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Niche Writers – 5 Reasons to Specialize as a Freelancer

These five reasons to specialize in a niche as as writer will increase your chances of making money writing. Vancouver-based professional freelance writer Frances Bula shared these insights at the Magazine Writers’ Craft Fair.

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“The media is a place where you can create yourself,” says Bula, who has written for several national magazines and newspapers. “It’s a great industry to work in, because your brand or niche is up to you.”

What kind of freelance writer do you want to be? What do you love writing about; what are you naturally interested in? Maybe that could be your niche market. And, the good news is that establishing yourself as a niche writer is surprisingly easy.

And, here are several freelancing tips from Bula…

5 Reasons to Specialize in Freelance Writing

“I’m not a great pitcher of query letters, not a great writer, and I don’t have lots of experience as a freelance writer – but I have a specialized beat,” says Bula. It’s her niche market that helps her earn a living as a freelance writer.

Here are her reasons freelancers might want to find their niche market…

1. Sources trust niche writers, and will open up

Niche writers aren’t starting from scratch, so they get information that other writers might not. “People return your calls more quickly because they know who you are,” says Bula. “This saves time, because it’s more difficult to get people to call you back if they don’t know who you are.” And the quicker you can research and edit the article, the better – especially if you’re on a newspaper deadline.

2. Average people respond to specialized writers

If you specialize in one topic as a freelance writer, you become associated with your niche. This makes the “man on the street” more willing to talk to you. They learn to trust you because they’re familiar with you, your writing style, and the publications you write for.

3. Niche market writers develop in-depth knowledge

Niche Writers

Niche Writers – 5 Reasons to Specialize as a Freelancer

The more you write about one particular niche or beat, the easier it is to research and write the article. For instance, I write health articles for BC Women’s Hospital. Every article I write teaches me more about medicine, medical terms, and health news, which makes me a better health writer. It’s an upward spiral!

4. Specialized freelance writers have real conversations with sources

The more you talk to your sources (and niche market writers access the same sources regularly), the better and more interesting your discussions will be. You’ll go beyond the information interview to having real conversations with your sources.

5. Niche writers are more credible

Bula calls this “institutional memory.” The longer you specialize as a freelancer, the more credibility you have. Niche market writers are able to remind people of what experts said years – or even decades – before. This makes them more trustworthy to readers and editors.

If you don’t know what niche to specialize in as a freelancer, read How to Know What to Write About.

Don’t Have a Specialty as a Freelance Writer? Don’t Worry!

Developing a niche market doesn’t take long. “People starving for expertise in media world, so it doesn’t talk long to establish yourself as an expert,” says Bula. “In less than two years, I was called as an expert by radio and TV shows.”

Blogging can help you carve out your market niche. Blogging on a certain defined subject – a niche – helps you build your audience quickly. Bula suggests finding a niche in which people are starving for information. Your blog has to have something other than an opinion…it needs content. Information. Niche writers need to invest time in covering stuff that nobody else will write about.

For more tips on niche writing, read Writing Articles for Niche Markets.

To learn more about Frances Bula, visit State of Vancouver.

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6 thoughts on “Niche Writers – 5 Reasons to Specialize as a Freelancer”

  1. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    I think my niche is health and wellness. I love writing for BC Women’s Hospital, interviewing doctors and other medical experts, and presenting the info in a reader-friendly way.

    I have a niche and didn’t even know it!

  2. I couldn’t agree more with this post. Unless you are a person who loves starting from scratch or entering an unknown forest all the time, niche writing brings equilibrium to your life.

  3. All of what you said is so true. It does take a little time to get niche-ified but it is so worth it. I know that two years intoi it, I’m a much better freelancer than I was initially and now my work is (somewhat) in demand.