
    These tips for improving your writing range from slowing down to connecting with your reader. There is a good writer in you somewhere; you need only take the time and do the work to find her! These writing tips are inspired by the recently launched Breathing the Page: Reading the Act of Writing by Betsy […]
  • How to Fix Writer’s Block and Make Your Writing Sparkle
    These five tips for fixing writer’s block are inspired by writer’s coach and author Daphne Gray-Grant. If you’re stuck for ideas, look no further! You’ll find ways to make your writing sparkle again. Different writers overcome writers block in different ways, which is why it helps to read books like The Courage to Write: How Writers Transcend Fear by Ralph […]
  • The Best Affiliate Programs for Writers Who Blog for Money
    Finding the best affiliate programs for writers who blog for money takes time, but these tips will make it easier for you. I’m a full-time blogger and writer; I support myself from my “Quips and Tips” blogs and my “Quips and Tips” ebooks. I wouldn’t be able to make money blogging without several affiliate programs. In  8 […]
  • How to Become a Professional Writer, and Earn Money Writing
    Knowing how to become a professional writer is the first step to earning money writing. Use these tips to leap from hobby writer to professional writer in three shakes of a writer’s tale! One of my favorite business magazines is MoneySense. No matter how old the articles are, they always contain business tips that can […]
  • 6 Ways to Update and Republish Your Old Blog Posts
    Bloggers – both new and experienced – sometimes find it difficult to find new ideas to write about…unless they learn how to re-slant, tweak, and edit their old blog posts. After all, why waste the writing you’ve already done and the ideas you’ve already created? “Blogging is best learned by blogging…and by reading other bloggers.” – […]
  • You Want to Be a Writer? How to Get Started
    The first step is to say “I want to be a writer” out loud. The second step is to move forward with these tips for starting a writing career. Don’t limit yourself to reading blogs and websites about writing. Read books such as If You Want to Write: A Book about Art, Independence and Spirit by Brenda […]
  • Writing Tips From Famous Authors – How to Become a Writer
    These writing tips from famous authors will help you learn how to become a writer. After all, the first step to becoming a writer – to calling yourself a “real” writer – is defining what “real writer” means to you. And that’s what these writing tips and quips from famous authors are all about! To get the […]
  • Mind Mapping for Writers – How to Mind Map a Story or Article
    These tips on mind mapping for writers are from a Vancouver-based publication coach; she explains how to mind map a story or article and describes the pitfalls writers make when mind mapping. “My teenage children like to joke that if they ask me about any problem, I will always suggest mind mapping as the answer,” […]
  • Interview Request – People With Jobs Needed for Quips and Tips Blog
    Do you have a job, and can I feature you in a short article about it? I’m starting my sixth Quips and Tips blog, called Quips and Tips From the Working World.  And, I need to interview people who work for a living (which means you — unless you’re extremely lucky!). This new Quips and Tips blog focuses on jobs and careers. […]
  • Business Books for Writers – A Writing Career Vs “I Want to Write”
    These business books for writers will help you build a writing career and take you from “I want to write” to earning a living with your words! Every month I make more money as a freelance writer and blogger, because I treat writing like a business. Being businesslike about writing includes a steady diet of books for […]
  • Niche Writers – 5 Reasons to Specialize as a Freelancer
    These five reasons to specialize in a niche as as writer will increase your chances of making money writing. Vancouver-based professional freelance writer Frances Bula shared these insights at the Magazine Writers’ Craft Fair. If you’re looking for niche markets, you might want to invest in the 2016 Writer’s Market: The Most Trusted Guide to Getting Published – […]
  • Job Boards for Freelance Writers
    Here’s a list of the ten best job boards for freelance writers, from a blogger who knows how difficult it can be to find writing work! The groundwork is done; all you need to do is visit these writing sites and find work. Before the tips, a quip: “The two most engaging powers of an […]
  • When You Get a Freelance Writing Assignment – Steps for Writers
    When you get a freelance writing assignment, do a happy dance! Then get to work. These ten steps for writers will help you write an excellent feature article and ensure the editor gives you more assignments. Before the tips, a quip: “Successful magazine writers have the skills fo a news reporter and the gifts of a […]
  • How to Let Go of Your Past – A “Quips and Tips” eBook
    My third “Quips and Tips” ebook is about letting go of your past; it’s based on my most popular article on Quips and Tips for Achieving Your Goals (“How to Let Go of Someone You Love”). Every day, that article gets hundreds of hits – and it barely skims the surface of letting go of your […]
  • How to Edit Another Writer’s Writing – 7 Editing Tips
    How do you edit another writer’s writing? Not by following the Golden Rule! (“Do unto other writers…”) These editing tips will help you edit someone else’s writing and help you ask other writers to edit your own work — and the first tip explains why writers should avoid the Golden Rule. Before the tips, a quip: […]
  • 10 Book Writing Tips From Published Book Authors and Freelancers
    These book writing tips are from published book authors, freelance copywriters, and bloggers. Fellow scribes, don’t yawn because you’ve heard these tips before! Instead, I challenge you to actually apply each tip when you’re writing your book. Before the tips, a quip: “Writing a book is a horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout of some painful illness.  […]
  • The Best Freelance Writing Job for Writers – Blogging for Dollars
    Blogging is the best freelance writing job for writers, but it’s not easy as pie! These “blogging for dollars” tips will help writers who are struggling with freelancing or writing novels, and need a change. Here’s why and how I leapt from full-time freelance writing for magazines to full-time blogging and how much money I make — […]
  • 4 Reasons Writers Don’t Write – Goal Setting Tips for Writers
    When writers pinpoint the reasons they don’t write, they’re motivated to write more! These goal setting tips for writers are inspired by a writer on Twitter… “Yea, that’s why I hate summer,” says @ProcrastWriter. “I always feel so messed up and un-centered in the summer. I’m a fall and winter person for sure.” Me too! […]
  • Top 10 Traits of Successful Freelance Writers
    A panel of BC magazine editors described the top 10 qualities of good freelance writers, in a writers conference at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC. Here’s what they said… Are you struggling to make money as a freelance writer? Read The Well-Fed Writer: Financial Self-Sufficiency as a Commercial Freelancer in Six Months or Less by Peter Bowerman. […]
  • Essay Writing Tips – How to Write College Essays and Term Papers
    Knowing how to write college essays and term papers can make the difference between passing and failing a college course! These essay writing tips sprout from years of writing practice, and they’re kicked off by a publication coach. Before the tips, a quip: “A good essay must have this permanent quality about it; it must […]
  • College Writing Help – 5 Ways to Write Better Essays
    The savviest students know that finding the right college writing help will get them the right grades! These five ways to write better essays range from snuggling up to the assignment to editing with different hats on. Before the tips, a quip: “It’s not plagiarism – I’m recycling words, as any good environmentally conscious writer […]
  • How to Write Interesting Newspaper Articles
    To learn how to write interesting magazine or newspaper articles, you need to study how news writers do it. These tips are inspired by a newspaper article by Vancouver Sun reporter, Peter McKnight. McKnight’s article is all about the F-word – but that’s not what makes his writing interesting! He could write about fluff, and […]
  • 5 Tips for Writing About a Boring Topic
    Sad, but true: writers have to know how to write about boring topics because we’re not all lucky enough to write about what we love. Whether you’re writing an essay about dirt or a dull report about due diligence, these tips will help you engage in what you’re writing. These five tips are from guest […]
  • How to Write When You Think You Can’t
    Even the best writers need writing help! These tips will help you write when you think you can’t – they range from overcoming the fear of writing to learning how to create better freelance article ideas. “Writing is elemental,” said Natalie Goldberg, author of Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within. “Once you have tasted its essential life, you cannot turn from […]
  • 7 Tips for Blogging and Emotional Healing
    These tips for personal blogging and emotional healing are from a blogger who survived depression and a serious head injury. Steffani Cameron spoke at Mental Health Camp at UBC in Vancouver; she’s been blogging since 2004. Why is it better than okay to share your personal trauma and drama with the masses? “The good writing […]
  • Living on a Writer’s Salary – 5 Money Tips for Writers
    I’ve been living on a freelance writer’s salary for two years – and if I can do it, so can you! These money tips for writers can change the way you think about making money writing (and let’s not forget about blogging! But here I focus on freelance writing. Next week, blogging). If you yearn to […]
  • 5 Mistakes New Freelance Writers Make
    New freelancers make mistakes that can easily be avoided – especially if they’re armed with these tips for successful writing from a professional writer! Here, Chris Brantner of HELP! Copy & Design doesn’t just reveal the biggest mistakes new writers make, he explains how to prevent them. “What is written without effort is in general read […]
  • Freelance Writing Help – When You’re Between Assignments
    The old pros may appreciate this freelance writing help, but it’s really for new writers between assignments. The key to a successful writing career is riding the freelancing rollar coaster without upchucking — even when you’re facing a stomach-twisting dearth of assignments. These five tips will help! But before the tips, a quip: “As a profession, freelance writing is notoriously insecure,” said Gloria Steinem. “That’s […]
  • Writing Product Reviews – A New Slant for Freelance Writers
    Writing product reviews isn’t my bag ‘o books, but I recently discovered a new slant for freelance writers who do review gizmos and gadgets! A fellow Suite101 writer borrows products to review…when she returns them to the company, they lend them out to other freelance writers. This is news to me — I didn’t know products were loaned […]
  • Writing eBooks – 10 Tips to Make eBook Writing Easier
    Ah, writing ebooks. I love it! These tips will make ebook writing and publishing easier, especially if you want to write a nonfiction ebook (but these tips apply to writing fiction ebooks, too). I’ve written two ebooks about writing and making money blogging, and have learned a lot along the way. Here’s an excerpt from a […]
  • Writing for Magazines – How to Get Published for New Writers
    Writing for magazines is a snap when you tap into the right freelance writing brains! I attended a “how to get published for new writers” workshop, and even though I’ve been freelancing full-time for almost four years, I learned a lot from experienced freelance magazine writer Daniel Wood. The background: The BC Association of Magazine […]
  • The Biggest Mistake Writers Make? 5 Tips for Writing More, Writing Better
    The biggest mistake writers make isn’t ignoring the rules for good writing! These five tips for writing more and writing better are about cultivating a laser beam-like focus. As a writer, the biggest mistake I make is multitasking. I careen wildly from Twitter to writing blog posts to researching my latest health article to packing up […]
  • 5 Fitness Tips for Writers
    Physically and emotionally healthy writers are happy writers (creative, productive, and resilient). These five fitness tips for writers range from the unusual to the simple — and all but one are tested by moi. I can’t stress it enough: the healthier and happier you are as a writer, the easier it’ll be to flow with the ups […]
  • 5 Tips for Creating Passive Income for Freelance Writers
    The more streams of passive income freelance writers have, the happier and wealthier they’ll be! These tips for creating passive income are inspired by Thursday Bram’s recently released The Freelance Writer’s Guide to Passive Income. “It’s a simple truth for freelance writers that, most days, someone else is making more money off our work than […]
  • The Make Money Blogging eBook – and My Top 10 Tips
    Writing my “make money blogging” eBook changed my approach to blogging! I learned that most bloggers don’t have the time, energy, or desire to be a six figure blogger — and so Quips and Tips for Successful Bloggers is for us bloggers who want to earn a few hundred (and eventually thousand) dollars a month. A few hundred dollars a month is realistic and […]
  • Where Are the Best Writing Tips? In the Best Writing Quips, Of Course!
