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7 Reasons Writers Are Fools if They Don’t Tell Stories

Don’t be a foolish writer! Here, a publication coach describes the reasons writers need to tell stories, and explains why story-telling is “the most important job for writers.” “Telling stories – and telling them well – is probably the single most important job facing any writer,” says the Publication Coach, Daphne Gray-Grant. “And guess what? Stories aren’t just for novelists. They’re […]

Script Writing Tips for Screenplays and Screenwriters

A reader asked for script writing tips on The Adventurous Writer, so I’ve pulled together some helpful advice for screenwriters. By the way, these tips for screenplays also work well for effective for writing articles, novels, and poems…. Before the script writing tips, a quip: “Scriptwriting is the toughest part of the whole racket… the least understood and the least […]