New Suite101 Writers – How to Stay Motivated to Keep Writing

If you’re new to writing at Suite101, you may feel unmotivated by the first few months of low income. These tips for staying motivated are from Prerna Malik, who just finished her first six months as a Suite writer.

Before her tips for new “Suitees”, a quip:

“I don’t believe in writer’s block,” said Elmore Leonard. “I don’t know what that is. There are just certain little areas that I know I’m going to get through. It’s just a matter of finding a way.”

That’s how I felt during my first year of writing for Suite! I knew it would pay off financially (it already had professionally) – but I just had to get through the first few months of low income and the resulting low motivation to keep writing. All writers need to be resilient, regardless of their genre, audience, or experience…we all need to keep writing because persistence and patience pays off! To learn how published authors failed and bounced back, click The Resilient Writer: Tales of Rejection and Triumph by 23 Top Authors. And read on for Prerna’s tips for web writers…

For New Suite101 Writers – Stay Motivated, Keep Writing

Looking back, I realize how much I’ve learned from the amazing community of writers and editors at Suite, especially about writing well and making money online. Here are my tips for new Suite101 writers…

Pay attention to editorial feedback. Since this writing gig was my first step into web writing web, I valued and appreciated the feedback and advice I received from the section editors. Writing for Suite helped me hone my craft and make my articles not just good to read, but also earn well. Suite101 writers, please treat the “flags” you get as stepping-stones to writing better articles!

Read the tutorials – and then, re-read. Suite101 is one of those sites that really wants writers to earn a living from writing. All the tutorials, especially the ones on using images, keyword selection or simply writing your first article, are insightful and immensely helpful to new online writers.

Ask questions and learn from other Suite writers. I absorbed a lot of information from veteran Suite writers. I asked questions on the Suite forum, which were answered in detail. As a new web writer, I think it is important to be a part of the forum, connect with other writers, ask questions, share what you know, read posts, and learn from writers who have been there for years and have written hundreds of articles.

Learn how to do keyword research. It took me a while to learn how to use the Google Adwords tool and use keywords in my articles. However, this information is taught by the three-part Suite tutorial on search engine optimization and keyword usage. If you want to start earning money from writing at Suite, it’s a good idea to memorize those tutorials from start to finish!

Write often, write well. When I was at 20 articles a couple months ago, I decided to write 30 articles in 30 days (a Suite101 writer’s challenge) to see if it impacted my PVs (page views) and revenue. Well, it did! The more you write using your newfound writing knowledge and editorial feedback, the better your articles will be. Moreover, the more articles you have, the better your page views and revenues. Bottom line: write well and write often.

Fellow scribes, if you hope to earn a living as a full-time blogger or web writer, read Tips for Writers Who Want to Blog Full-Time. If you don’t write for Suite101, read Why Write for Suite101? to learn why you might want to give it a go!

And if you have anything to add or ask about your first few months as a Suite writer (or new blogger!), please comment below…

Prerna Malik is a Suite101 Contributing Writer and has her own blog, The Mom Writes.

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4 thoughts on “New Suite101 Writers – How to Stay Motivated to Keep Writing”

  1. This is a really useful blog, i am now trying as hard as I can to stop stat watching and concentrate on writing!!
    .-= Tom Ravenscroft´s last blog post ..Suite101 Editor’s Choice Award Winner =-.

  2. Hi everyone,
    @Laurie- You’re most welcome. I loved being able to share what really helped me at Suite101 and yes, using keywords is something that does take a lot of practice. I’m still trying to figure it all out!
    @Zoe- Glad you liked the post. And yes, you’re right, once there are about 50-100 articles up, the monies do increase:-)
    @InternetHow- Thank you for your kind words and you’re right, it is true that practice does make one perfect!
    .-= Prerna´s last blog post ..Being a Mom: Why I Still Buy Baby Einstein Products =-.

  3. Thanks for writing this post, Prerna!

    My biggest challenge as a new Suite writer was learning how to write with keyword phrases in mind. I overdid it for probably the first two years….I don’t know what I was thinking.

    Now, I have 475 articles on Suite and I’m earning more than $1 per article per month. My topic in Psychology isn’t hugely lucrative, but I love writing about human nature. So it works for me!

    And, I’m slowly, slowly learning how to work those keyword phrases in effectively…takes practice (years, for some of us 😉 ).
    .-= Laurie PK´s last blog post ..How to Make Your Business Successful: Find Your Personal Advantage =-.

  4. Thanks for these great tips. As someone who’s been at Suite for only 3 months, I know how it feels to occasionally feel despondent about the fact that the big monies aren’t flowing in (but, of course, why would they when I don’t have enough product out there yet?) but perseverance is the key and it’s a great motivating factor to hear from those who have persevered and have reaped the benefits.