    The reason I’m sold on “quips and tips” is because the best writing tips are found in the best writing quips! These 21 quotations from successful published authors range from dealing with despair to finding the most inspirational place to write. I’ve quoted authors such as Ernest Hemingway, Anne Lamott, Anne Tyler, Erica Jong, John Updike, Julia Cameron, Walt Whitman, and more. […]
  • 5 Ways to Write Way Better Sentences and Paragraphs
    It’s an upward spiral: knowing how to write better sentences will help you write better paragraphs. This will help you write better chapters and stories, magazine articles and blog posts. See? Simple! To paraphrase Shakespeare, “the sentence is the thing.” That’s where you start learning how to be a better writher. The sentence is the […]
  • How to Get Help With Blog Problems, Crashes, and Blips
    If you blog, you’ll have problems sooner or later! Don’t worry – here’s how to get help with blog problems like crashes, broken WordPress plugins, and misplaced code… Before the tips, a quip: “Making money from blogging requires you to do only two things: drive a lot of traffic, then maximize the income from that […]
  • 5 Ways to be a More Confident Writer, Blogger, or Freelancer
    I’m a full-time freelance writer and blogger who needs these ways to be more a confident writer more than anyone! My husband and I just bought an expensive house in Vancouver (like, over a million buckaroos, my friends). You know how unstable a freelance writing career is – especially if you’re a writer like me, who chooses to earn the […]
  • My 12 Favorite WordPress Plugins for Bloggers
    What are the best WordPress plugins for bloggers? It depends on the blogger’s niche, preferences, and readers. Here’s a list of my favorite plugins for WordPress – most of which I use every single day… Before the tips, a quip: “Many great bloggers are ‘learning’ blogs – the author writes about what she is learning, […]
  • Writing for Online Magazines – How to Find Work on the Web
    Writing for online magazines can be profitable and interesting, especially if you know which sites are hiring! These tips for finding work on the web are inspired by a fellow writer’s questions about online writing jobs… To learn more about maximizing your income as a writer, read My So-Called Freelance Life: How to Survive and Thrive as […]
  • Writing Articles for Niche Markets – How to Freelance Write
    Some writers believe writing articles for niche markets isn’t the best way to learn how to freelance write, while niche market writers believe specialized markets are the only way to go! These tips for freelance writers will help you figure out if you’re a niche market writer… One of my readers recently pointed out that making […]
  • How to Be a Productive Writer
    What are your writing goals – finish the novel, pitch more magazines, contact the best literary agent on Twitter? Knowing how to write productively will help! Here, freelance writer Thursday Bram shares five tips for finding your own system. Writers write differently, and what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another. If you’re still struggling to […]
  • How to Edit Your Writing – 5 Ways to Prune and Polish Your Words
    Why do you need to know how to edit your writing? Because editing will improve your writing more than anything else (even chocolate, coffee, cigarettes, and wine).  “Most writers can’t edit,” says freelance book editor Jason Black. Does that mean most editors can’t write? No matter…if you want to learn how to edit your writing, […]
  • New Writers, Start Freelancing! 10 Tips to Make Money Writing
    Yes, new writers can start freelancing and successfully break into the market. These ten tips to make money writing will help writers establish and maintain good freelance career habits and keep the bucks rolling in. Before the tips, a quip: “For every writer who makes a good living, there are 50 or so who simply […]
  • How to Find Your Blogging Voice – 8 Tips for Bloggers
    Knowing how to find your blogging voice – who you are as a blogger – is the first step to loving your blog! These tips for bloggers will help you answer these types of questions: What kind of blogger are you? Do you advise and instruct, or are you sharing your journey? These tips for finding […]
  • How to Write a Google Adsense Ad to Sell Your eBook
    Writing an ebook is a great way to earn passive income…if you can sell it! Google Adsense advertising can be an effective way to promote and sell your book, especially if you’re armed with tips. Here’s what I learned from writing my Google Adsense ad for 73 Ways to Fire Up (or Just Fire) the Muse… Before […]
  • 5 Ways to Be the Writer Who Gets Hired
    Some freelance writers have a steady stream of work — more writing gigs than they can handle! — while other freelancers are always job hunting. These five tips will help you be the writer who keeps getting hired… Before the tips, a quip: “The three things that are most essential to achievement are common sense, hard […]
  • 4 Ways to Get Creative and Motivated to Get Your Children’s Book Published 
    As a children’s book writer, you can and will get published — but you must stay the course! These ways to increase your creativity and motivation will give you the edge over thousands of writers also trying to get published…they’re from Sue Douglass Fliess, who refused to give up until she found a publisher for her children’s picture books. “If you are at […]
  • What’s the Best Web Host Provider for Your Blog? How to Choose
    How do you choose the best web host provider for your blog? These tips will help you decide – and I learned firsthand yesterday just how important this decision is! My biggest blog crashed (rather, was suspended by HostGator because of script errors), and was down for two hours. Even if you already have a web host for your […]
  • Motivation for Writers – Fire Up (or Just Fire) the Writing Muse
    Finding the motivation to write is a constant struggle, even for writers who earn a living from writing! What roadblocks do you face? Fear, doubt, uncertainty, lack of time, rejection sensitivity, perfectionism, procrastination, self-criticism, impatience? You’re not alone, my friend. “Everyone has talent; what is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark […]
  • How to Find Online Writing Markets and Write for the Web
  • Opportunity for Bloggers – Contribute to an eBook About Making Money Blogging
    Hear ye, Hear ye! Here’s an opportunity for successful bloggers, web writers, and ezine writers to share what they know, motivate writers who want to make money blogging, and spread the word about their blogs, books, and businesses… I’m writing an eBook, tentatively titled Quips and Tips for Monetizing Your Blog, which will describe ways for aspiring (and experienced) […]
  • 7 Reasons Writers Are Fools if They Don’t Tell Stories
    Don’t be a foolish writer! Here, a publication coach describes the reasons writers need to tell stories, and explains why story-telling is “the most important job for writers.” “Telling stories – and telling them well – is probably the single most important job facing any writer,” says the Publication Coach, Daphne Gray-Grant. “And guess what? Stories […]
  • 8 Ways to Build a Better Freelance Writing Career
    A successful writing career isn’t (just) about struggle, poverty, and clawing your way up the freelance ladder! Writers can make good money, if they heed good writing advice. These eight ways to build a better freelance writing career will help you find — and keep — your place in the writing world… Before the tips, a quip: “The secret […]
  • 10 Tips for Making Money Blogging – How to Monetize Your Site
    These tips are based on the “Make Money Blogging” course I was planning to teach at Simon Fraser University (SFU) in Vancouver. The course didn’t run because of low enrolment. Why waste good information? These tips will help you monetize your site effectively. “One problem that I see a lot of bloggers…do is simply writing […]
  • After Writing an E-Book – Pricing, Marketing, and Landing Pages
    What do writers do after writing an eBook? After all, writing eBooks isn’t just about researching, editing, and making money! Successful authors also need to know about pricing, creating landing pages, marketing, and selling their eBooks. Here’s what one successful writer says about his line of eBooks: “Since writing my first eBook, I’ve learned better formatting […]
  • 6 Tips for Freelance Writers and Authors Who Can’t Pay Their Income Taxes
    If you’re a writer who can’t pay your income taxes, you’re not alone! These ways to deal with unaffordable taxes may help freelance writers, published authors, and even bloggers who are struggling with financial debt. According to the Internal Revenue Service, U.S. residents filed more than 131 million federal income tax returns in 2008. Last […]
  • Best Books on Writing Fiction and Creative Nonfiction
    This summary of the best books on writing fiction and creative nonfiction are divided into different categories: Getting Published, Writing Despite Fear and Doubt, How to Write Better, and the Writers’ Dreaming Process. Before the tips, a quip: “One must be drenched in words, literally soaked in them, to have the right ones form themselves […]
  • 5 Tips for Sitting on a Blogging Panel at a Writer’s Conference
    Participating in a blogging or writing panel is my favorite way to attend conferences for writers! If you’ve been invited to sit on a writing or blogging panel, these five tips will help you prepare and improve your experience. And here’s a bonus for the non-panelists in the crowd: the top three takaways from the last blogging […]
  • Are You Ready for a Writing Career? 4 Tips for Freelancers
    These tips for a successful freelance career are from a working writer, who admits that freelancing can be frustrating and nerve-wracking! If you’re curious about running a freelance business – or want to kick your career up a notch – check out Anna Miller’s four tips for successful writers… Before her tips, a quip: “…everything in life […]
  • 5 Signs of Bad Writing You Should Never Ignore
    It’s easy to see problems and mistakes in another writer’s work, but spotting your own “bad writing” (mistakes and weaknesses) is a whole different story. These signs of bad writing will help you improve your written words. If don’t know how to edit your work, read Fix Your Damn Book! How to Painlessly Edit Your Novels […]
  • 6 Editing Tips for Writers From Copywriters, Editors, and Freelancers
    To improve your writing, you need to edit yourself mercilessly. These six editing tips are from copywriters, editors, and freelance writers; they’ll help you clean up your articles and chapters, and increase the chances of selling your work to an editor or publisher. Before the tips, a quip: “It is perfectly okay to write garbage – as long as you […]
  • Working Freelance Writers – 5 Tips for Staying Busy Writing
    Surviving the freefalls when you’re riding the freelance roller coaster is easier if you treat your writing career like a business — not a hobby. These tips for working freelancers can make the writing life easier, more successful, and more profitable. Before the tips, a quip:“Any man who keeps working is not a failure,” said Ray Bradbury. “He […]
  • How the Law of Attraction Can Help You Become a Better Writer
    Can visualization and vision boards help writers get published? Yes, say some successful writers. Here’s how writing and the law of attraction can make you a better writer. Here’s what one the teachers in The Secret says: “The law of attraction is really obedient. When you think of the things that you want, and you focus on them […]
  • Developing a Writing Plan in 4 Easy Steps
    If you develop a writing plan, you’re more likely to stay motivated and disciplined to write. These steps to developing a writing plan are from published author Laura Cross, of NonfictionInk. In The Complete Guide to Hiring a Literary Agent: Everything You Need to Know to become Successfully Published, Laura Cross guides writers through the process of […]
  • Self-Publishing Your Book – 6 Tips for Print on Demand Publishing
    Self-published author Gang Chen describes how he earns $30,000 a month with “print on demand” (POD) publishing, and why he’ll soon self-publish his third book with Outskirts Press. He’s a primo example of self-publishing success! “The economy wasn’t so bad when I started thinking about self publishing my first book, Planting Design Illustrated,” says Chen. […]
  • Writing More, Writing Better – 6 Ways to Find More Time to Write
    Do you wrestle with the “I have no time to write” beast – and wish you could be writing more, writing better, and achieving your writing goals? These six ways to find more time to write are from published author and poet, Emma Lee…and they’ll help you write even if you have a full-time job, […]
  • How Do Bloggers Get Readers to Comment on Posts?
    Since only 1% of readers comment on blog posts (1 in 100, as per ProBlogger Darren Rowse), bloggers need lots of traffic to get lots of comments! But, there are other ways bloggers can get readers to comment on posts…as revealed by these eight tips for bloggging…   Here’s a great question from one of my readers: “I follow my stats and […]
  • Quips and Tips From a Published Writer, Medical Doctor and Flamenco Dancer
    You don’t have time to write, you say? Check out this interview with author, doctor, and flamenco dancer Susan Biali. Her quips and tips will motivate you to write that book, send out those query letters, and build your blog beyond your wildest dreams! Here’s what Dr Biali says about how difficult it is to […]
  • Opportunity for Writers – Contribute to an E-Book About Overcoming Writing Obstacles
    Hear ye, Hear ye! Here’s an opportunity for successful freelance writers, novelists, and bloggers to share what they know, motivate aspiring writers, and spread the word about their books, blogs, and businesses… I’m writing an e-book, tentatively titled Quips and Tips for Achieving Your Writing Goals, which will describe ways for aspiring (and experienced) writers to […]
  • Taxes for Working Writers – Getting Organized for Income Tax Season
    The downside of making money as a writer or blogger is paying income taxes; to ease your pain come April, here are eight ways for working writers and bloggers to get their taxes organized. This is important, fellow scribes, because the sooner you treat freelance writing like a business, the more money you’ll earn as a writer (and the […]
  • How to Make Really Good Comments on Blog Posts
    Leaving good comments on blog posts can help increase traffic to your own blog. These 7 tips for making good comments will help when you want to comment on a post, but all you can think of is “Uhhhh…..good blog post, dude!” Here’s what ProBlogger Darren Rowse says about comments and blogging: “I think commenting is the […]
  • Starting a Magazine Writing Career – How to Make Money as a Freelancer
    A reader asked several important questions about starting a freelance magazine writing career on my Ask a Question About Writing page. Since money and successful writing are two of my favorite topics, I turned my answer in to a post about making money as a freelance writer… Here’s what she said: “I recently left Corporate America to return […]
  • 51 Over-Used Adverbs, Nouns, and Clichés in Writing
    Do you want your writing to get noticed – in a good way? Ditch these over-used adverbs, nouns, and cliches when writing articles, stories, and books. If you’re serious about learning the mechanics of writing, check out Mignon Fogarty’s The Grammar Devotional: Daily Tips for Successful Writing from Grammar Girl — you’ll learn a new […]
  • Writing Quips and Tips From John Irving
    What can writing advice can we absorb from American best-selling novelist John Irving? Here are several writing quips, from which I’ve teased tips about the definition of a “real” writer, the importance of action in writing, and how to be brave enough to live the life you love. First, a quip from The World According […]
  • 11 Signs It’s Time to Give Up on Your Dream of Getting Published
    How do you know if it’s time to give up your dream of being a published author – especially in this economy and era? These signs it’ s time to give up your dream of being a writer will help you shake off unachievable goals and set new, better ones. Sometimes, giving up on your […]
  • 6 Ways to Keep Your Blog High in Google’s Search Engine Results
    If you’re a writer who wants to make money blogging, here are six tips for optimizing your blog posts to ensure they’re on Google’s first page of search engine results (or as close to the coveted number one position as possible!). Search engine optimization may be the primary way of attracting readers to your blog […]
  • 5 Ideas for Earning Money Writing – Tips From Experienced Writers
    According to reader response on my articles about bookkeeping and finances, writers and bloggers are hungry for ways to earn more money! These ideas for making a living as a writer are from experienced freelancers…with a sprinkle of suggestions from yours truly…. Before the tips, a quip: “A writer should say to himself, not, ‘How can I get more money?’, […]
  • Should Freelance Writers or Bloggers Hire Bookkeepers or Accountants?
