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7 Reasons Writers Are Fools if They Don’t Tell Stories

7 Reasons Writers Are Fools if They Don't Tell StoriesDon’t be a foolish writer! Here, a publication coach describes the reasons writers need to tell stories, and explains why story-telling is “the most important job for writers.”

“Telling stories – and telling them well – is probably the single most important job facing any writer,” says the Publication Coach, Daphne Gray-Grant. “And guess what? Stories aren’t just for novelists. They’re for everyone from the CEO to his or her most junior communications staffer.”

Good stories — and good writers — are concrete, sticky, and memorable. To learn more about writing non-fiction that sells, read Damn! Why Didn’t I Write That?: How Ordinary People are Raking in $100,000.00 or More Writing Nonfiction Books & How You Can Too!

And, here are Gray-Grant’s reasons non-fiction writers must master the task of story-telling…Read More »7 Reasons Writers Are Fools if They Don’t Tell Stories

Quips and Tips From a Published Writer, Medical Doctor and Flamenco Dancer

You don’t have time to write, you say? Check out this interview with author, doctor, and flamenco dancer Susan Biali. Her quips and tips will motivate you to write that book, send out those query letters, and build your blog beyond your wildest dreams!

Here’s what Dr Biali says about how difficult it is to get published:

“One thing that really bothers me that prevails in talk about writers and writing is that it’s really hard to break into the market, really hard to get published, and really hard to earn any income,” she says. “I think that as writers we should speak more optimistically about the realities of our profession.  Much of what I’ve accomplished as a freelance writer and author has been in spite of what people told me or warned me about.”

She says the negativity and gloom actually motivated her to write more – but fragile writers might give up entirely because of all the “negative press” about the writing life. If you’re one of those “fragile” writers, you need a booster shot from Dr B! Read her book Live a Life You Love!: 7 Steps to a Healthier, Happier, More Passionate You. And, here are her thoughts on the writing life…Read More »Quips and Tips From a Published Writer, Medical Doctor and Flamenco Dancer