10 Blog Post Ideas for Mommy Bloggers

Need ideas, mommy bloggers? These tips for topics will help ease the pain of finding blogpost ideas. They’re from Prerna Malik, a mom blogger who started blogging years ago.

One of the best tips for becoming a blogger is to find a niche that makes you happy. Maybe your blog is about moms who have octuplets, or about parenting with a husband who serves overseas. Doesn’t matter, as long as you’re passionate about what you blog about. Why? Because passion brings both happiness and success.

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” ~ Albert Schweitzer.

10 Blog Post Ideas for Mommy Bloggers

Every mom who blogs finds herself searching for ideas and inspiration after writing a few hundred posts (or maybe even sooner!). Probably by my 100th post on The Mom Writes, I was craving fresh blog ideas and new things to do, just so I could blog.

I learned several ways to come up with content that is interesting, relevant and fun to write – and here are my tips!

Guest Post – Prerna Malik

1. Share Your Indulgences and Hobbies

We all have love indulgences. Is yours a day at the spa? Or maybe a lunch with friends? Talk about the last time you went to the spa or on a fun lunch date. Share your hobbies with your readers. If you have many, make a list. Else, just talk about what you love doing when not being a “mommy blogger.” Love to crochet? Share tips or showcase your latest creation.

2. Blog About Recipes and Reviews

For moms who blog and love to cook, this way to find topics to write about is easy-peasy. Share family favorites, grandma’s recipes or your toddler’s latest food fix. Reviews too make great blog posts – but write them with care. Don’t let your review be run-of-the-mill, or a copy and paste of the product’s press release. Instead, make your blog post personal, warm and engaging. Let the reader actually “feel” the product or book.

3. Make Top 10 or 20 Lists for Other Mommy Bloggers

Readers love lists, and mom bloggers can write them with great ease. Make a Top 10 List of Back-to-School Supplies or a Top 20 List of Moms Authors to Read. Just pick a niche that interests you and make a list. Added bonus: Making a list is way easier and quicker than writing a full blog post! One of the best tips for finding blog ideas is to simply sit and make a list.

4. Post an Interview with Another Mom (or Mommy Blogger!)

Interviewing another mom, either a blogger or maybe a regular reader of your blog will not only give you great content but also allow you to network and reach out to others in your community. In fact, you can make it a regular feature. I’ve just started doing this on my blog, showcasing moms who’ve just started a business. This way to find topics to write about has been a lot of fun.

5. Share a Personal Story About Being a Mother

We all have those days and moments, when our little ones say the cutest things or do the darnedest stuff. Share it. Or maybe you have a heart-warming story about becoming a mother. Talk about that. Being a mom is a wonderful thing and if we’d just pause to absorb the things that our kids do, I’m sure we’d have a lot of topics to “mommy blog” about.

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6. Blog About Life Before Motherhood

What were you doing before you had your baby? Where were you? How has your social or professional life changed, post-baby? These are great topics to write about, which your readers would love to know the answers to. Why? Because they, too, are moms – and sharing always brings us closer. Knowing that you gave up a high profile corporate career to stay at home and bond with your baby may give another new mom hope and encouragement.

7. Ask for Advice From Other Moms (or Mommy Bloggers)

As moms, there are times when we long for another mom’s perspective on day-to-day stuff. Discipline issues? Potty-training? Looking for preschools? These are great topics on which you can seek advice from your readers. Just ask the question and let your readers do the talking. Don’t forget to acknowledge their advice and thank them for their inputs.

8. Share Practical Tips for Moms and/or Bloggers

Moms who write and those who don’t often visit blogs looking for tips and ways to do things better. So, share tips on how to make life easier, happier, better, saner, simpler, more productive, organized. An excellent example is this post, itself. Tips to help you come up with blog content. So, the list for practical tips is endless.

9. Blog About Someone You Admire

Do you have a blog mentor? Or maybe a role model from work or at home? Write a post about them. Talk about how their presence and influence has made a difference to who you are today. This way to find topics to write about is a great way to build strong connections.

10. Visit Blog Memes, Carnivals and Link Ups for Mom Blogs

Participate in mom blog memes, carnivals or linkups to increase both traffic and content for your blog. There are blog carnivals for all sorts of blogs and niches and, linkups and memes that are weekly, fortnightly, monthly. Take your pick. The best way to find a meme or a linkup that fits your niche is to visit a few bloggers who you admire. Chances are they would have a linkup or meme to fit your need.

For more blogging tips from a mommy blogger, read Web Writing Tips From the Type A Mom Blogging Conference.

What do you blog about when you have no ideas for posts? Comments welcome below!

Written by Prerna Malik, a professional writer and blogger who shares tips and ideas on life as a writer, mom, homemaker and more at The Mom Writes.


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4 thoughts on “10 Blog Post Ideas for Mommy Bloggers”

  1. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Thanks for your comment, Uppal – you’re right that these ideas for topics to blog about aren’t just for mommy bloggers! They’ll work for all sorts of blogs.

  2. Great ideas for all bloggers. Life itself offers infinite moods for any phase of life. Only the discerning and the passionate can winnow the grain from the chaff.

    One,s daily experiences in the journey of life provide enough material for writing opportunities.The hardest part is perseverance and confidence.

  3. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Thanks for your comment, Blair! I agree that taking a stand and talking about stuff you know about is a great way for mommy bloggers (and any blogger) to find topics to write about.

  4. Great ideas. Blogging is something of a passion and your passion is key to getting people to read your blog. Take a stand, talk about stuff you know and have a passion for.