    You don’t need to earn a full-time income from freelance writing or blogging to hire an accountant or bookkeeper! Investing in your writing career by hiring someone to do your taxes and keep your income and expenditures organized may be the best move you make this year. Here are a few ways to know if you […]
  • 6 Bookkeeping Tips for Freelance Writers and Bloggers
    These bookkeeping tips are for freelance writers and bloggers who make money writing. If you’re earning an income, you need to keep accurate records of your income and expenditures. These bookkeeping tips for small businesses are simple yet important, and they’ll save you time and frustration at tax time… Before the tips, a quip: “Writing is turning one’s […]
  • 5 Ways to Overcome Fear of Success for Writers
    These tips for overcoming fear of success for writers are a follow up to my article called Signs of Self-Sabotage in the Writing Life. There, I describe what being afraid of succeeding looks like for some aspiring and established writers….and here I share ways to overcome fear of success. “You just have to work with what God […]
  • Fear of Success for Writers – Signs of Self-Sabotage in the Writing Life
    If you think fear of failure or rejection is the only thing holding you back from being a successful writer, think again! Fear of success can be just as paralyzing as fear of failure. Here’s a brief definition of “fear of success” as it relates to writing, plus a few signs of self-sabotage for writers… […]
  • 10 Tips on How to Get Vacation Discounts for Bloggers
    I don’t often write or blog about traveling, but when I booked my third overseas vacation in a year, I decided to learn a few secrets of the travel writer trade! Here are ten ways to get vacation discounts for bloggers and writers (or what I learned as a travel blogger)… The Travel Writer’s Handbook: […]
  • How to Avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for Writers
    Repetitive strain injury or carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by the repetitive motion of typing on a keyboard. Writers, bloggers, anyone who uses a computer every day — if you recognize the symptoms of carpal tunnel, you can (and should!) prevent it. Here’s one way to avoid carpal tunnel for writers and bloggers: if you daydream, think, write, or […]
  • How to Use Harvest Time Management Software for Writers
    Writers need to manage their time effectively – and knowing how to use Harvest Time Management Software can be just what writers need. In fact, time management can make or break a writing career. These tips for writers are based on project software called Harvest, which is designed to help writers use their time well. “As a freelance copywriter, […]
  • Making Your Blog Posts Popular – 5 Web Writing Tips
    These tips for marketing your blog posts are from experienced Suite 101 writer, Mark Solomon. He uses over 70 marketing techniques to make his blog posts more popular – and here he shares five big ones! Before the tips, a quip: “Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people […]
  • Blogging Goals – 7 Types of Goals to Set for Your Blog
    It’s time to set blogging goals – new year or not! Here are seven types of goals to set for your blog, to solidify your intentions and help you be a successful blogger. First, here’s a quip about writing that can be applied to blogging: “That’s the essential goal of the writer: you slice out a […]
  • 5 Easy Tips for Better Writing
    The key to better writing – whether it’s a school essay, business proposal, book manuscript, feature article, or blog post (phew!) – is using clear and effective words and sentences. “There are no dull subjects,” said H.L. Mencken. “There are only dull writers.” Yikes, that’s a lot of pressure for writers! We can’t blame the topic…we can […]
  • Signs It’s Time to Hire a Webmaster for Your Blog
    Hiring a Webmaster for your blog can be a great way to invest in your writing or blogging career. But, how do you know it’s time to hire a Webmaster to work on your blog? What does a Webmaster do? And, how do you know which Webmaster to hire? Phew! If you can’t afford to […]
  • 6 Ways to be a More Productive Writer or Blogger
    The more productive you are as a writer or blogger, the more writing gigs you’ll win, the more books you’ll write, and the more money you’ll earn! One of the keys to earning a great living as a writer is to increase not just the number of words you write every day, but to figure […]
  • How to Be Interviewed to Promote Your Book – Tips for Authors
    Whether you’re appearing on a radio talk show or writing a guest post to promote your book, you need to know how to be interviewed! These tips for authors are from B. Lynn Goodwin, author of You Want Me to Do What? Journaling for Caregivers. Before the tips, a quip: “A boy has to peddle […]
  • 6 Ways to Promote Your Blog or Books With Your Email Signature
    Many successful writers use their email signatures to promote their books or blog links – but that can get a little ho-hum. Here are a few creative ways to add pizzazz to your email signature to increase book sales and blog traffic – whether you’re an aspiring author or a busy blogger (or both!). Before the tips, […]
  • 4 Examples of Evergreen Articles and Blog Posts
    Evergreen articles are my favorite to write for both magazines and my Quips and Tips blogs because they’re never “not trending.” These examples of evergreen articles include definitions, several categories of evergreen content, and specific examples of my most popular evergreen blog posts. Knowing what evergreen articles are will help you find ideas to pitch to editors and blog about – […]
  • 5 Creative Ways to Find Ideas for Articles for Magazines
    These creative ways to find ideas for articles for magazine writers to pitch to magazine editors will help you get published. If you can master the craft of finding the best article ideas, you’ll earn a good living from writing! “I learned that you should feel when writing, not like Lord Byron on a mountain top, but […]
  • How to Write Effective Titles for Magazine Articles
    Before you can capture readers with your words and voice, you must write an effective title! Whether you’re writing magazine articles, blog posts, school essays, or a book – your best title makes readers drool with anticipation. In this guest post, Sara shares three ways to write effective titles for articles, blog posts, essays or any type of writing, really. To delve even further […]
  • 4 Signs You Need to Reevaluate Your Writing or Publication Goals
    To be successful, writers need to step away from their career goals (whether that’s getting a book published, maintaining a personal blog, or freelancing for national magazines) regularly. We need to jump off the merry-go-round of pitching ideas, researching books or articles, and blogging our hearts out to figure out where our career is going! […]
  • Writing Quotations from Famous Published Authors
    These writing quotations from famous published authors are from my friend, fellow writing group member, and blog partner Gini Grey. Here, she quotes authors such as James Michener, William Faulkner, Aldous Huxley – and she adds her own “food for writers’ thought” at the end of each gaggle of quotations. First, one of my favorite […]
  • How to Fail and Bounce Back as a Writer, Blogger, or Freelancer
    Feel like a failure as a writer, blogger, or freelancer? You’re not alone. Use these tips for failing and bouncing back as a writer to help you overcome rejection, criticism, and hard knocks. I’m driven to write this because I’ve recently received criticisms on both this website and Quips and Tips for Couples Coping With Infertility. Criticisms […]
  • How to Diversify Your Online Writing and Earn More Money
    Don’t be a starving writer! Learn how to diversify your online writing and earn more money. These tips are perfect for online writers, bloggers, web copywriters – they’re from writer Helen Smeaton. But before her tips, a quip from the late great Henry James: “With the proceeds of my last novel, I purchased a small handbarrow, […]
  • New Suite101 Writers – How to Stay Motivated to Keep Writing
    If you’re new to writing at Suite101, you may feel unmotivated by the first few months of low income. These tips for staying motivated are from Prerna Malik, who just finished her first six months as a Suite writer. Before her tips for new “Suitees”, a quip: “I don’t believe in writer’s block,” said Elmore Leonard. “I don’t know […]
  • Why Write for Suite 101? 10 Benefits of Online Writing
    Suite 101 writer Rosemary Gemmell answers the question I’m often asked: “Why do you write for Suite 101?” Here, Gemmell shares ten benefits of online writing from her own experience. Before we jump into the reasons she loves writing for Suite, I gotta say that three out of four members of my writer’s group have written […]
  • 5 Things To Do Before Publishing a Blog Post
    Whether you’re a new or experienced blogger (problogger!), you’ll find these five things to do before publishing a blog post helpful. These tips are from freelance writer and blogger Susan Johnston, of The Urban Muse — one of my most regular guest bloggers. Before her tips, a quip: “Put down everything that comes into your […]
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips for New Writers
    An experienced web writer shares her search engine optimization (SEO) tips for new bloggers and online writers, and encourages you to learn from her mistakes. In SEO 2016: Learn Search Engine Optimization, you’ll learn just how age, authority, content, and relevancy affects Google’s search results, and just how you can best optimize your site and content to […]
  • Editing Help – Tips for Revising Articles, Essays, and Short Stories
    Even the most successful writers need editing help! These tips for revising articles, essays, and short stories will help clean up your copy and make even your pickiest readers (and editors) happy. Before the tips, a quip: “Being a writer is like having homework every night for the rest of your life.” – Lawrence Kasdan. […]
  • Example of a Query Letter for Unpublished Writers
    This example of a query letter for unpublished writers (writers who don’t have magazine clips yet) will help writers land their first magazine assignment – I hope! I’m posting this because a reader asked for an example of a beginner’s query letter on my Tips for Improving Your Query Letters article. Before the query letter […]
  • Ideas for Writers Who Travel, But Who Don’t Write About Traveling
    I’m a writer who travels often, and I’m ashamed to say I don’t write about traveling for magazines or websites. In fact, travel writing is my least favorite type of writing (and reading, really) – but, luckily, there are other things to write about while traveling! Before my “travel” writing tips, a quip: “For my part, I travel […]
  • Web Writing Tips From the Type-A Mom Blogging Conference
    Angela England shares her web writing tips from the Type-A Mom Blogging Conference – where she was a speaker. This blogger is one of my fellow writers at Suite101 (an online magazine). Before the tips, a quip: “A blog is a tool that lets you do anything from change the world to share your shopping […]
  • The Best Ways to Invest in Your Writing Career
    Entrepreneurs – whether they’re successful writers or just launching a freelance career – need to invest financially in their business. Here are the best ways to invest in a writing career, ranging from getting organized to buying a Mac (but I’m not sold on Macs yet!). “Sometimes, you have to spend money to make money,” […]
  • A Top 10 Writing Blog – Quips and Tips for Successful Writers
    Quips and Tips for Successful Writers was chosen as one of the top ten blogs for writers – a first-time honor. Thank you Michael Stelzner for hosting this competition, which brings all sorts of writing blogs together, and for accepting Quips and Tips! Here’s a list of all the winners, first with Michael’s thoughts about each […]
  • 5 Over-Used Words and Phrases for Writers to Avoid
    Want to improve your writing? Avoid these five over-used words and phrases! These writing tips are from a successful writer who isn’t just my regular guest blogger – she’s a recent Top 10 Blogs for Writers winner. I’ve learned a lot from freelancer Susan Johnston – such as how to increase my blog readership, earn […]
  • Writing Quips and Tips From Annie Dillard
    Quips and Tips for Successful Writers regularly features “Writing Quips and Tips From Successful Published Author X.” Annie Dillard is here now; Truman Capote was featured last time.  Here’s why she created her own website, Annie Dillard: “I’ve posted this web-page in defense; a crook bought the name and printed dirty pictures, then offered to sell it […]
  • Networking Tips for Successful Writers – How to Get More Writing Jobs
    One of the best ways to land freelance writing gigs is to network with successful writers – and here are several tips that will help you do that, and get more writing jobs! P.S. None of them involve bidding on jobs or visiting Craigslist or exploring Elance (not that there’s anything wrong with that)… Before […]
