7 Ways to Keep Blogging When You Want to Quit

I’m celebrating my 10th year as a full-time blogger – and believe me, there were times I wanted to quit blogging! But I loved writing too much to stop. And the money I made blogging was too good.

I bet you never thought you’d hear a self-employed blogger (or any type of writer) say that! “I couldn’t quit blogging because I made too much money.” Here’s the kind of money I’m talking about: one January I made over $40,000 US from Amazon alone. That didn’t include my other income streams, such as Google, my ebooks, and other affiliate income.

To tell you the truth, that’s when I wanted to quit blogging. I’d always enjoyed making enough money to support myself as a blogger. But when I started making crazy amounts of money, blogging got boring. Shallow, dry, unmotivating. I needed to find ways to keep blogging because I didn’t really want to quit writing. I just needed new and better reasons to blog. I found them! And I’m happy to share them with you. And then you, too, can keep blogging even when you want to quit.

Never in a million years did I think I’d be able to support myself as a blogger. I created my She Blossoms blog family ten years ago (originally “Quips and Tips for Successful Writers” in the theadventurouswriter.com garden). That jungle got too big, went wild, and spun out of control. I had to chop it all down and dig out the weeds (which I never managed to do because I have literally hundreds of weedy blog posts). 

So, I re-planted my blogs in the Blossom Tips garden, under my big shady She Blossoms umbrella. And I fell back in love with blogging. Hallelujah!

7 Ways to Keep Blogging When You Want to Quit

If you recently started a new blog and already want to quit, read How to Stay Motivated When You’re Starting a Blog. Those tips are for beginners; these tips will help established bloggers get and stay strong.

1. Identify your weaknesses

When it comes to blogging, what do you struggle with? One of my biggest weaknesses was not creating an editorial calendar even though I’d written blog posts about the importance of scheduling articles in advance. I know how important it is to preplan my blog posts — to start blogging in my head before I actually sit down to write. Ideally, I’d plan my articles a week in advance. This gave me time to gather my thoughts and let my subconscious write the blog post while I did other things. 

2. Recognize how you lose valuable time

What are your biggest time-wasters? Every minute is a gift from God, yet we waste hours on trivial details, superficial videos, and meaningless tasks. My problem was that I’d show up to work and start brainstorming possible blog articles, which took at least 30 minutes. Then I’d play with different titles and subtitles — always with SEO (search engine optimization) strategies in mind. By the time I actually started writing the blog post, I’d be mentally exhausted. I wanted to quit blogging for the day! That’s when I discovered how to keep blogging: weed out the time wasters.

3. Summarize the purpose of your blog in one sentence

How to Keep Blogging When You Want to Quit

What is the purpose or point of blogging? Why are you writing blog posts, who are you blogging for, and how will you keep going as a blogger? Get specific. Organize your blog into something more than a smattering of your thoughts, experiences, memories, Top Tens, goals, and best tips. It’s exhausting to keep trying to find things to blog about! That’s why so many bloggers quit. They’re tired because they made blogging difficult and time-consuming. Do you have a structure for your blog? An overall theme, perhaps, or a focus? If you can’t summarize the purpose of your blog in one sentence, then you don’t have a structure.

4. Create long-term structure for your blog posts

“Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work,” said Gustave Flaubert. This is my favorite and best tip on how to keep blogging because it saved me when I wanted to quit. I created a solid structure so I wouldn’t have to scramble for blog post ideas. It’s a project, actually, called She Blossoms Through the Bible. I’m writing a blog post for every chapter of every book of the Bible! Here’s an example: 3 Tips for Finding the Strength You Need to Continue, inspired by Genesis 21.

5. Prepare to be challenged

Having a blog purpose and structure doesn’t mean you’ll suddenly know how to keep blogging and never want to quit. Knowing why you blog and who you’re writing for won’t suddenly disappear the pain of writing. Believe me, even if you’ve been blogging for ten years and love it like your first dish of chocolate fudge brown ice cream, you’ll still find it hard to write. I have my structure, I have my purpose, and I have loads of experience blogging…and I often wonder how I can keep blogging. Especially now that I’m writing about the Bible, which feels big and scary.

6. Explore different types of blogs

Maybe you have no idea what the purpose, plan, structure, or goal of your blog is. That’s okay! There’s nothing wrong with letting your ideas simmer for awhile. But don’t stop blogging while your ideas simmer or you’ll never get started again. Blogging is how you will find your niche or purpose. In writing your blog posts you’ll find your own tips on how to keep blogging when you want to quit. Write short articles while you search the world wide web for inspiration and different types of blogs. Read Best Types of Blogs for Writers Who Want to Make Money if you want to earn extra cash as a blogger.

7. Learn how long-term bloggers keep blogging

You’re in luck! I’m a long-term professional blogger, and I’m here to tell you how I kept blogging 🙂  After I reached my first goal (make good money as a blogger), I quit blogging and went back to university for my Master of Social Work degree. I was bored with my blogs and a little disillusioned with my own shallowness. So I decided to quit blogging and become a counselor. After two years of studying and working in the social work field, I ran as fast as I could, back where I belonged…to my blogs! I learned how to keep blogging by leaving it, realizing that I didn’t want to quit after all, and returning with a fresh pair of eyes.

Note the contradiction in tips six and seven. For some writers, it’s a mistake to stop blogging while you find your purpose, structure, or niche. Other writers need to take a clean break from their blogs while they figure out how to keep blogging long-term. Which type of blogger are you, fellow scribe?

Your big and little comments are welcome below! How will you keep blogging even though you feel like quitting? Pick at least one tip on this list and explore it. Give it time to sink in — don’t give up yet! You’ve only just begun.

With a warm writerly embrace,



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2 thoughts on “7 Ways to Keep Blogging When You Want to Quit”

  1. Thank you so much for encouraging me, Laurie.
    I’m very happy to read this article because I want to quit blogging. But I’m going to start writing blogs again.

  2. I am SO glad you posted this! I started a blog and lacked pretty much most of the things you mentioned in order to keep going. I am at the University now pursuing a Masters. I have found it’s not what I want. I want to write! I want to keep writing! Thank you! I’m going to get back at it pronto! Thank you! Blessings to you!