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10 Encouraging Gift Ideas for Writers and Bloggers

All writers and bloggers – even famous published authors and successful journalists – get discouraged sometimes! Everyone needs the gift of encouragement; nobody needs it more than bloggers and writers who are going through a dry season of writing.

leather journal gift for writers

A Leather Journal for Writers is an inspiring gift for bloggers and writers who are sadly stuck in a writing rut. Writing in something different – or somewhere different – is a great way to get out of a discouraging slump. Attach the gift of a Luxury Pen by Scriveiner London (a stunning black lacquer rollerball pen with 24K gold finish), and you will have one happily encouraged writer.

No matter what gift you give the writer or blogger in your life, your words of encouragement are probably the most important and meaningful. Discouragement and disappointment are a natural part of a writer’s life. We need to be encouraged to keep going, write one word at a time, published one blog post a day (or week), and refuse to give up on our dreams. To that end, the best gifts for all types of writers, bloggers, artists and content creators are ones that encourage them keep creating.

I’ve been making money blogging on my own websites for more than 10 years, and I still get discouraged. The more encouragement I get from family, friends and readers, the happier I am. And the happier I am, the more I write. It’s an upward spiral of words and blog posts that is a joy to behold.

8 Gifts for Discouraged Writers and Bloggers

Finding perfect gift that encourages writers and bloggers is easier when you know her personality, quirks, likes, dislikes and daily habits. For instance, if she loves a big hot mug of strong coffee at 4 am because that’s when she gets up to correspond with God, then she’ll love the gift of coffee.

On the other hand, if your writer or blogger is a night owl who stays up until 4 am writing and blogging, then he’ll also love the gift of coffee! So let’s start there.

1. The gift of alertness and yumminess

Encouraging Gifts to Give Writers and Bloggers
The Gift of Coffee to Perk Up Writers and Bloggers

Bean Box – World Coffee Tour – Whole Bean Gourmet Coffees include 16 gourmet coffees from the world’s top microlots. This gift is a tour of Seattle’s top roasters, and will keep your writer or blogger caffeinated if not encouraged.

Is your blogger a tea drinker? Even the most disheartened, discouraged, disappointed writer will love the the Numi Organic Tea Flowering Gift Set. The tea literally blossoms in the teapot – which is a beautiful symbol of planting the seeds of words that grow into sentences, books and blog posts! This gift includes a handcrafted mahogany bamboo chest, a glass teapot, and six flowering tea blossoms.

2. An hour a week to talk about nothing but writing

There’s nothing I love more than to talk about my She Blossoms blogs (formerly “Quips and Tips for Successful Writers”) blogs, share what I’m learning, and verbally flesh out new marketing ideas. I’d be thrilled if one of my friends or family members gave me one hour a week to talk about nothing but blogging and writing. What a gift for a writer! A dedicated hour to talk about nothing but writing or blogging. The gift of time is priceless.

3. A colorful splash of encouragement

Gifts to for Discouraged Writers and Bloggers
Gifts to for Discouraged Writers and Bloggers

This “Hello Beautiful” Gift Basket for Women includes a beautiful leather journal, six fragrant bath bombs, a scarf, socks, and ring holders for jewelry. What more could a discouraged writer or blogger need? And, this gift is wrapped and ready to give. Any writer or blogger would feel special, loved, and hopeful after receiving this gift.

The best gifts to inspire writers and bloggers are symbols of faith, encouragement, and hope. No matter how successful your writer is, she needs inspiration to keep writing. Remind your discouraged writer or blogger that she will get through this dry season and blossom in a fresh new patch of life!

4. A prepaid consultation with a blog auditor, book doctor, or writing coach

I often think about hiring a web expert to review my blogs. Do I have too many ads? Should I write more SEO-optimized blog posts, or am I too keyword heavy? Am I using the right plugins? How can I publicize my blogs better? A consultation with an experienced web writer or professional blogger is one of the best gift ideas for blog writers — both new and experienced.

5. An encouraging coffee mug for writers

writers and bloggers gift ideas
writers and bloggers gift ideas

Yup, a “Just One More Chapter” Glass Coffee Mug is a cliche gift for bloggers and writers. But it’s also perfect! This encouraging gift will help your writer keep writing, your blogger keep blogging, and your journalist keep journaling.

