How to Diversify Your Online Writing and Earn More Money

Don’t be a starving writer! Learn how to diversify your online writing and earn more money. These tips are perfect for online writers, bloggers, web copywriters – they’re from writer Helen Smeaton.

But before her tips, a quip from the late great Henry James:

“With the proceeds of my last novel, I purchased a small handbarrow, on which my guests’ luggage is wheeled from the station to my house,” said James. “It needs a coat of paint. With the proceeds of my next novel, I shall have it painted.”

He sounds like many web writers and bloggers I know: “With my earnings last month, I’ll fill the gas tank in my car. With my earnings next month, I’ll fill it up and get an oil change!” It’s slow going at first, but – trust me – you can earn a good living as a web writer.

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And, read on for Helen Smeaton’s web writing tips (she writes for Suite101, by the way).

How to Diversify Your Online Writing and Earn More Money

Don’t write about the same topics all the time just because it’s easier and faster to churn out articles! Instead, diversify your blog posts or online articles with these ideas …

Write a series of articles to link together — and to help track your income. Online articles on related subjects can be linked together organically, which increases page views and, thus, income. Plus, writing a series of articles on the same topic helps you analyze your writing income (it’s easier to identify an increase in income over a set period of time, such as a week, versus a complete change in writing direction).

Write on different topics in different categories. Most online writing gigs pay writers according to page view volume or with an advertising revenue share. Writing in different topic areas can help you earn more money because some topics are far more lucrative than others. Experiment with different topics to see what works best. And, link a group of same-subject articles or blog posts together at the same time, rather than going back months later to look for “orphan” articles.

Write “evergreen” articles. To keep your income steady during seasonal peaks and troughs, remember that some topics have natural peaks. For instance, online articles or blog posts about outdoor activities attract more interest in summer months when the weather is good. In contrast, articles about money, relationships, or health are popular all year round.

Don’t forget about seasonal articles! While “evergreen” articles are best for steady long term income, seasonal articles can give a much needed income boost, especially if written from a fresh angle. Do some solid research to find a different perspective on making a fancy dress costume for Halloween or finding a unique gift for Christmas. Write seasonal articles a good two months in advance for maximum impact.

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Don’t get stuck for ideas! To find ideas to write about, check out hot topics on Twitter or other social bookmarking websites. Or, make a list of ten big things to do or buy in the next few months. Research will probably need to be done anyway, so use all that information for a new article.

Keep a notebook for new ideas to write about. Be disciplined when you’re diversifying your online writing: make a note of any new article ideas, plan when to write those articles, and don’t use a scattered approach. One of the best ways to come up with new ideas is to hit the road – read 5 Tips for Building an Online Business While Traveling for tips.

Have fun and find new energy! Diversifying often breathes a new lease of life into a writer, especially if you’re tired of thinking up new ideas for the usual subjects. Make a list of interesting topics and do a little keyword research. Once a few areas with higher potential for page views or ad revenue has been identified, your excitement levels will soar – especially when you start earning more money.

If you want to blog, but don’t know where to start, here are 5 Tips for New Bloggers.

If you have any thoughts or questions about diversifying your web writing, please comment below…

Helen Smeaton is the Feature Writer for Cycling and Mountain Biking at Suite101. She juggles writing with running a mountain bike and walking business with her husband, and has several websites including an insider’s travel guide called Cyprus Travel Secrets.

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    Thanks for your comments – and Helen, thank you for this post on diversifying your online writing and earning more money! I love finding gems like this in Quips and Tips 🙂

  • Laurie PK

    I haven’t found a new article idea on Twitter…my favorite way to find ideas for writing is to read the reader comments on my articles! I especially love when readers ask questions, so I can answer in a blog post 🙂
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    Thanks for the post. I could use some of the tips here. Like you said, I especially find Twitter a great place to find new topics to write about.
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    Hi Laurie,

    Tips for any kind of online writing for sure. Putting these ideas in place is really a good idea. I think even the most prolific writers get stuck now and then.

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