Get Your Book Published – Tips From Editors, Publishers, and Agents

successful writersThese tips for getting your book published are from a panel of writers, agents, and editors at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference.

If you dream of being a successful writer, these answers to oft-asked questions about getting published are a must-read!

First, a quip from a famous writer:

“If the doctor told me I had only six minutes to live, I wouldn’t brood,” said Isaac Asimov. “I’d type a little faster.”

Talk about drive, determination, discipline! Wow…and that’s why Asimov wrote and published dozens of books. If you aspire to a book publishing contract, click The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Getting Published for help.

And, read on for publishing tips from experienced literary agents, editors and publishers…

How to Get Your Book Published 

This is a transcript from a “Question and Answer” session at the Surrey International Writers Conference.

I freshened this article up a little, and re-published it as How to Get Your Book Published – Advice From Publishing Pros. It was five years old!

What are the major mistakes that writers do when trying to get their book published?

Half of the submissions are submitted too soon – the writing isn’t up to par, the writer isn’t thinking professionally, the manuscript reads like a first draft, or the writer doesn’t submit manuscripts the way publishers prefer. Publishing tip: unsolicited email mass queries will be deleted immediately.

Do writers need to hire a professional editor to get their book published?

Eventually, you’ll have to recognize whether your book is ready on your own. You need to build skills to write your own novels and increase your confidence in your writing – and the only way to do that is to edit yourself! It’s not worth a writer’s money to hire a professional editor. If you do hire an editor, make sure they’re good.

Should writers compare their book to others in a query letter?

Knowing the similar books on the market gives publishing houses an idea of whether it sold in the past (this can indicate how well it’ll do in the future). Knowing what’s out there also shows what you know about the market, and how much research you’ve done. But – the Simon & Shuster editor did say she doesn’t want to hear about similar books on the market or your marketing plans. She has a strong handle on what’s already out there.

Here’s a good tip for after your book is published: it’s very important to communicate your marketing efforts to your publisher and editor so they don’t double up on the efforts. Publishers have exact schedules, and writers need to adhere to it to be successful.

If you want to get your book published, fellow scribes, I encourage you to attend events such as the Surrey International Writers’ Conference. Not only will you learn about writing, you’ll do alot of networking — which will help you be a successful writer.

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2 thoughts on “Get Your Book Published – Tips From Editors, Publishers, and Agents”

  1. Thanks for your thoughts, Brian. I agree – we writers don’t understand how publishers think. That’s why getting a literary agent is so important! Or, taking the time to learn the ins and outs of the business of publishing.

  2. The key to getting your book published is understanding how publishers think. Most writers don’t. I got my book published with an international publishing house not because it was particularly unique, but because I spoke their language.