  • Different Types of Magazine Writing and Editing Jobs
    Whether you’re looking for a magazine writing job or pitching an article idea, you’ll find this list of editors and writers helpful. Magazine editorial staff ranges from the editor-in-chief to the editorial assistant – and both jobs contain their share of joy and pain! Here’s a taste of what a magazine editor-in-chief can do: “Not […]
  • How to Write an Author Bio to Accompany Your Byline
    These examples of long and short author bios, plus tips for writers of magazine articles, book contributions, book proposals, or blog posts, will help you learn how to write your own author bio (biography) to accompany your byline. Just the other day I was asked how to write a bio by a fellow writer on Twitter. […]
  • 5 Essential Tips for Better Writing From a Publication Coach
    Publication coach Daphne Gray-Grant offers five tips for better writing, which range from writing in “dribs and drabs” to creating a mind map. She also explains why it’s crucial to separate writing from editing — and says this is her most essential tip for better writing! Here’s what Gray-Grant thinks about how schools teach writing […]
  • 6 Tips for Long-Term Success as a Freelance Writer
    Want to be a successful freelance writer? Think long-term! These six tips for long-term success were prompted by a reader who asked this question on my Overcoming Fear of Success article: “I have most of the ‘symptoms’ of Fear of Success listed in your article, but it is the idea of not believing that I can […]
  • Script Writing Tips for Screenplays and Screenwriters
    A reader asked for script writing tips on The Adventurous Writer, so I’ve pulled together some helpful advice for screenwriters. By the way, these tips for screenplays also work well for effective for writing articles, novels, and poems…. Before the script writing tips, a quip: “Scriptwriting is the toughest part of the whole racket… the […]
  • Writing Good Sentences – 5 Tips for Making Your Words Flow
    Knowing how to write good sentences and paragraphs will make writing easy, fun, and painless! Here are five tips for making your sentences flow, to ensure your reader doesn’t stop reading your article, book, or essay. For the best tips on how to write better, read Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer by Roy Peter […]
  • 8 Ideas for Blog Posts or Magazine Articles at Halloween
    Halloween can be a great source of blog traffic or article ideas – if you can think of things to write about. These eight ideas for blog posts or magazine articles at Halloween go beyond the same old same old costumes, craft ideas, scary movies, etc…these ideas should prime the old Halloween pump for unusual twists on the usual nightmares! […]
  • How to Start a Successful Magazine Writing Career – 6 Freelancing Tips
    These tips for starting (and sustaining) a successful magazine writing careeer are from published authors, freelance writers, bloggers, and editors. Even if you’ve been selling articles to magazines for years, I can almost guarantee you’ll learn something new here! Before the tips, a quip: “Almost anyone can be an author; the business is to collect money […]
  • 10 Tips for Interviewing Sources for Articles
    These tips for interviewing people as sources or experts for articles are from a panel of experienced journalists, who recently spoke at a Writer’s Craft Fair hosted by the BC Association of Magazine Publishers. Before the tips, a quip: “Writing comes more easily if you have something to say.” – Sholem Asch. One benefit of interviewing […]
  • Writing Quips and Tips From Truman Capote
    Every week, Quips and Tips for Successful Writers features “Writing Quips and Tips From Successful Published Author X.” Truman Capote is up to bat this week; on deck for next week is Annie Dillard. Truman Capote’s most famous works are Breakfast at Tiffany’s and In Cold Blood. And, speaking of cold-blooded murder, here’s one of […]
  • 5 No-Fail Ways to Write a Great Conclusion
    Learn how to conclude your article, essay, story or poem. These five tips for writing strong conclusions are from freelance writer Susan Johnston. “There are no dull subjects,” said H.L. Mencken. “There are only dull writers.” Are you a dull writer? Re-read Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. One of his writing tips […]
  • Writing for Trade Magazines – 7 Tips for Freelance Writers
    These tips for writing for trade magazines are directly from a panel of print trade publishers and editors. The good news? Not all trade print magazines are shutting down! I was part of a writer’s craft fair recently; these magazine editors and publishers said their readers don’t read online e-zines or use Google to find information. They read trade magazines — […]
  • Quips and Tips Might be a Top 10 Blog for Writers – It’s Up to You!
    Quips and Tips for Successful Writers has recently been nominated to be one of the “Top 10 Blogs for Writers”! Michael Stelzner of Writing White Papers has opened his 4th annual contest for top writing blogs…and I’m honoured that Quips and Tips was nominated. And even voted for a few times 🙂 Will you vote?   All you have to […]
  • JK Rowling’s Writing Advice – How to Write and Publish a Book
    JK Rowling’s writing advice won’t just show you how to write and publish a book, they’ll also keep you motivated when you don’t wanna write – or think you can’t write! These writing tips will keep you motivated for the long haul. “It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, […]
  • Overcoming Procrastination for Writers – 5 Ways to Start Writing
    Is your novel, query letter, or book proposal waiting for you to read this article on overcoming procrastination for writers? These five ways to start writing will help you stay focused and productive, and achieve your writing goals. Before the tips, a quip: “Procrastination is the fear of success,” says American motivational speaker Denis Waitley. “People procrastinate because […]
  • Increasing Blog Readership – 8 Unusual Ways to Promote Your Blog
    You want to increase your blog readership, right? These eight tips for promoting your blog are unusual and effective! The more readers you have, the more you’ll enjoy blogging and writing…and the more money you’ll make as a blogger. If ProBlogger Darren Rowse was starting out in blogging right now, he said he’d use these five strategies […]
  • A Freelance Writer’s Invoice and Payment Spreadsheet – Example
    This example of a freelance writer’s invoice and payment spreadsheet is simple and easy. Working writers don’t need expensive software to track invoices and payment — this Excel spreadsheet has worked for me for years.  But, before the tips, a quip… “Almost anyone can become an author; the business is to collect money and fame from this […]
  • 6 Tips for Running a Successful Freelance Writing Business
    Yes, you can earn money writing – but you need to know how to run a successful freelance writing business. Use these tips to increase your chances of business success… “I hear people say they’re going to write. I ask, when? They give me vague statements,” says Natalie Goldberg, author of Writing Down the Bones: […]
  • 8 Tips for Maintaining More Than One Blog
    These tips for maintaining more than one blog will help you become a more organized, better blogger. Many of these tips are applicable even if you just have one blog – and they’re especially important if you’re considering starting a second or third blog. If you haven’t read The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging by […]
  • How to Find the Best Free WordPress Theme for Your Blog
    If you’re like me, you’ll want to find the best free WordPress theme for your blog! Choosing a great theme is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make as a blogger — especially if you want to earn money blogging! I’ve created and maintain six blogs on WordPress; here are my tips for choosing the best […]
  • Online Writing Groups – 3 Tips for Joining a Writer’s Club
    Online writing groups offer support, accountability, and motivation. These tips for joining a writer’s club online are from guest blogger Aimee Cirucci; this writer and teacher describes how her writing group helps her sell her writing. Before her tips, a quip: “I think about Tolstoy, Flaubert and Dickens, and I’m jealous of what those authors […]
  • 5 Tips for Inviting Guest Bloggers to Write for Your Blog
    Hosting guest writers on your blog is a great way to give yourself a break from blogging and give your readers another perspective, says freelance writer and blogger Susan Johnston. But, guest bloggers don’t give you the freedom to take a total vacation from your blog… “I thought I’d have a break when I solicited […]
  • What is Writer’s Voice? The Key to Writing a Good Story
    Ask five writers what voice is in writing, you’ll get 15 different answers. Ultimately, a writer’s voice is the key to writing a good story. “Confident writers have the courage to speak plainly; to let their thoughts shine rather than their vocabulary.” ~ Ralph Keyes, author of The Courage to Write: How Writers Transcend Fear (one […]
  • 5 Tips for Making Old Blog Posts Popular Again
    These five tips for making your blog posts popular again will bring you – and them – to life! You can revive those old things that are languishing in the cellar, all dusty and cobwebby. In SEO Tips for WordPress Blogs I share that almost all my blog posts are tips-oriented. This makes them evergreen and thus easier to revive. […]
  • 5 Tips for Building a Strong Writers Network
    Connecting with other writers can help you sell your writing, increase your blog readership, and make you a successful writer! These tips for building a strong writers network are from George Angus of Tumblemoose – he’s one of the most community-minded scribes I know. Before his tips, a quip: “We cannot live only for ourselves. […]
  • 8 Tips for Breaking Bad Writing Habits
    To be a successful writer, you need to identify and break your bad writing habits. These tips will help you achieve your writing goals – whether you want to sign on with a literary agent or write more regular blog posts. Before the tips, a quip: “A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.” […]
  • 10 Ways to Market Your Book
    These book marketing tips are for self-published authors, traditionally published authors, and writers not yet published. These ten ways to market your book will fire up your journey to the bestseller list. In The Well-Fed Self-Publisher: How to Turn One Book into a Full-Time Living, Peter Bowerman discusses book production, distribution, marketing, promotion, publicity (through one’s […]
  • How to Create a Blog Button or Widget for Your Website
    These nine tips on how to create a blog button or widget for your website include three reasons why buttons or widgets are so important. You don’t need to have a fancy blog button – it’s better to have a clear, instantly recognizable one. Before the tips, a quip about writing that applies to blogging: “Write […]
  • 7 Tips for Television Interviews for Writers
    Whether you’re a writer preparing to do a television interview or still visualizing the day it happens, you can’t miss these seven tips for TV from freelance writer and blogger Susan Johnston! She recently appeared on ABC, discussing an article she wrote about job interviews. Before her tips, a quip: “To me, every interview, even if you […]
  • How to Make an Old Blog Post Popular Again
    Why let your old blog posts gather dust? Here are a few ways to make your old blog posts popular again – and not just by tweeting them. Highlight the best of the past and keep creating new content is the secret to attracting and keeping readers! After all, why waste the work you’ve already […]
  • Increase Your Blog Readership – 5 Ways to Get More Web Traffic
    Getting more web traffic is the first step to making money blogging! These five tips for increasing your blog readership are from freelance writer and blogger Susan Johnston, who has a strong blog following. Before her tips, a quip from a professional blogger: “Making money from blogging requires you to do only two things: drive […]
  • Should You Talk About Your Article or Book Ideas?
    Successful writers create new article or book ideas all the time – but do they talk about them before they’re written? Not according to Mario Puzo, Sidney Sheldon, or Ernest Hemingway… “Never talk about what you are going to do until after you have written it,” said Mario Puzo. Oops. I’m not only talking about my […]
  • Sell Your Books by Connecting With Readers – 5 Tips for Successful Writers
    To be successful, writers need to sell their books to readers and their articles to editors. Connecting with readers is one of the best ways to create and maintain an upwards momentum in a writing career — which is what these tips for selling your writing is all about! I discovered that some popular published authors (Jodi Picoult, for […]
  • Writers Dreams – How Do Dreams Affect the Writing Process?
