Your hands are full doing what you love (writing, creating products, running your business) – you have no time to market your books and brand online! It’s time to hire a social media marketer.

How to Hire a Social Media MarketerHere’s what one published author says:

“I’ve read a million ‘how to’s’ about social media, and have spent a ton of time creating the array of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Linkedin pages. Plus, of course, my own website and WordPress blog. I’m finding I just don’t have the time to do this. This could be a full time job…I could literally spend 10 hours a day, 5-6 days a week, doing all this stuff, trying to make connections, updating the sites, writing blogs, etc. But I have to actually CREATE new material, and EDIT that material, which in itself I barely have time to do. I need to get help. I want to hire someone to promote my books and writing. The goal is that people would buy my book (via Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or my own website) and I would get my name and writing promoted in my niche. My goal isn’t to sell the most books, but to get my art into the hands of the most people. Where can I of get a list of reputable people or groups who will publicize and promote for me, so I can get back to writing?”

Hey – that’s where I’m at, too! I want to write for my Quips and Tips blogs (and continue making money – I earned over $60,000 from blogging in 2012!). It’s taking me a long time to realizing the importance of social media to market my blogs.

Just yesterday I created a Blossom Facebook page…but I cringe at the thought of promoting my posts and ebooks. Plus, there’s the time and energy it takes! I’d rather write.

You’re in the same boat, right? Else you wouldn’t be here. Or you have tips for hiring a social media marketer for writers – and if you do, please share them in the comments section below. Leave your website link and a brief bio along with your tip.

Here are a few tips for hiring someone to do social media stuff for you…

You have to stay connected to your social media sites

Here’s a tip I was disheartened to find:

“Although Alexandra Samuel (Vice-President of Social Media at Vision Critical) runs a firm that helps people manage their social media strategies, she doesn’t recommend outsourcing social media management. Even though hiring an outside firm to develop a strategy can work well, it’s almost always better to have someone inside the company run the actual social media feeds.” – from How to hire the right social media manager in The Globe and Mail, by Omar El Akkad.

The more I think about it, though, the more I understand it. Your internal employees have their fingers on the pulse, and often know what and what not to spread around. External social media marketers don’t have the insider knowledge that you do – and they don’t love your business the way you do!

You need to stay connected to your social media sites and profiles. You need to carve time out of your day to connect with your readers.

The good news: the social media experts abound!

The best way to hire anyone to do anything is by word-of-mouth. If you’re a writer, connect with authors who have social media marketers. Who do they recommend?

I’m not sure what professional accreditation there is to “be” a social media expert. This is bad news, I think, because anyone can call him or herself an expert. I don’t know where to get a list of reputable people or groups who will publicize and promote your books and other types of writing.

But some social media marketers are really bad at their job

Like with any profession, there are some “bad” apples in the bunch. I’ve never hired a social media marketer, but I know I’d be one of those bad apples because I’m not detail oriented. I’m not interested in finding creative ways to market my blogs or ebooks, and I just don’t like to market myself or anyone else.

Before you hire someone to promote your books and writing, read 10 Questions You Must Ask When Hiring a Social Media Consultant by Kim Lachance Shandrow, over at

Are you an introvert? I am – and maybe that’s why I don’t like promoting my blogs. If you’re an introvert too, you might like Networking Tips for Introverted People.

What do you think, fellow scribes? Got any tips for hiring a social media expert for us?


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