Getting More Links to Your Blog – Things That Make People Link

getting more links to your blogWhat blogger doesn’t want to get more links to her blog? I know I do, so I asked my Quips and Tips writers what makes them link to blog posts, spread web articles, and keep visiting a blogger’s space.

Here’s a great tip, right off the bat:

“I really like clean cut minimal looking blogs that have personality, such as a specially designed font or illustration as the background,” says Heather Welsh, of Central Reservation. “Content is important, too. I’m really interested in contemporary art so I want to share cool new art with others, something creative that attracts my attention.”

In addition to creating clean, lean, easily navigated sites, bloggers need to create relationships with readers. For tips, read The Zen of Social Media Marketing: An Easier Way to Build Credibility, Generate Buzz, and Increase Revenue by Shama Hyder Kaban.

And here’s what a few other writers say about what inspires them to link, spread, and keep visiting certain blogs…

How to Get More Incoming Links to Your Blog

Let’s start with what I don’t do best: be funny and interesting…

“Usually what makes me share blog posts are funny, interesting takes on current issues,” says Chris Loud. “Or informative articles that I think would help a lot of my friends.”

But I am informative 🙂

Interesting events and personal experiences

“I am a sucker for current events and gossip,” says Sheena Koo, of HeSaidSheenaSaid. “So, when I see a news story about a persons life or an interesting situation, I am tempted to link and share the blog with other people. I suppose it can be summed up as “unique lives and unique situations” interest. I love learning new information, but I find it even more interesting when the new information is told through a personal experience, with a picture to boot.”

WIIFM – “What’s in it for me?”

“What gets me to link with other sites is the ‘what’s in it for me” factor,” says Heiddi Zalamar, of “I love websites that offer helpful information as well as supporting like-minded websites with helpful information. And free stuff, giveaways and contests are other things that tend to draw me in.”

WIIFM isn’t just about getting more links to your blog — it’s about selling more articles and books as a writer.

Learning about the blogger

“Blogs that allow me to get to know the blogger capture my attention – even if others are writing on the site,” says Gail Armanini, of “Who is Laurie and what does she think about this or that? I like sort of op-ed and short essay – it could be on any subject, but I want to get to know you as a blogger. I want to look forward to what your opinion is on something.”

Blog posts worth sharing

“I link to blog posts when I find something of value that I think is worth sharing,” says Sharon Hurley Hall, of Get Paid to Write Online. “I revisit/subscribe for the same reasons. Every so often I get information overload and do a cull based on whether I’m still finding fresh and relevant content. I think the Quips and Tips blogs are interesting for someone like me who enjoys finding out about different things – just for the sake of knowing.”

Controversial and surprising

“More than anything, what causes me to link to a certain bloggers’ posts, post them on my FB profile, etc is that the post content is particularly controversial, funny, debate inspiring, surprising (wow inducing) or very useful information on a topic that it’s hard to get good info on,” says Stephan Jukic. “Likewise for what makes me revisit a certain blog frequently and spread news of a blog around. It’s also important that the blog be relevant to my interests (a highly specific niche) and that fresh, quality content be frequently added.”

Expand on a blogger’s topic

”I like and link to blogs that add value for my readers, enhance a topic I might be writing about, and publish content I enjoy: health topics, humor and tips,” says Vidya Sury, of Going A-Musing. “I usually link to blog posts that have content I find enjoyable or blog about it. Every Sunday, I feature three websites/blogs that I enjoy on my blog.”

Motivational blog posts

“It’s mostly humor or if I find something very, very motivational,” says Katherine Eion. “Lately, I’ve been keeping up with blogs about SEO and tips for writing. But when I find something that makes me laugh out loud, I’m highly likely to share that….For example, BBC had a wonderful April Fool’s joke about evolution working backwards and penguins flying…hilarious!”

For more tips for getting more links, read Get More Blog Readers – 5 Tips for Reviving Old Blog Posts.

What do you think — why do people link to your blog? Why don’t they link? Comments welcome below!

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2 thoughts on “Getting More Links to Your Blog – Things That Make People Link”

  1. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Thanks for your thoughts, Pedro! I write all my blog posts in a specific way (I guess I could call it a “formula”), but some just aren’t nearly as popular as others. I think it’s not just how we write posts that attracts readers and links, it’s what’s already been written on the topic.

    For instance, an article about getting published won’t likely make it to the first page of search results because there are SO MANY similar articles. But an article on how to write with a feather pen may rise to the top right away, because there are few on that topic. But not many people may be searching for feather pen writing….so many things to consider!

    I like your idea of visiting A list blogs and looking for patterns.


  2. This is an excellent idea, and it is quite ZEN as a matter of fact. Why struggle to build links, when you could just as well focus on creating memorable, engaging, funny and/or provocative content that draws links naturally?

    Here’s a good way to brainstorming for “linkbait” content, for anyone who already owns a blog: determine which of your previous posts have gathered more links, traffic and influence and try to replicate the formula in future posts. It looks deceptively simple, but it’s a powerful technique.

    Likewise, you can visit any A-list blog and do a similar analysis; patterns *will* emerge and ideas will fourish!