    Learn firsthand how writers’ dreams affect the writing process. Here, famous published authors describe how their dreams affect their writing, creativity, and storytelling skills. These quotations from published authors on the dreaming and writing process is a follow-up from my article, How Dreaming at Night Inspires Famous Writers. First, a writing quip: “There are two kinds of [successful] […]
  • Creating Multiple Streams of Income for Writers
    Financial expert Brandon Wilkins describes how successful writers can create multiple income streams – and why we want to! Before the tips, a quip: Never work just for money or for power. They won’t save your soul or help you sleep at night. – Marian Wright Edelman. The ideal way to earn money is to find […]
  • How Dreaming at Night Inspires Famous Writers
    Some successful writers believe that dreaming at night is the heart and soul of good writing – while others can’t remember their dreams at all!  Here’s a roundup of how dreams inspire some famous writers…and a dreamy question for you, fellow scribes. First, a quip from the great writer Isabel Allende: “You write a book […]
  • 5 Other Ways for Writers to Make Money – Besides Writing
    Writers don’t have to rely on magazine assignments and book advances to make money! Here are a few other ways to make money, ranging from selling photos to working at a library. This guest post is from freelance writer and blogger Susan Johnston, who created one of my favorite writing blogs, The Urban Muse. Before […]
  • 8 Tips on Starting a Book Club for Writers
    My two book clubs are very different from one other – and I love them both! Here’s what I’ve learned – my tips for starting and running a book club for writers. Thanks to Tumblemoose for prompting me to write this article! Before the book club tips, a quip: “The proper study of mankind is books.” – Aldous […]
  • 5 Ways to Salvage Writing Disasters
    Publication coach Daphne Gray-Grant shares five ways to salvage writing disasters – from poorly written articles to weak anecdotes. But first, as ever, a quip: “The process of writing has something infinite about it. Even though it is interrupted each night, it is one single notation.” ~ Elias Canetti. Writing is a long, fluid process – and writing well […]
  • Freelance Writers Who Submit Multiple Query Letters Are…
    Should freelance writers submit multiple query letters to magazines? I’ve been avoiding this topic on Quips and Tips for Successful Writers for months…and it’s time to ‘fess up! “Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of, but do it in private and wash your hands afterwards.” ~ Robert A. Heinlein. This is exactly how I feel about […]
  • 8 Tips for Writers Who Want to Blog Full-Time
    These tips for writers who want to blog full-time are based on my experience transitioning from full-time freelance writer to full-time blogger (but I’ll accept magazine assignments when assigned!). Here’s what I’ve learned so far… Got guts? Blog away, fellow scribes. Read Ruth Soukup’s How To Blog For Profit: Without Selling Your Soul for a detailed description about how […]
  • 5 Ways a Book Club Improves Your Writing Skills
    How can belonging to a book club improve your writing skills? O, let me list the ways… But first, a quip from Canadian icon, poet, and novelist Margaret Atwood: “They [the book club members] are ready to reveal…their own reactions, their own biases and doubts and convictions, and above all their own tastes,” said Atwood. […]
  • Common Writing Mistakes – Plus Tips for Strong Writing
    What are your most common writing mistakes? The more quickly you recognize them, the faster and better you’ll write! Here are several mistakes that experienced freelance writers, novelists, and writing instructors often make — plus several tips for strong writing.  Before the writing tips, a quip from Socrates: “Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings so that you […]
  • Make Money Blogging for Writers – 5 Tips for Creating Passive Income
    Creating passive income is a great way to for writers to earn money! These tips for making money blogging will help writers monetize their blogs and earn a living with their words. It’s all about developing passive sources of writing income and finding your writer’s voice. Here’s what I recently learned about making money on my blogs — they are blogging tips I wish I […]
  • 4 Tips for Overcoming Perfectionism for Writers
    Writers who try to be perfect are less likely to get published because they never finish. Here’s how to overcome perfectionism for writers, from a full-time freelance writer who more often than not hits “send” before an article pitch is ready. I polish articles until they gleam, but am trigger happy with my pitches! Perfectionism for writers can […]
  • Advertising Amazon Products on Your Blog – Tips for Bloggers
    Are you ready to advertise Amazon products on your blog? These tips for bloggers stem from a Big Mistake I made on “Quips and Tips for Successful Writers” — I live to serve as a horrible warning to other bloggers and writers 🙂 . Making money blogging can help you fill in the financial gaps between your magazine writing assignments, […]
  • Example of an Invoice for Freelance Writers – Plus Invoicing Tips
    Freelancer writers, you must have a professional writer’s invoice. Here’s an example of an invoice for magazine articles, blog posts, or other writing jobs. I’ve used this invoice successfully for years, and have thrown in several invoicing tips for writers… “Writing is the hardest way of earning a living, with the possible exception of wrestling alligators.” – Olin […]
  • Reduce Freelance Writing Stress – Tips for Making the Writing Life Easier
    The sooner you reduce the stress of freelance writing, the easier your writing life will be…and the more money you’ll make as a writer! These six tips will help you flow through the ups and downs of a writing career — even if you’re not earning a full-time living as a writer. Before the tips, a […]
  • How Freelance Writers Track Article Pitches and Submissions
    How do freelance writers keep track of their article pitches and submissions? I’ve been using an Excel spreadsheet to track my magazine article pitches and submissions for over two years. Here’s how and why it works like a charm… Before the tips, a quip: “Work with yourself, not against yourself,” says Julie Hood of TheOrganizedWriter.com. […]
  • Improve Your Query Letters and Feature Articles – 5 Tips for Writers
    These tips for improving your query letters and feature articles apply to writers working on novels, book proposals, and pitches to literary agents, too! You need to make your writing as memorable as possible…because the more memorable you are, the more likely you’ll succeed as a writer. Here’s what one successful novelist says about memorable writing: “Tell the […]
  • 10 Tips for Eating Healthy While Working From Home
    This roundup of tips for eating healthy while working from home are inspired by my inactivity and fear of gaining 100 pounds! But, luckily, I’ve actually lost weight since I went fulltime a year ago. Before the tips, quip: “Sleep on your writing; take a walk over it; scrutinize it of a morning; review it […]
  • Writing Blog Posts That Readers Find – Keyword Optimization Tips
    To be successful, bloggers need to write blog posts that readers can actually find! These keyword optimization tips (search engine optimization, or SEO) are from author, copywriter, and web writing expert Jon Wuebben. He recently wrote a book about web writing, called Content Rich: Writing Your Way to Wealth on the Web. Here’s a brief […]
  • The Huffington Post’s Blogging Tips – How to Blog Better
    These blogging tips from the Huffington Post will help you blog better – and perhaps elbow your way into a HuffPost blogging job! At the very least, these tips will help you attract more traffic to your site. Remember, fellow scribes: the more you read and practice tips like these, the better you’ll write. The […]
  • 8 Habits of Highly Effective Writers – How to Write a Book
    These habits of highly effective writers will show you how to write a book; they’re based in part on a fantastic book called 101 Habits of Highly Successful Novelists. Some of these writing tips will give you something new to chew on…and others will make you cringe at how difficult good writing really is… Before the tips, […]
  • How to Write Faster – 7 Ways to Write More, and Write Better!
    Knowing how to write faster can help you get published. These ways to write more don’t just increase your writing productivity, they’ll help you write better. They’re great tips for  freelancers, novelists, columnists, poets, bloggers, and even students working on research papers. Before the tips, a quip: “All writers must go from now to once a upon a time; […]
  • 19 Editing Tips From a Senior Editor at MSN.com
    These tips for editing magazine articles are from an editor at MSN.com – they include some of the most frequent errors she sees in her freelance writers’ article submissions. Pay attention, fellow scribes, because even when you think you’ve got writing down to a fine art, there’s always more to learn! “It is perfectly okay to […]
  • Want More Article Assignments? Tips for Working With Editors
    To get more article assignments, you need to keep winning article assignments! These tips for working with magazine editors will help ensure you’re always working on either a feature article, a research short, or even just a sidebar. Either way, you’ll be making money writing. Before the tips, a quip: “Almost anyone can be an author; the business […]
  • How Freelance Writers Generate Article Ideas That Sell
    Pitching queries that contain article ideas that actually sell is a huge part of successful freelance writing – and luckily, it gets easier and easier all the time! Here are several tips for freelance writing and generating article ideas. First, a quip from the best-selling author Lawrence Block: “I suspect television is a great source for […]
  • How to Handle a Payment Upon Publication Offer for Your Article
    A “payment upon publication” offer from a magazine editor means writers get paid for article when it’s published. A “payment on acceptance” assignment, on the other hand, means the writer gets paid when the article is submitted. Which is preferable for working writers? Payment on acceptance, of course! But, even the most successful freelancers get a “payment on publication” […]
  • How to Sell Reprint Articles – Tips for Freelance Writers
    Selling the same article over and over – or different articles based on the same research – is what “selling your reprint articles” is all about. These tips for successful writers are based on info from freelance writer Gordon Burgett, author of Sell and Resell Your Magazine Articles. Before the tips, a quip: “To write what is worth publishing, to […]
  • 7 Chick Lit Writing Tips to Improve Your Writing Skills
    These “chick lit writing tips” will improve your writing skills, no matter what your genre, voice, or style is. Are you writing a romance novel or a personal life history? I’d love to hear what you’re working on; share below! 🙂 The source of these chick lit writing tips is See Jane Write: A Girl’s Guide […]
  • How to Get More Blog Traffic – 13 Blogging Tips for Online Writers
    Knowing how to get more blog traffic is the first step to making money blogging. These blogging tips will help online writers build a steady steam of readers — these tips include search engine optimization info from online marketing consultant Dan Lozano of WebVisible, Inc. His SEO tips are effective and easy, so if you want to increase your blog readership, keep […]
  • 8 Web Writing Tips From Bloggers
    Writing online can be tricky for writers who want to increase their readership. These web writing tips are from experienced bloggers; they range from effective search optimization to linking strategies. To learn more about web writing, read Content Rich: Writing Your Way to Wealth on the Web by Jon Wuebben. You’ll learn secrets to attracting online traffic from this book, which […]
  • Get Blog Traffic – 5 Best Ways to Increase Targeted Traffic
    If you’re asking, “How do I get blog traffic?”, you’re not alone! These five best ways to increase targeted traffic are from “copy writing queen” Michelle Salater — and they’ll help you attract more blog readers. Before her tips, a quip: “You can’t take something off the Internet – it’s like taking pee out of a […]
  • 6 Website and Blog Building Tips
    These website and blog building tips from established bloggers, writers, and website consultants will help you create a strong online presence as a writer. The better your website or blog is, the happier you’ll be, the more likely you’ll stay motivated to keep blogging, and the more readers you’ll attract. An upward spiral! Before the […]
  • 5 Ways to Decrease Errors in Your Writing
    If you want to sell your book on Amazon, you need write more tightly and decrease your writing errors. These tips for better writing are from Brent Sampson, best-selling author and CEO of Outskirts Press. Fellow scribes, great writing is in the editing, not the original writing…so get it all down and then go find your scissors! To learn how […]
  • How to Improve a Query Letter – Sample Pitch to a Magazine Editor
    This sample query letter includes several ways to improve it. It’s a pitch I sent to Child magazine two years ago; the editor didn’t assign the article, and here I explain why. These tips can be directly applied to your own query letters, to help you sell your freelance articles… Before the tips, here’s a quip from two experienced […]
  • Can You Make Money as a Freelance Writer? 7 Signs Writing is the Career for You
    Do you dream of earning money writing for magazines — making money as a freelance writer? These seven signs that writing is the career for you are based on characteristics of successful freelancers. If you say “yes” to most of these signs of successful writers, then perhaps you can make mony writing! First, here’s a tip […]
  • 10 Quick Ways to Recognize Great Article Ideas
    You think you have a fantastic idea for a magazine article, but will the editor buy it? Yes, if it meets the following 10 criteria. Here’s how to focus your pitches and land more assignments… “Editors frequently complain that freelance writers don’t study their publications before they submit unsolicited ideas and manuscripts,” write David  Sumner […]
  • Making Money Freelance Writing – 5 Ways to Support Yourself as a Writer
    Making money as a freelance writer is possible, even for new writers, even in a struggling economy! These tips for supporting yourself as a writer from professiona, experienced, employed writers, and they can catapult you from struggling wordsmith to professional writer! Before the tips, a quip: “In baseball, you get only three swings and you’re out,” says playwright Neil […]
  • Writing Tips From Published Author and Radio Producer, Lillian Brummet
    Here, published author and radio producer Lillian Brummet shares the highlights of her experience as a professional freelance writer for the past decade. She’s written three books, produces two radio programs, and manages both a blog and newsletter. Phew! Her husband Dave is a musician and photographer; he’s also the behind-the-scenes editor, graphic and website guy. First, one of Lillian’s favorite […]
  • 12 Reasons Writers Should Use Twitter to Promote Their Blogs and Books
