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How to Find Guest Bloggers to Write Good Articles for Your Blog

How to Find Guest Writers to Write Good Articles for Your Blog

The Best Way to Find Guest Bloggers is to ASK!

I’m hiring editors to run Quips and Tips, and want to help them find guest writers. So, I gathered the best ways to attract good-quality guest writers and articles – ranging from MyBlogGuest to digging up your past sources.

“The whole idea of guest blogging or guest posting is to get high-value backlinks pointing to your website,” writes James Martell in Cheat Sheet For Guest Writers. “Google sees backlinks as a vote of confidence…and as a result will rank your site higher. And, if you can target social media links towards your guest post, you’re helping it become be an even bigger authority….the whole guest posting strategy is really a symbiotic relationship that benefits both parties.”

But wait – there’s more!

Here’s what the editor of Quips and Tips for Achieving Your Goals says:

“Blogging is a great way to sharpen your writing skills in a relaxing way,” writes Sharon Hurley Hall in How To Promote Yourself Through Guest Blogging. “The benefits of guest blogging include:

  • putting your writing in front of a new audience
  • bringing new readers to your blog
  • providing another place for clients to find examples of your work
  • connecting with other bloggers both within and outside your niche”

If you’re trying to find guest bloggers, make sure you tell them the benefits of writing articles for other sites.

6 Ways to Find Guest Writers for Your Blog

As with anything new, the tricky part is getting the ball rolling. But – before you know it – the momentum will carry you forward.

If you’re a Quips and Tips editor, remember that the first few weeks are the most challenging. Trust me – the more you do it, the easier it gets.

Post a request on MyBlogGuest

MyBlogGuest is a site that links bloggers who want to write guest blog posts with blog owners who are looking for guest bloggers to write posts for their blogs,” writes Susan Gunelius in Tips for Becoming a Guest Blogger or Getting Guest Bloggers for Your Blog. “Rather than randomly searching the Web for guest blogging opportunities and guest bloggers, both blog writer and blog owners can cut through the clutter and find the right partners to reach their goals using MyBlogGuest.”

I’ve used MyBlogGuest in the past – created by the super organized and productive Ann Smarty! – and it was a good way to find guest bloggers. My problem was that I didn’t want to edit and post articles; I wanted to write and tinker with my blogs.

Ask a blogger or entrepreneur you admire

“Make a private request of a blogger you follow,” writes Alyice Edrich in How to Find Guest Bloggers. “If you follow bloggers in your industry and they’ve recently touched base on something you’re very passionate about, drop the blogger a private email requesting that he become a guest blogger on your blog to further discuss that topic.”

She adds that the key to obtaining guest bloggers is not in the traffic but in the asking. Guest bloggers can help increase traffic, provide quality content, decrease the amount of work you put into your blog, and even end your writer’s block. And if you’re a Quips and Tips editor, finding guest bloggers will ensure you get paid!

Email your friends and family

Do you know someone who is selling a product or service? For instance, one of my friends crochets and sells her own hats. A coworker sings part-time, and my neighbor is running her own life coaching business. All three are perfect candidates to write a guest post about their specialty!

One of the most interesting, effective ways to find guest writers for your blog is to email your friends and family. It never hurts to ask…and they’re easier to nag than strangers.

Email readers who commented on your blog

Here’s an email I just sent an author who commented on my Achieving Your Goals blog:

Hi Lisa,

I hope this finds you well! Thanks for your comment on my Quips & Tips for Achieving Your Goals blog.

If you’d like to write a guest post, I’d love to have you. Here are the guidelines, plus a few perks of writing guest posts:

Writing for Quips and Tips – Perks and Procedures

I hope to hear from you soon! 

All good things,


Maybe I’ll never hear from her, or maybe she’ll write the best article for my blog! I have no idea, but it feels good to be proactive.

Visit Blogger LinkUp

Cathy Stucker is the “Idea Lady” who learned first-hand that submitting guest posts to other blogs was a great way to promote her sites. She wanted to make it easier to give and receive posts, so she created BloggerLinkUp. It seems like an easy, effective way to connect with writers who want to write guest posts.

I haven’t tried BloggerLinkUp, so I’m curious how it works. Try it and let me know!

