Opportunity for Bloggers – Contribute to an eBook About Making Money Blogging

Hear ye, Hear ye! Here’s an opportunity for successful bloggers, web writers, and ezine writers to share what they know, motivate writers who want to make money blogging, and spread the word about their blogs, books, and businesses…

I’m writing an eBook, tentatively titled Quips and Tips for Monetizing Your Blog, which will describe ways for aspiring (and experienced) bloggers to overcome 15 different obstacles to making money. This book is for all types of bloggers, online writers, “armchair” e-zine writers, etc. 

If you’re tempted to contribute to this e-Book, but worry that you’re not “successful” enough – have no fear! You don’t need to make a million bucks as a blogger to know how to overcome obstacles and make money blogging. Sometimes the most valuable quips and tips come from the quietest, least public web writers.

So, check this“opportunity for successful bloggers” out…

Quips and Tips for Monetizing Your Blog ~ The eBook

This eBook, tentatively titled Quips and Tips for Monetizing Your Blog, will reveal 15 obstacles to making money blogging and offer 75 tips for overcoming those obstacles.

My questions for bloggers, freelance, web writers, and e-zine writers are: 

1. It’s all about you! What’s the name of your blog, how old is it, how many page views or unique visitors do you get a day, and approximately how much money do you earn per year?

2. What are 2 or 3 obstacles that prevent bloggers from making money? Please don’t say “not enough readers” – because that’s a little too obvious! Take a look at the following list of topics I want to cover, and see if it triggers something. Or, just follow your gut and give me the 2 or 3 obstacles you faced, or that you know many bloggers face.


  • Different types and sizes of ads
  • Ad placement
  • Affiliate networks/programs/websites
  • Advertising networks (eg, BlogHer)
  • Renting or selling ad space
  • Marketing and blog promotion
  • Lingo, such as PPC, CPC, CPM, EPC, scrubbing, shaving, cookie durations, etc.
  • Google Adsense
  • Google Analytics
  • Monetizing RSS feeds
  • SEO strategies
  • Social media tools
  • Best ways to increase blog traffic

3. What are 2 or 3 practical tips for overcoming each of the obstacles you listed? 

4. What do you now know that you wish you knew then? That is, what do you think all bloggers should know or do?

And finally — how can I refer to you in this e-Book? (name, credentials, books written, publications appeared in, etc).

If you’re interested in contributing to this e-Book, just say “Email me, Laurie!” in the comments section…and I’ll email you. 


Second Opportunity to Publicize Your Books, Blogs, and Businesses

Would you like to feature your book, blog, or business on one of my five “Quips and Tips” blogs?

If you’d like to write a guest post, I’d be happy to feature you! On all my blogs, each article is 400-600 words and contains at least four tips for moving forward or solving a problem. Each article features a book with a link to Amazon. I’ll include your 1-2 sentence bio with links to your sites at the end of the article.  If you’ve written a book that sells on Amazon, I’ll feature it. If not, I’ll feature a book related to your article.  Previously published material is fine — and I may sprinkle SEO keywords in the article, so web surfers can find it easily and quickly!

When I post the article, I’ll send you the link.  If I can’t use the article, I’ll let you know.  No deadline on this.

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Again – if you’re interested, please say “Email me, Laurie!” in the comments section… 

As always, fellow scribes, I welcome your thoughts and questions below!

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