    Is Twitter for writers? You bet! Here’s how tweeting can help writing careers; these Twitter tips are from freelance writers, book authors, and copywriters who share how Tweets have helped their writing careers. If you’re wondering if and how Twitter can make you a successful writer, look no further. “The time to begin writing an article is when you have finished […]
  • Interview With the Author of Query Letters
    In this interview, Wendy Burt-Thomas, author of The Writer’s Digest Guide to Query Letters, shares her tips for writers groups, writer’s block, and what it takes to be a successful freelancer. Her perspective will help you become a better writer – whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie… Before her tips, here’s one of her favorite writing […]
  • How a Writing or Publishing Co-Op Works
    Published author Iris Waichler, MSW, explains how a writing or publishing co-operative affects a writer’s platform – and describes the writing, publishing, and book marketing process. First, Waichler offers a writing tip from A Book is Born: 24 Authors Tell All (which she contributed to). “Don’t be afraid to contact people you feel may be out […]
  • 13 Tips for Writing More Confidently – Starting With Stephen King
    These tips for writing more confidently will help you get published. We start with Stephen King’s tips on writing, and move into a round up of advice from a variety of freelance writers and bloggers. Because one of these successful writers mentioned On Writing, here’s a quip from the Stephen King, the King of Horror: “You can approach the […]
  • How to Write Feature Articles That Sell
    These tips for writing feature articles that sell are from one of my favorite writing books, The Portable Writer’s Conference: Your Guide to Getting Published. In it, there’s a great article by Donna Elizabeth Boetig – and she shares her secrets to great writing!  Before the tips, here’s a writing quip: “Fiction writing is lonely in a way […]
  • 6 Tips for Publishing and Marketing Your Book
    These tips for publishing and marketing your book are from published author Iris Waichler. This is excellent and necessary writing advice for both new and professional writers! First, here’s a quip from one of Waichler’s writing colleagues: “May the grace of knowing how important your message is surround you always,” says Christine Louise Hohlbaum. If you […]
  • Want to Be a Writer? 10 Tips for Achieving Your Writing Goals
    If you want to be a writer, you can’t miss these tips for achieving your writing goals from guest author Mark Richard Webb. His tips apply to everything from writing your first novel to pitching article ideas to magazine editors…and they’ll help you become a published author. Before his tips, a quip: “Our greatest glory is […]
  • Writing Goals – 7 Ways to Be a Better Freelance Writer
    These examples of writing goals are based experience of achieving my goals in my first year of freelance writing – and I freelanced full-time for only eight months! You can be a better freelance writer and achieve your financial goals, fellow scribes. Before the tips, a quip: “Success is not an automatic function of individual talent,” says Malcolm Gladwell, […]
  • 5 Steps to Writing Success From Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers
    These steps to writing success are from Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers: The Story of Success. To be a successful writer, you don’t need to be brilliant, talented, or even all that creative. Here’s how to increase your chances of getting published — key writing tips from Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers: The Story of Success. Gladwell is Canadian, like […]
  • Write for Print Magazines – Tips for Beginning Your Writing Career
    The beginning of your writing career sets the foundation for your future, so the sooner you implement these tips for for print magazines, the more successful you’ll be as a freelance writer! Some of these feature writing tips and hints for pitching to editors are directly from editors (thanks Reader’s Digest!)…and others are from my own experience as a full-time freelance writer. […]
  • Types of Copyright for Freelance Writers and Book Authors
    Here’s an explanation of various types of copyright for freelance writers and book authors, including definitions of first serial rights, reprint rights, one time rights, all rights, electronic rights, subsidiary rights, and dramatic, TV, and motion picture rights. But first, a quip about writing: “Most beginning writers (and I was the same) are like chefs trying […]
  • Radio Interview, Freelance Writer Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen
    In this radio interview with full-time freelance writer Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen (me!), you’ll get tips for aspiring writers, info about different types of articles, and the best and worst parts of a freelance writing career. First, a quip from A. A. Milne: “Almost anyone can become an author; the business is to collect money and fame […]
  • Income Tax Tips for Freelance Writers and Bloggers
    The dreaded taxes! These income tax tips for freelance writers and bloggers will help you get your money and taxes sorted out. If you’re earning money as a freelancer, blogger, or web writer, then you need to know these simple income tax tips. They include the basics of bookkeeping for a small business, and they’re best not left until […]
  • 5 Tips for Building a Writer’s Platform
    If you have an online writer’s platform, you’ll improve your chances of getting published. Building a platform will help you connect with literary agents and book publishers, generate magazine assignments, improve book sales, and further a freelancer’s writing career! These five tips for building a writer’s platform are from a published author. Before the tips, a quip: “Make an […]
  • 6 Tips for Successful Writers From an Editor-in-Chief
    It’s rare for writers to get an inside peek into the editor-in-chief’s job, so when I received this email from Terry-Lynn Stone, the big kahuna at British Columbia-based alive magazine, I jumped on the chance to share her writing tips with my fellow scribes! These tips are based on a writer who sent an email to the wrong person. If […]
  • How to Build a Successful Freelance Writing Business – 5 Freelancing Tips
    Selling articles to magazines as a freelancer takes time, effort, and dedication. But, you CAN build a successful freelance writing business — especially if you try these freelancing tips from a professional writer.  Before the tips, a quip: “I love being a writer,” said Peter de Vries. “What I can’t stand is the paperwork.” That’s […]
  • Interviewing Sources and Experts for Articles – Tips for Freelance Writers
    For freelance writers, experts and sources can make or break a magazine article — or even a query letter to editors! These tips for freelancers will improve your chances of getting published… But first, a quip: “A fact is like a sack – it won’t stand up if it’s empty. To make it stand up, first you have to […]
  • Writing an Article? How to Find Expert Sources for Magazine Articles
    Before you query an editor, you need expert sources for the magazine feature articles you’re writing! Leading your article or query letter with a “real” story is a great way to hook readers (and editors). People love reading about people – which means editors love articles that include compelling anecdotes. But in order to include anecdotes, you need sources. Before the […]
  • Managing an Unpredictable Cash Flow for Freelance Writers
    Are you earning money as a freelance writer (or do you wish you were a working writer?!). These tips for managing an unpredictable cash flow will reduce stress and bring peace to your financial life — whether you’re an aspiring or an experienced freelance writer. Before the tips, a quip! “Writing is turning one’s worst moments […]
  • 3 Ways to Avoid Burning Out as a Writer
    These tips for avoiding writer’s burnout will help you recognize the best time to take a break from a hard day of writing (and let’s face it, fellow scribes: 15 minutes can feel like a day!). This article is by publication coach Daphne Gray-Grant; she offers three tips on taking a break from writing. If you […]
  • Hearing the Voice of the Writer’s Muse
    If you’re struggling to hear the voice of the writer’s muse, check out this “Q & A” with author and writing teacher Mark David Gerson. He wrote The Voice of the Muse: Answering the Call to Write – and here, he shares a few writing tips. Before his tips, a quip: “It is good to have an end […]
  • How I Found a Literary Agent – the Irene Goodman Agency
    Here’s how I found and signed with a literary agent at the Irene Goodman Agency in NYC. I divided my experience into 12 steps that can help all writers find their own agents… First, I gotta share a quip I found from Irene Goodman herself: “Writing is your job, just like your postman has a job,” says […]
  • A Novelist’s Tips on Writing Leads to Hook Readers
    In this guest post, novelist William Meikle offers tips on writing leads (“killer opening lines”) – and keeping your readers hooked. But first, I have to share a quip from Annie Dillard on how to be a successful writer: “One of the few things I know about writing is this: spend it all, shoot it, play it, […]
  • Creative Gifts for Writers, Authors, and Poets
    I’m a writer, and I want every one of the gifts on this list! They’re the best and most creative gifts for writers because they inspire, motivate, and encourage writers to keep writing. Another creative gift for writers is the coffee mug that says: “Writers Block: When Your Imaginary Friends Stop Talking to You” – […]
  • Basic Ghostwriting and Copyrighting Tips
    In this guest post, writer and syndicated blogger Lisa Nichols offers several basic ghostwriting and copyrighting tips. “My first experience ghostwriting for someone else was some years ago” says Nichols. “I had to write quotes to be included in press releases, content for newsletters and a number of other communications as if they were written by members of senior […]
  • Improve Your Writing Skills – 5 Ways to Write Better
    Published author and successful writer William Meikle offers five ways to improve your writing skills, articles, and books. Becoming a successful writer is a process, so buckle up and enjoy the journey, fellow scribes! Before the tips, a quip: “As a writer, it’s all too easy to concentrate on the mechanics of submitting work to editors […]
  • 7 Writing Tips From Stephen King
    These seven writing tips from Stephen King will help you write a better book, blog post, or magazine article. Learn to write from than the King of Horror Writing (not the king of horrible writing!). I’ve navigated oceans of praise about Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft— and indeed, it can improve […]
  • Become the Writer You Want to Be – 10 Tips for Successful Writers
    What kind of writer do you want to be? Famous, respected, wealthy – or all three? These ten tips for successful writers will help you become the writer of your own dreams, and reach your writing goals! They’re from published author and psychologist, Paulette Kouffman Sherman, Ph.D. Before the tips, a quip: “I set myself 600 words a day as a […]
  • 10 Short Story Endings to Avoid at All Costs
    These warnings will help you avoid writing the worse short story endings; they’re from oft-published author William Meikle. Use these fiction writing tips to end your story without boring or disappointing your readers… “A logical, satisfying ending is always required in a short story, but how do you ensure that yours is fresh and new?” asks this […]
  • 7 Tips for Writing With a Chronic Illness
    These seven tips for writing with a chronic illnes are from Suite101 writer Barbara Melville. “Writing always poses challenges,” says Melville. “Having a chronic illness, disability, or indeed any circumstances that makes us housebound, can make the writing life seem overwhelming. I took a year out to write, but badly injured my back at the […]
  • Writers Personality Traits – The Key to Getting Published
    Do writers’ personality traits make a difference in getting published? You betcha! Here are the personality traits that help authors and professional writers succeed. These personality traits will help you figure out if you’ve got what it takes to be a successful writer… But first, writing advice from Anne Lamott: “E. L. Doctorow once said that […]
  • JK Rowling’s Tips for Writers – How to Write Young Adult Books
    Author William Meikle describes how to write young adult books, based on JK Rowling’s success. HIs tips for writers are inspired by JK Rowling’s characters, plot, and themes. “Fantasy fiction is big business, and many authors are trying hard to break in,” says Meikle, author of The Midnight Eye Files: The Amulet. “The burning question on […]
  • Writing Your First Novel? 5 Tips for Aspiring Novelists
    If it’s your dream to write a novel, then you need these five tips for writers! Here, writer Kelly Kirkpatrick shares several inspiring pieces of advice for writing your first work of fiction… In Novel Writing Mastery: Proven And Simple Techniques To Outline, Structure And Write A Successful Novel, S. Evans describes the top seven novel […]
  • Query Letter Example for a Magazine Article – A Health Pitch
    In this query letter example for a proposed magazine article, I pitch a health piece to the editors of MSN Health (who are fantastic to work with, by the way!). While there’s no “winning formula” to writing excellent query letters, it’s good to see how published freelance writers pitch their article ideas. So, here’s a […]
  • 6 Drawbacks of a Freelance Writing Career
    If you’re wondering about writing full-time, here are six drawbacks of a freelance writing career. These tips aren’t meant to scare you away from writing — they should prepare you to be a successful writer! Before the tips, check out this poem from Ray White, co-editor of How I Got Published: The Publication Blues I’ve […]
  • Get Your Book Published – Tips From Editors, Publishers, and Agents
    These tips for getting your book published are from a panel of writers, agents, and editors at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference. If you dream of being a successful writer, these answers to oft-asked questions about getting published are a must-read! First, a quip from a famous writer: “If the doctor told me I had only six minutes […]
  • Writing Tools and Habits for Successful Novelists
    These writing tools and habits for successful novelists are from New York Times bestseller Vicki Pettersson, who is working on her fourth book. She spoke at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference in British Columbia about writers’ self-sabotage, goals and habits. Outwardly, Pettersson looks like a writing success. But, like most writers, she struggles with motivation, time, and […]
  • 7 Ways to Attract More Readers to Your Blog
    Starting a blog is easy; attracting readers is the hard part! These tips for increasing blog traffic are from professional blogger and technologist Darren Barefoot, who spoke at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia. Before the tips, a quip: “Don’t say the old lady screamed — bring her on and let her scream,” […]
  • How to Write a Romance Novel – 8 Tips From a Published Writer
    These tips on how to write a romance novel are from a published author of many romantic books. Here’s what novelist Mary Jo Putney said at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference in British Columbia — these are her best tips on the writing, editing, and publishing business…. Here’s one of the things she stressed: “When your book comes […]
