5 Books to Help You Blossom Into the Woman God Created You to Be

It’s not easy to find the “best self-help books for women” because we all need different things! Here are some of the books that helped me Blossom into the woman God created me to be. I was inspired to write this article by one of my Blossomy readers, who emailed me, saying…

self help books for women blossom“I have been reading a lot of spiritual books pertaining to God, relationships and just me as a woman,” says Chipo. “The book I’m currently reading is called A Woman After God’s Own Heart® by Elizabeth George. It’s an amazing book. I was hoping you could share a list of the best books you would recommend for a woman who wants to become who God created her to be.”

And — coincidentally — I received another email from a different reader who said she’s reading Inner Bonding: Becoming a Loving Adult to Your Inner Child by Dr. Margaret Paul and a book called Avoidant: How to Love (or Leave) a Dismissive Partner by Jeb Kinnison. It’s definitely the season to be searching for spiritual and self-help books for women who want to be God created us to be! Let’s turn a new page together…

I read A LOT of really good spiritual and self-help books for women — too many to share here! So I’ll describe my favorite books, which I refer to over and over. If you’re searching for books to help you discern God’s will for your life, read 6 Practical Ways to Find God’s Call on Your Life.

Book Buying Tips

It’s no secret that books are expensive! So here’s how I read read read without spending spending spending…

Best Self-Help Books for Women She Blossoms

Books to Help You Blossom Into the Woman God Created You to Be

Book buying tip number one: Even Kindle and digital ebooks are surprisingly costly. So, I don’t buy books until I’ve actually read them first. How’s that, you ask? I borrow books from the library — or from friends — and if I like them, I’ll buy them.

Book “buying” tip number two: Find or start a “free book exchange” in your neighborhood. I love those little free libraries – and you can go to Little Free Library website to find a free book exchange in your own community! And, if there aren’t any free book exchanges near you, then do your neighborhood a big favor and start one. That website tells you how.

Book “buying” tip number three: Borrow books from your friends, and give them free access to your own library. Simple, cheap, easy! I know our books can become precious, but honestly…they’re only books. If the knowledge is that dear to you, you’d want everything to know it, right? So lend books without expecting anything in return – not even that very book back. Then you won’t be disappointed 🙂

My Favorite Books for Women

This isn’t just a list of good books to help you become who God created you to be, it’s also a list of encouraging tips and insights! So you get two for the price of one, in this article 🙂

Battlefield of the Mind

spiritual self help books for womenWhen we felt all wrong about ourselves, we do not have peace,” writes Joyce Meyer in Battlefield of the Mind: Winning the Battle in Your Mind. “Satan seeks to condemn us in order to steal our peace. Remember that Satan is your enemy, and you need to know that it is her who tries to make you feel bad about yourself.

Joyce Meyer opened my eyes to the reality of the “good versus evil” battle that swirls around us all. I couldn’t stop feeling bad about myself – ashamed, guilty, self-hating – and I thought it was just me. Then, I learned through Joyce Meyer that those hisses of shame, guilt and self-hatred weren’t from God or me! They were from the liar, the deceiver. And I was falling for his tricks.

The last thing Satan wants is for you to blossom into the woman God created you to be! That’s why he uses people and circumstances to divert you and make you feel bad about yourself.

“People and circumstances are not our real enemy; Satan is,” writes Meyer. “He finds things and people through whom he can work, and delights in watching us fight and war without ever realizing he is the source.”

This Is Not the Life I Ordered

It’s not classified as spiritual, but This Is Not the Life I Ordered definitely a self-help book for women who want to Blossom into who God created them to be! There’s a ton of wisdom and insight on every page of this book.

self help books for women to become who God created them to beIgnoring intuition, that tiny voice inside, is a mistake every woman we know has made,” write the four authors of This Is Not the Life I Ordered: 50 Ways to Keep Your Head Above Water When Life Keeps Dragging You Down. “Here we are, equipped with one of the most powerful tools on the planet, and we don’t listen to it. We don’t listen until the intuitive voice reaches a crescendo we can no longer ignore.

I love this book because it’s filled with practical life and career tips, which are applicable and action-oriented. There is so much encouragement and wisdom in this book – even though it’s not a “spiritual book for women”! It’s also filled with painful and challenging relationship and career setbacks, which makes it applicable to all seasons of life. So this book isn’t just about Blossoming spiritually and emotionally, it’s also about growing professionally.

Kitchen Table Wisdom: Stories That Heal

Bestselling author Rachel Naomi Remen is a Jewish oncologist (cancer doctor) who was a single 50 year old when she wrote this book; she’d been coping with Crohn’s disease for almost 30 years. I LOVE her stories!

spiritual self help books for women she blossoms“The willingness to win or lose moves us out of an adversarial relationship to life and into a powerful kind of openness,” writes Dr Remen in Kitchen Table Wisdom: Stories that Heal. “From such a position, we can make a greater commitment to life. Not only a pleasant life, or comfortable life, or our idea of life, but all life. Joy seems more closely related to aliveness than to happiness.”

And this is my favorite life lesson of all: if we let go of our personal preferences about life, we become free from win/lose thinking and the fear that feeds on it. The less attached we are to what we want out of life, the more alive we become. The less preferences we have about life, the more deeply we can experience and participate in a joyful, peaceful, free life!

“This is not to say that I don’t prefer raisin toast to blueberry muffins,” writes Dr Remen. “It is to say that I don’t prefer raisin toast so much that I am unwilling to get out of bed unless I can have raisin toast, or that the absence of raisin toast ruins the whole day. Embracing life is more about adventure than having your own way.”

God Never Blinks

This is definitely a spiritual self-help book for women who want to Blossom into God created them to be! I discovered this book while on a road trip to Alberta, through the Canadian Rockies. Yes, it was a library book. An audio book, actually…and I bought my very own print copy as soon as I got home 🙂

spiritual self-help books for women ChristiansOver time I learned how to get unstuck,” writes Regina Brett in God Never Blinks: 50 Lessons for Life’s Little Detours. “First, you have to recognize that you’re stuck. For me here’s my warning sign: whenever my emotions don’t match what just happened, it’s about my childhood. I’ve learned to freeze the moment, just like you would pause a movie, and asked: wait. Is this reaction about the present moment? Or is it about the past? I can’t change the past. But by changing my response to its leftovers, I can change the present.”

I have more self-help books for women that have changed my life – and that have helped me Blossom into the woman God created me to be! – but alas. I have run out of time.

But, the beauty of blogging is that I can add to this post anytime I want! So, I’ll share additional spiritual books for women in the comments section below.

What about you – what spiritual or self-help books have helped you Blossom into the woman God created you to be? Feel free to add your suggestions below 🙂

If you want to write a book, read 8 Tips for Writing Your Life Story.

“Life changes and you have to change, too. I don’t like change, but I’ve learned you just put your hands over your eyes and step off the edge.” – Linda Rondstadt.


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