Coffee mugs – especially good Stainless Steel Travel Mugs are practically priceless for writers and bloggers. If you’re looking for a gift for a published author, get something with his book title engraved or emblazoned across it. Gifts that celebrate how far we’ve come as writers can be incredibly inspirational and encouraging.

6. A personalized stamp, sign, or business cards

When I first started freelance writing and blogging a million years ago, my husband gave me the gift of a sign for my office door. “The Adventurous Writer” was my brand – and having the sign really did help me feel more like a writer. It gave me authority or permission somehow.

He also gave me a set of business cards (“Quips and Tips” to represent my blog series), and a stamp for my books (“From the Library of The Adventurous Writer”).  What I really loved about these gifts was that it showed how seriously my husband takes my writing business and blogging career. He believes in me. The best gift you can give a discouraged blogger or writer is your support in a tangible form. Stamps, bookmarks, or pens with her blog name, writer’s logo, or book title are inspirational gifts for discouraged writers and bloggers.

7. A prepaid membership to a writer’s association or bloggers “members’ only” club

I belong to a small business owners’ group that meets every Tuesday morning for breakfast; we talk about advertising, marketing, branding, and all sorts of business-related things. We also share leads, tips, and even requests for work. If I was looking for freelance writing contracts, I’d always have clients! They aren’t writers; they’re business owners. This club costs $14 a month, and it’s worth it. Consider helping your writer or blogger find support and encouragement by giving the gift of a prepaid subscription fee to an online or in-person club.

8. Cheese and crackers to go with your writer’s wine

Encouraging Gifts for Writers and Bloggers
Wine Coasters – A Gift for Writers and Bloggers

These Wine Coasters are a fun gift for discouraged writers and bloggers – especially if you add a bottle of wine, cheese, and crackers.

Along the same lines, you can’t lose with a gourmet gift basket of anything assorted. Gift baskets are fun to open and explore – especially for us curious writer and blogger types. Gift baskets are also practical, enjoyable, easy to share with others, and fun to open and sort through. It’s less expensive to make gift baskets at home, especially if you buy the ingredients in bulk (eg, store bought or homemade cookies, wine, gourmet coffees or teas, chocolates, etc.) and make several baskets at once.

9. Chocolates engraved with the words, “A gift for the best writer in the world!”

This is a cool idea: you can create personalized M&M’S®. The Mars chocolate experts will put photos, phrases, and names on their teeny weeny chocolates. If you have a photo of your blogger, a smart blogging tip, or a inspirational writing quip, you can put the image on the chocolate with something like “Merry Christmas to my Favorite Blog Writer!” And, M&M’s last a long time – so your writer can savor this present for months, or even years.

10. A book about how to make money blogging

If your writer is discouraged because she’s starving and can’t get her book published, give her the gift of Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income. Seriously. Getting a book published isn’t all it’s cracked up to be; blogging for a living is much more interesting, profitable, and helpful to the world.

Here’s the gift I want this year: a trip to India. A spiritual pilgrimmage, a journey from New Delhi to Mumbai, a inspirational life-changing event that changes how I see writing and blogging! And that’s the gift I think I’ll give myself. 🙂


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10 thoughts on “10 Encouraging Gift Ideas for Writers and Bloggers”

  1. Thanks for your comments — I hadn’t thought of a premium subscription of Problogger’s tips as a gift for bloggers! Great idea.

    Talking through my blog posts and future plans is one of the best gifts my husband can give me. I LOVE talking about Quips and Tips, and could do it until the cows come home 🙂

  2. You have pin-pointed which are among the most wanted gifts for any blogger. I think even you need some of these, you have tried to modify your wishlist into a Gift post. Anyways, i would really love if anyone gives me a premium subscription of a Problogger blog tips

  3. I love it. You wrote this up and now your husband has no excuses.

    Good point about wanting to talk through your blog once a month. Sometimes I feel like I just need the back and forth of conversation to fully flesh out an idea. Bouncing ideas off someone is almost like adding another dimension to mind mapping.

    Merry Christmas.