  • 17 Reasons Manuscripts are Rejected by Book Publishers and Editors
    Why are manuscripts and sample chapters rejected by publishers? This list of reasons is from a panel of book editors, literary agents, and publishers at a recent writing conference. They’ll help you get published…or at least see your manuscript and the publishing world with fresh eyes. If you don’t know what a book manuscript is and you […]
  • Blogging 101 – Key Tips for Web Writing
    These Blogging 101 key tips for web writing are from Vancouver technologist and writer Darren Barefoot, who just posted his 5,000th article on his blog. He spoke at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference in British Columbia about the fundamentals of blogging – and here’s what I learned! First, a quip about writing: “You don’t write because you […]
  • Bestselling Author Bob Mayer’s Writing Tips for Novelists
    Best-selling author Bob Mayer, who wrote The Novel Writer’s Toolkit, spoke at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference in British Columbia. Here are several of his writing tips for novelists, ranging from outlining a book to narrative structure. First, a great quip from Mayer: “Everything drives toward the climactic scene,” says Mayer. “Everything in a story […]
  • What Does a Book Doctor Do? Author Don McQuinn’s Tips
    A book doctor heals your words, sentences, chapters, and books – naturally! These writing and editing tips are from Don McQuinn, at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference. “As a writer, editing yourself takes cold-blooded analysis,” says McQuinn. He doesn’t show his writing to anyone until it’s completely ready to go. Only his wife sees it before […]
  • Earning Money – Tips for New Freelance Writers
    These tips for earning money for new freelance writers are from Ruth E. “I can write about anything!” (TM) Thaler-Carter — author of Get Paid to Write! Getting Started as a Freelance Writer. Here, she shares her thoughts about earning money as a magazine freelance writer.  Before the tips, a quip: “It is not hard work that is dreary; it is superficial […]
  • How to Treat Freelance Writing Like a Business
    To be a successful freelance writer, you need to treat writing like a business, not a hobby or pleasant pastime! Never forget that you’re an entrepreneur — someone who has to work hard to sell services or products – not just a hobbyist writer. Before the tips, a quip: “Publishing is a business, and aspiring writers who take the time […]
  • 3 Ways to Earn More Money as a Freelance Writer
    These three ways to earn more money as a freelance writer occurred to me during my massage the other day. I realized that my massage therapist could only earn money while she was actually working. But the best way to get rich is to earn money on something(s) while you do other things. For a […]
  • 7 Ways to Write Effective Leads or Introductions to Hook Readers
    These ways to write effective leads or introductions that hook readers are from a variety of editors, writers, and creative gurus. I’ve also included several examples of their writing tips in action. First, some good news from a professional writer: “Editors need freelancers,” writes Thomas Williams in Get Paid to Write: The No-Nonsense Guide to Freelance Writing. “They depend […]
  • 7 Things to Do When You Didn’t Win the Writing Contest
    If you wanna be a successful writer, you should practice different types of writing. Have you entered your writing in contests? Here are seven things to do when you didn’t win…  Before the tips, a quip: “To research this book, I entered exactly 80 contests in 18 months, but only achieved three First Prizes, one Second […]
  • Do Writers Need Literary Agents? Tips From a Bestselling Author
    Yes, writers need literary agents (in most cases). These tips are from bestselling author Maeve Binchy, who says writers can’t get published without agents. But, happily, there is an opposing viewpoint! At the end of this article is a link to a another bestselling author’s perspective — Lionel Shriver, who landed a publishing contract without an agent […]
  • 7 Magazine Writing Tips From Published Freelance Writers
    Want to write for magazines? These magazine writing tips from published freelance writers practically guarantee that you’ll get your article published! Here, you’ll find encouragement, practical advice, and hope for both newbie and professional scribes… Before the tips, here’s some magazine writing advice from a former executive editor of Working Mother magazine: “What we need most […]
  • Overcoming Writers Block – How to Start Writing, Keep Writing
    Lack of inspiration? No motivation to write? These six tips for overcoming writers block will help you find what works for you.  These writing tips are from experienced freelance writers, successful novelists, and writing coaches. If you need writing prompts, read The Writer’s Block: 786 Ideas to Jump-Start Your Imagination. The book is a treasure chest of […]
  • How to Make Money Writing – 6 Secrets From Successful Freelance Writers
    These freelance writing tips are from successful published authors, freelance writers, journalism professors and writing coaches. If you want to make money writing, just implement one secret a week… This article has been updated and moved to: 6 Tips for Writing Articles That Editors Will Buy and Publish 1. Use odd numbers. “Early on I learned to always write in odd […]
  • Tips for Editing and Revising Articles, Essays, and Research Papers
    The best way to write great articles, essays, and research papers is to edit and revise until you can edit and revise no more! These tips for rewriting apply to all types of writing — from nonfiction papers to short stories. Knowing how to edit and revise is the key to being a successful writer (or earning an “A” on […]
  • How to Write an Excellent First Draft
    Are you a writer faced with a blank page? Check out these tips for writing a first draft from a buffet of published authors, editors, and writers. These writing tips can decrease your fear of writing, and increase your motivation to write your first draft quickly and easily. Remember: “The best time for planning a book […]
  • Tips for Staying Motivated to Write From Successful Writers
    Six tips for staying motivated to write, from successful writers, freelancers, novelists, playwrights, and poets — because they know how to stay motivated to write despite rejection. In Wild Mind: Living the Writer’s Life, Natalie Goldberg tells you how to find time to write, how to discover your personal style, how to make sentences come alive, and how to […]
  • How to Create the Best Atmosphere for Writing
    Do you need to create certain conditions to be a productive, creative writer? It depends. Me, I can only write in complete silence. Or in a coffee shop. I must be like Virginia Woolf that way! “In solitude we give passionate attention to our lives, to our memories, to the details around us.” – Virginia Woolf. […]
  • 18 Tips for Writing Better From Authors and Freelancers
    Becoming a better writer involves learning from established freelancers and published authors, which is what these tips from successful writers are all about! Here’s a round-up of “the best writing advice I ever heard” from a wide range of scribes… Before the tips, here’s a quip from a bestselling author and editor: “Journalists know that short sentences step up […]
  • 12 Tips for Writing Fiction From Authors and Editors
    These fiction writing tips from authors and editors range from “put your characters in therapy” to “see stories as snakes.” I rounded up the best tips for writing fiction from a range of successful writers, including journalism professors, novelists, and screenplay writers. Every writer has different reasons for writing, but the bottom line is you have to write well. […]
  • Best Freelance Writing Books – Get Paid to Write for Magazines
    What are the best freelance writing books? Ones that teach you how to get paid to write for magazines, of course! This list of the best freelance writing books includes a brief description, and can help both experienced and new magazine writers haul their careers up a notch. These books about freelancing aren’t “one-time reads” — they’re solid […]
  • 9 Solutions to Common Problems for Writers
    Finding solutions to common problems for writers is what “Quips and Tips” is all about! Here are nine ways to overcome writing obstacles — ranging from increasing writing discipline to earning more money. Before the tips, a quip:  “Writing is elemental,” said Natalie Goldberg. “Once you have tasted its essential life, you cannot turn from it without […]
  • 10 Easy Ways to Make Your Writing Edgy and Quirky
    But of course you want to enchant your readers! These 10 ways to make your writing edgy and quirky will bring your manuscript, sample chapters, or magazine articles to life. Especially if you’re writing for people who tend to be easily distracted by chocolate, squirrels, and shiny objects. I’m embarrassed to say that several editors and […]
  • Tips for Revising and Editing Your Writing
    Revising and editing your work may be more important than the original writing itself. These tips for editing and revising your article or book manuscript apply to all types of writing: magazine feature articles, short stories, chapters, novels, scripts, essays, and even songs. Before the tips, a writing quip from Annie Proulx, author of The Shipping News: “The book […]
  • 52 Ways to Write Interesting Leads – Attract and Keep Readers
    Need good ways to start your article, essay, or book? Writing an interesting lead or introduction that attracts and keeps readers is one of the most difficult things about writing (next to finding the perfect title for your article, chapter, or book!). Your lead has to hook editors, publishers, and readers — and your introduction has to have pizzazz, razzle […]
  • 10 Tips for Becoming a Better Freelance Writer
    Here are ten solid tips for becoming a better freelance writer. You don’t need a four leaf clover to be lucky in writing – because you can create your own luck! First, here’s a quip from Thomas Jefferson: “I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” […]
  • How Freelance Writers Find Stories to Write About
    These tips on how to find a story angle to write about are for writers who are stuck for article ideas. Finding angles is about teaching your brain to generate ideas. “Once your brain has opened up to this kind of idea generating, you’ll be amazed by how much more perceptive you’ll become in general,” […]
  • 8 Stress Management Tips for Writers
    These stress management tips for writers are key for success, since stress can  impede creativity and trigger writer’s block. You’ll stay focused and creative with these tips for managing stress. Help! For Writers: 210 Solutions to the Problems Every Writer Faces by Roy Peter Clark (one of my favorite writers on writing) presents an “owner’s manual” […]
  • 10 Ways to Increase Your Writing Motivation
    If you aren’t motivated, you won’t write. These tips for writing more words than you can edit will increase your motivation as a writer, ramp up your productivity, and help you write more, better, longer, happier. If you’re struggling to blog consistently, read Blogging For Writers: How Authors & Writers Build Successful Blogs by Robin Houghton. […]
  • How to Make Money as a Freelance Writer
    Here are ten effective ways to make money as a freelance writer. Some are based on Kelly James-Enger’s Six Figure Freelancing: The Writer’s Guide to Making More Money. Others are based on my own experience as a freelance writer, plus other writing resources, such as The Renegade Writer. Before the tips, a quip for writers: “For many […]
  • 73 Writing Quips From Novelists, Authors, and Editors
    Here are dozens of writing quips and tips from famous novelists, authors, and editors. I’ve been collecting writing quips for a few years now – and love the idea of sharing them! Here’s a quip to get the ball rolling: “Every morning or afternoon, whenever you want to write, you have to go up and shoot […]
  • 10 Tips on Succeeding as a Freelance Writer
    To help you stay motivated, here are several tips on succeeding as a freelance writer! First, a quip from a published writer: “Teach yourself to work in uncertainty.” – Bernard Malamud, author of several novels and short stories – and a Pulitzer Prize winner. Malamud also said, “I write a book or a short story three […]
  • An Example of a Successful Query Letter
    Learn how to write a query letter that a magazine editor can’t refuse! This sample query letter was written by Diana Burrell, and resulted in an article assigned by the editors at Parenting magazine. Burrell earned $2,000 for this freelance piece. Diana Burrell is the co-author of The Renegade Writer: A Totally Unconventional Guide to Freelance Writing Success and […]
  • How to Write a Great Lead and Hook Readers
    Successful writers need to grab readers by the throat and keep them hooked! These writing tips describe the best ways to write a great lead or introduction. There are dozens of ways to hook readers with the first sentence…but only a few that work every single time… Before the tips, a quip: “It’s important to try to write when […]
  • How to Tell if Your Writing is Improving
    How can you tell if your writing is improving? Sometimes you’re so enmeshed in your writing, you can’t tell if you’ve improved, gotten worse, or are treading water! So, here’s a list of qualities of excellent writing, to help you measure your progress. For excellent writing advice, read A Writer’s Book of Days: A Spirited Companion and Lively Muse […]
  • Radio Interviews for Writers – 10 Tips for Giving Interviews
    Don’t let radio interviews freak you out, writers! These ten tips for giving interviews contain everything I wish I knew before I made a my guest appearances on the Kim Iverson show on Z99.5. Before the tips, a quip: “I’m one of those people that believes you should start writing before you think you’re ready,” said Joseph […]
  • 5 Tips for Coping With Writing Fears
    Here are five tips for coping with writing fears, inspired by a bestselling author. Lionel Shriver revealed that coping with fear isn’t just for new writers. Even successful published writers have to convince their agents and editors to that certain book ideas will sell!  Before the tips, a quip from Lionel Shriver:  “Fictional creatures are fragile. On bad days authors can’t […]
  • How to Stand Out in the Slush Pile
    Standing out in the slush pile is one of the key ways to get published as a freelance writer, novelist, or poet! When you send story ideas or book proposals to editors and publishers, you need to float to the top – and stay there. Do you want to know how to get published? New research reveals […]
  • 8 Freelance Writing Tips for Print Magazines
    These eight freelance writing tips for print magazines represent some of the best lessons I’ve learned from the “school of hard knocks.” As a successful full-time writer without a Journalism degree, I’ve learned a great deal about writers’ rights, contracts, editing, sourcing, and pitching and selling articles. Before the tips, a quip from Natalie Goldberg:  “A student in a workshop walked up to […]
  • How to Pitch an Article to Magazine Editors