Bonus tip for finding guest bloggers: contact your sources

I’ve written dozens of articles for magazines, and interviewed hundreds of sources. Every one of them has a valuable product or service that they want to promote — and that doesn’t include the other hundreds of potential sources that I didn’t have time to interview!

If you’re a freelance writer, you have sources. If you have sources, you have access to potentially hundreds of good articles for your blog.

For more tips, read Need Guest Bloggers? 5 Tips for Inviting Guest Bloggers – written by guest writer Susan Johnston.

And if you’re stuck for ideas, read What Should I Blog About? 5 Tips for Bloggers Who Have No Ideas.

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What do you think – do you have any suggestions for finding guest bloggers? Comments welcome below…

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27 thoughts on “How to Find Guest Bloggers to Write Good Articles for Your Blog”

  1. I totally agree that sending email to your friends and family and ask them to be your guest blogger is a very good idea. Thanks for the great tips. I’m working on getting guest bloggers now.

  2. Another great way to find guest writers is using BuzzStream. I have had a lot of success finding great places to submit guest blog posts but I am sure you could use it to find writers. I would look for websites who are accepting articles in a particular niche, and then contact the authors who have already written for the site. Here is a great article about BuzzStream and guest blogging that may help:

  3. Hi Laurie!

    Just wanna add that finding guest blogger is now easy via social media websites like Facebook! I have found some myself. 🙂

    Nice article BTW.


  4. As far as I know, it’s the other way around: guest posters are the ones who find you. But it takes quite an effort to make them understand what you want from them.

  5. MyBlogGuest is really a great site to get guest blog posts for free. I have joined MyBlogGuest recently and it’s really a good service. Thanks for sharing this useful info !

  6. I signed up for My Blog Guest, thinking what a great idea it was. Imagine my frustration after going through a LOT of work to find out that Blogger.com isn’t supported–only WordPress blogs are. Too bad!

  7. Deborah Anderson

    I 2nd what Ann said on the “Thank you” for mentioning MyBlogGuest as a resource! Surely appreciated 😉


  8. Very interesting Laurie. I used to be leery of guest posts; they’re like advertisements couched in another language. I have accepted a few though. Hmm…maybe I should reconsider the other people who have emailed me. You’re right, it does free me up to write for other days.

  9. Thanks for these wonderful tips for finding guests. I’m a novice and have a job writing for a website.I hope these tips will help me to figure out my future activities.

  10. Hi! Good article and there are so many aspects of running a Bloggsite. I have been thinking a lot of having a guestblogger or guest writer and this article provided me with some nice thoughts. I have bookmarked this site and I didn´t know about MyBlogGuest. Thx for making things easier.

  11. Hi Laurie,

    This is a great post, very helpful. I have wondered how I could get someone to post a guest post on my blog. I really had no idea what so ever. I will be checking out the sources you suggested and let you know how it turns out.

    Thanks a lot,


  12. Thanks so much for the great info. As I am new to blogging in general, this is something that is of interest to me. Do you find that you need to have an established blog to get guest bloggers, or are people receptive to being a guest on a relatively new blog? Thanks again!

  13. I was reading about this topic a few minutes ago. To find guest bloggers, hang out where writers hang out. Connect on Twitter, FB, and LinkedIn. Peruse websites similar to yours and find out who’s writing what and if a blogger will be a fit for your website.

    Some people who want to guest blog send emails that begin with ‘Dear Sir or Madam’ or ‘Dear Blog Owner.’ I think if you’d like to guest blog for someone, the greeting could be more personal. Also, it’s important to read and follow the blog if you want to guest blog.

  14. Hi Laurie,

    Wishing you a very happy,healthy and prosperous New Year!I’m sure you’re going to rock in the coming year.

    I don’t seem to be attracting traffic to my blog.Any suggestions please.

  15. I love having guest articles from folks in my circle. I also receive some unsolicited requests and sometimes these are real gems and sometimes they are stinkers. It’s tough when they stink and I have to turn them down. 🙁

    Great tips here for finding some guests, though!


  16. Useful tips. You’re right about asking family and friends, easier to nag :-). Many good blogs out there have a “Would you like to write for us” – practically an invitation to guest post.