Promoting a Book – Should You Hire a Book Promotion Company?

Researching Book Promotion Companies

How Do I Promote My Book?

Even before you get published, you need to start promoting your book! Should you hire a book promotion company? These five tips will help you answer these questions: What is the best book marketing service for me? Which promotion companies should I contact? How much will it cost to market and advertise my book? How can I trust the book promoters to do their job effectively?

Before the tips, a quip:

“Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.” ~  Zora Neale Hurston.

Why a quip about research? Because before you hire a book promotion company, you must research your options thoroughly. Your purpose in searching for book promotion companies online is to find a company that is legitimate, inexpensive, and one that is owned and operated by trustworthy people.

Here are five tips that will save you from spending potentially thousands of dollars on an illegitimate book promotion company…

Tips for Hiring a Promotion Company for Your Book

Trying to find the right place to promote your book abroad, whether you are self-published or published with a royalty-paying press, can be daunting. The market is saturated with PR agencies and individuals offering book marketing services to published authors. Many of these services are expensive, many are inexpensive and some offer few book promotion services for free.

Here’s how to find the best marketing company for your book…

Build a database of resources on your Favorites list

When you come across a book promotion company’s website that looks very appealing and promising, bookmark the site or add it to your ‘favorites’ list. That way, you can always go back to it later without having to go through the tedious process of searching for it on Google a second time.

Read through every book marketing company website

Once you have a list of at least five to twenty potential good book marketing services in your ‘favorites’ box, dig a little deeper. Browse through every book promoter’s website. Some very important things you will want to consider is the person(s) qualifications, any past success their authors have had from using their service, contact information (do they have an email, phone number, and are they active users on Facebook or Twitter?), amount of money they charge for book promotion, and their website’s Alexa ranking (volume of traffic to website).

Check to see if the book promotion company is legitimate

You can search a company’s website on Alexa to find out about their ranking on Google. That will give you a strong indication of how well established they are or not. You should also consider checking every company out on the Better Business Bureau. Some of these types of companies may not be found on the Better Business Bureau because they have not registered with the BBB. That does not mean they are a scam. However, there are other ways you can find out whether the promotional company is legitimate or not.

Read reviews about the book marketing service

People post reviews based on the services they receive from companies all the time. Look up the reviews, if there are any, and read through them. You will know whether or not you want to pay for this book promotional company’s service based on the reviews. Some book promotion companies are effective at promoting and marketing books – and others are a waste of money.

Check Amazon ratings – has the company promoted popular books?

Most, if not all of the time, book promotion companies will list thumbnail images of books’ front cover on their websites. When you click on these thumbnails, you will be directed to the book’s information on Amazon. Another option you can take to determine the legitimacy of a book promotion company is to check out a book’s ranking on Amazon, and the year and month it was published. The ranking number on Amazon determines how well a book is selling on that site. If several or all books promoted by that company have a reasonably high ranking on Amazon, then you will want to consider contacting the people of that company. If the opposite is true, then it is time to move on.

There are reputable book promotion companies and resources out there. You just have to keep searching and, most importantly, never give up.

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Questions and comments about promoting your book? Go below!

About the author: Deanna Proach is a novelist. Her first novel, Day of Revenge, a historical suspense set in revolutionary France was released by Inkwater Press in September 2010.  She currently resides in Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada, where she is working on her second novel, ‘To be Maria’.

Deanna also wrote Book Promotion – 6 Ways to Promote Your Book for Free, for Quips & Tips for Successful Writers.

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6 thoughts on “Promoting a Book – Should You Hire a Book Promotion Company?”

  1. suleiman edward billy

    my book need some few corrections it is ready to wordclay publisher, i need to sell it now to some one so that could handle my work after fail to afford some of the accommodations of publishing services,so is there any one?
    thank you
    suleiman edward

  2. Laurie–I used to have a publicist (in Inkwater Press) who helped market my book. She sent copies to Publishers Weekly and I was lucky enough to have received a great review from PW. Since then, though, I’ve been doing the marketing on my own. I havn’t hired another publicist, rather I’ve connected with people who are offering services for free. I’m thinking of writing an article on this soon.

  3. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen


    Thanks for these tips for finding a book promotion company!

    I’m curious about a couple things…

    Did you hire a company to promote your books? If so, has it been a good experience?

    And, do you think it’s more important for people living in more “remote” places — like you, in Sechelt BC! — to hire book promoters?