    If you want to get your article published in a magazine, you need to know how to pitch an article to the magazine’s editors. Here’s an example of a very short query letter, plus pitching tips. Do you want to build a successful freelance writing career? Read Writer for Hire: 101 Secrets to Freelance Success by Kelly […]
  • Should Writers Blog? 7 Benefits of Blogging
    Yes, writers should blog! Here are the benefits of blogging for writers, which include improving writing skills, building a strong writing platform, networking, and getting more stuff published. Before the tips, a quip: “Write with no one looking over your shoulder,” says Barbara Kingsolver. “Don’t try to figure out what other people want to hear from you; figure […]
  • Self-Publish or Find a Publisher? 6 Benefits of Self-Publishing
    Should you self-publish your book or find a publisher? These six benefits of self-publishing will help you decide if you should tackle the publishing world yourself, or keep knocking on traditional book publishers’ doors…. But first, a quip: “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.” ~ […]
  • How to Earn a Living as a Freelance Writer
    These tips will help you earn a living as a freelance writer — or help you determine if you can earn a living as a freelance writer! Getting paid to write depends on many factors, including how you define “freelance writer” and what you’re willing to do to succeed! Before the tips, a quip: “The first step to making a lot […]
  • Earn Money by Writing Articles for Magazines as a Freelance Writer
    These tips for earning money by writing articles are based on a reader’s questions about freelancing for magazines. Here, I discuss writing successful query letters, finding writers’ guidelines, researching magazines, and taking writing classes….and all my answers revolve around earning money by writing articles! Gotta love it. Before the tips, here’s a writing quip from Elmore Leonard:  “I […]
  • 10 Ways to Find Ideas to Write About for Magazine Articles
    Most freelance writers struggle to find ideas to write about for magazine articles. But you won’t – not with these tips! Here’s how to improve your chances of getting published and help you make money writing… To learn how a professional freelancer actually earns money writing for magazines, read Make a Real Living as a Freelance Writer: How to […]
  • 6 Ways to Make Your Writing Better
    How do you make your writing better? These tips range from “make every word count” to “reveal yourself in your writing.” Before the tips, a quip: “Of course, everyone who submits a book thinks it’s good and deserving of publication, critical accolades, and brisk sales,” writes Pat Walsh in 78 Reasons Why Your Book May Never […]
  • Margaret Atwood’s Writing Quips and Tips
    Canadian author Margaret Atwood shares her writing quips and tips, advice and thoughts in Negotiating With the Dead: A Writer on Writing. Here, she describes the process of writing, becoming a writer, selling stories, and more. First, of course, a writing quip from this famous published author: “All writers must go from now to once a […]
  • 5 Practical Tips to Help You Write More
    Don’t rely on the muse if you want to write more, because she’ll disappoint you every time! Instead, learn practical, effective tips for increasing your self-discipline and moving one step closer to achieving your writing goals. “As for discipline – it’s important, but sort of over-rated,” says Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond […]
  • 5 Tips for Writing a Strong Introduction
    Writing strong introductions will keep your readers reading, your articles selling, and your accountant happy (ah, if only freelance writers could afford accountants!).  These tips for writing introductions that grab your reader by the throat will help you keep your readers reading. Before the tips, a quip: “Other [writers] find excuses for not writing at the same time every day, balk at […]
  • 10 Habits of Successful Writers Who Earn Money Writing
    There’s no big secret to earning money as a freelancer — but there are certain habits of successful writers, which help them earn money writing. Here are ten tips for making money as a writer…tips anyone can do! Before the tips, a quip: “In the end, writing skills are mostly absorbed, not learned. Like learning to speak […]
  • Writing Tips and Quips From Julia Cameron
    These writing quips and tips from Julia Cameron are about avoiding writing, creating, producing, or otherwise evolving into the artist you’re meant to be. “Art is not about thinking something up,” said Cameron “It is the opposite – getting something down.” She wrote this funky little book called How to Avoid Making Art (or Anything Else You Enjoy). It’s a […]
  • Are You Scared to Write? 8 Ways to Overcome Fear of Writing
    If you’re scared to write, you’re not alone. Writing is scary stuff, my friend. These ways to overcome fear of writing will increase your writing productivity and improve your chances of getting published. Before the tips, a quip: “When I’m scared – and I’m always scared when I have to face an audience, when I have […]
  • How to Deal With Setbacks as a Writer
    If you’re trying to get published, you’re coping with writing rejections all the time. These tips for dealing with setbacks as a writer will help you bounce back and query again. As a full-time freelance writer and blogger, I apply these tips almost every single day! First, a writing quip from two successful writers and published authors: “We think writers should stop […]
  • 21 Writing Quotations From Famous Published Authors
    These writing quips from famous published authors range from the writer’s life to writing well – with a smattering of “how to write” advice. Authors include Ernest Hemingway, Erica Jong, John Updike, E.B. White, Julia Cameron, Walt Whitman, and more. To kick things off, here’s my favorite writing advice from Annie Dillard: “I don’t do housework. […]
  • 10 Tips for Starting a New Blog
    These ten tips for starting a new blog for writers are from my own experience; I created six “Quips and Tips” blogs on WordPress. Most of my themes were created by Solostream – they make great themes and offer fantastic support. To learn more about earning money with your blog, read ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income by Darren Rowse […]
  • How to Write an Introduction – Examples of Leads That Hook Readers
    Knowing how to write an introduction will make writing easier! These examples of leads that hook readers are from published writers – they’re from Between Interruptions: 30 Women Tell the Truth About Motherhood. Before the tips, a quip: “Think of everything that happens at the very beginning of a story: The reader makes decisions about the […]
  • Getting Your Book Published – Rejection, Perseverance and Timing for Writers
    If you want to get your book published, remember that all successful published authors started out in the same place: a hopeful, aspiring, unpublished writer! This writing advice includes tips for rejection, perseverance, and timing — and great reasons why writers needn’t feel rejected if a book publisher doesn’t publish a manuscript or a magazine editor doesn’t assign […]
  • Sample of a Successful Query Letter to Reader’s Digest
    Here’s the query letter that landed me my first article in Reader’s Digest – it’s a sample of a successful query letter that you can use to win your own writing assignments. In The Renegade Writer’s Query Letters That Rock: The Freelance Writer’s Guide to Selling More Work Faster , Diana Burrell and  Linda Formichelli share their advice on pitching the perfect […]
  • How to Use Keywords and Optimize Online Writing
    Writing blog posts and web articles that attract readers is easier when you know how to use keywords and optimize your online writing. One blog post could never tell you all you need to know about SEO. Books like Letting Go of the Words: Writing Web Content that Works  – a very popular book about search […]
  • 3 Writing Tips From Diana Gabaldon – How to Be a Writer
    These writing tips from Diana Gabaldon, a bestselling author, will show you how to be a writer – especially when you’re discouraged and tired! Successful writers put their feelings aside and treat writing like it is: their work. Why? Because it’s a job. For instance, when emergency room doctors are discouraged, they can’t lie down for a snooze. […]
  • How to Find the Right Writing Mentor
    Improving your writing skills and discipline is much easier when you find mentors who are writers. Here’s how to find a writing mentor who can help you write and get published. Did you know a book such as Make Your Words Work: Proven Techniques for Effective Writing-For Fiction and Nonfiction by Gary Provost can be a “writing […]
  • Overcoming Distractions While Writing at Home
    These tips for overcoming distractions while writing at home will help you stay productive and efficient as a freelance writer or novelist. The most important tip for succeeding as a writer is knowing that you are running a business, not playing with your hobby. If you’re starting your freelance writing career, you’ll find Start & Run […]
  • 13 Ways to Find New Writing Slants for Articles
    As a freelance magazine writer, one of my biggest challenges is finding new writing slants for articles (because there aren’t many new ideas out there!). However – like any writing habit – once you learn how to think of old article ideas in new ways, it gets easier and easier.  Before the tips, here’s a writing quip from a bestselling author: […]
  • 3 Tips for Writing Better and Faster
    Want to write better and faster? One tip of writers is to get and stay organized. Here are three more detailed ways to write better and faster, from David Fryxell. Before the tips, here’s a quip for writers: “For many writers – professional writers – writing faster is simply a matter of survival,” says Fryxell in Write Faster, […]
  • Writing Inspiration From Anne Lamott
    If you need writing inspiration, come to Anne Lamatt! These writing tips are inspired by Lamott, who is one of my favorite published authors. “Write straight into the emotional center of things,” writes Lamott in Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life “Write toward vulnerability. Don’t worry about appearing sentimental. Worry about being unavailable; worry about being […]
  • How to Let Go of Your Writing
    Finding the courage to let go of your writing is a challenge for freelance writers, novelists, poets, and even bloggers. These tips for successful writers will open you up and help you expand your writing career. The Courage to Write: How Writers Transcend Fear by Ralph Keyes is one of my all-time favorite books about writing. Why? […]
  • How to Set Up a Blog – Tips for Writers
    It’s time. You’re a writer who is ready to start blogging. Here’s what you need to know; I learned these steps to setting up a blog the hard way – by creating a series of Quips and Tips blogs (which are now called Blossom). In Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content, Ann […]
  • What is a Writer’s Platform? 10 Tips for a Writing Portfolio
    First, you must learn what a writer’s platform is. Then, you must use these tips for building your online writing portfolio – because a writer’s platform will help you get published and increase book sales! These tips are for writers who want to reach more readers and show publishers their skill. Before the tips, a quip: “What […]
  • 10 Fast Tips for Creative Writing
    These ten fast tips for creative writing are effective and easy. The more creative you are, the more inspired you’ll feel, the more ideas you’ll generate, and the more productive you’ll be! It’s an upward spiral that may require a little extra effort at first – but creativity is a habit for successful writers. Before […]
  • For a Profitable Writing Career – 10 Steps to Making Money as a Freelance Writer
    Making a living as a freelance writer – building a profitable writing career – is possible, especially if you learn from successful writers! These are the steps I took to make money writing; I’ve been earning a solid living as a writer for three years (and I started out in the slowest economy ever!). Before the tips, a quip: “Imitation is the […]
  • 5 Ways to Find Writing Inspiration From Margaret Laurence
    These five ways to find writing inspiration are inspired by Canadian writer Margaret Laurence. These tips will help you create new ideas for both magazine articles and book ideas, and increase your writing productivity. Before the tips, a quip: “I’ve never been able to force a novel,” wrote Laurence in Dance on the Earth: A Memoir. “I always […]
  • Overcome Writing Rejections and Failures – Tips From J.K. Rowling
    All writers — no matter how successful — need to learn how to overcome writing failures and rejections. These tips for writers are based on J.K. Rowling’s Commencement Speech at Harvard, which was about failing in life, and succeeding as a writer. Rowling called this part of her speech “The Fringe Benefits of Failure.” “An exceptionally short-lived […]
  • 10 Solutions to the Most Common Writing Mistakes
    These ten solutions to the most common writing mistakes apply to all types of writing: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, technical, etc. Writing tips like this can make you a better writer and self-editor…which increases your chances of getting published! But first, a writing quip: “Don’t write down to your readers,” writes Jack Bickham. “The ones dumber than […]
  • When You’ve Written an Article Without a Contract
    Freelance writers, never write an article without an article assignment! These writing tips will help you recover if you’ve written an article without an editorial contract. Here’s the question a fellow writer emailed me: “Months after I sent a query, the magazine editor wrote me back and said, “Oh! We’d love your article. Go forth, have at […]
  • 8 Networking Tips for Writers
    These networking tips for writers will help you feel less isolated and alone – and they could help you earn more money as a freelance writer! Whether you love your isolation or not, you need to network if you want to be a successful freelance writer who actually earns her keep as a wordsmith. Before the networking tips, a […]
  • 10 Writing Tips From a Reader’s Digest Editor
    My Reader’s Digest editor taught me more about writing magazine articles and query letters than any other editor I’ve worked with. These writing tips are from Reader’s Digest, which is one of the most popular magazines in North America. For a more in-depth look at freelance writing full-time, read Writer’s Digest Handbook of Magazine Article Writing by the […]
  • Tips for Freelancers – Dealing With the Ups and Downs of a Writing Career
    No matter how successful freelance writers are, they’ll aways have ups and downs. The key to maintain long-term success is learning to ride those highs and lows without losing balance or momentum — which is what these tips are all about! Before the tips, a quip from Gloria Steinem: “As a profession, freelance writing is notoriously insecure,” […]
  • 10 Ways to Support a Family Member Who Wants to Write
    Do you love an aspiring writer? Here are 10 practical, effective tips on how to support a family member who wants to write. Before the tips, a writing quip: “I think marriage and writing books are very difficult to combine. If things don’t go well between you, then there’s a tendency for the partner to blame […]


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