Get Paid to Blog for Quips and Tips

If you want to get paid for blogging, I have a job for you. I’ve been blogging since 2008, and created seven “Quips and Tips” blogs. I can’t write for them all – I can barely keep up with the comments from readers. Help!

get paid to blog
Get Paid to Blog for Quips and Tips

I want to pay bloggers to write articles that show readers they’re not alone. What is a problem you’ve faced, and how did you solve it? Write an article that contains five tips that describe how you coped with something in your life, such as……….

  • Health issues
  • Household snafus
  • Work or career issues
  • Financial challenges
  • Relationship breakdowns
  • Travel problems
  • Parenting conundrums
  • Family difficulties
  • Holiday hassles

My most popular posts are those that show readers they’re not alone. For example, in Should You Give Your Dog Away? 5 Things to Consider I describe one of the most painful problems I’ve faced and how I coped with it. It shows readers they’re not alone.

How Much Will You Get Paid to Blog?

The first thing you need to know is how much you’ll get paid per blog post. I can only afford to pay bloggers $15 per article. I think you can write an article in an hour, which means you’ll get paid $15 per hour. This blogging job won’t make you rich, but you’ll get writing experience, links to your blog, and exposure.

After you’ve written 10 articles, I will pay you $20 per article.

About Quips and Tips

My blogs have paid me since I started in 2008, but my income has dipped because I lost focus. I tend to keep creating blogs instead of concentrating on one or two, and I get bored easily. Plus, I went back to school a couple years ago and let my blogs wither on the vine. I need to rebuild, and I can’t do it alone.

I have hired bloggers for Quips and Tips in the past (three years ago), but I had no idea what I was getting myself into! I didn’t realize how much editing and administrative work was involved in hiring and paying bloggers. Back then I wrote about why I stopped hiring bloggers – which is fortunate. I’ve found solutions to my previous problems with paying bloggers to write for me.

4 Steps to Writing for Quips and Tips

If you have any questions about blogging for me, please ask in the comments section below.

1. Introduce yourself in the comments section below

Tell me your name and the problem you want to write about. I will email you a confirmation.

Alternatively – below is a list of articles I’m planning to write for my blogs. If you want to write one of them, let me know. I’m not as interested in paying bloggers to write the articles below — I’d much rather hear how you coped with a specific problem in your life. You don’t need to “apply” before getting paid to blog for Quips and Tips, but I would like to know which article you’re interested in writing. Comment below, and let me know what you’re working on. If somebody has already written it, I’ll email you. I intend to regularly update this list, so bloggers won’t be working on the same articles. However, since I have so many blogs I may publish more than one article on the same topic.

2. Review my guidelines for bloggers

Here are my blogging guidelines:

  • Your article must be at least 750 words of original content that has not been published online
  • Your article must include at least five subtitles, steps, or tips in bold
  • If you include information from books, websites, or other resources, you must share your original source

I may choose not to publish or pay for your article if I don’t think it fits my blogs – which means you’re writing “on spec.” I won’t publish articles that are poorly written or unhelpful to readers. I won’t publish an article that contains information and tips that we see all the time (eg, “a tip for good blogging is to avoid passive sentences”). In my list of blogs and articles “assignments” below, I list several blog posts I’ve written – I think they are good examples of the type of blog posts I’m happy to pay you for.

3. Email me your article – along with your bio and links

Please include a short bio and your headshot at the end of your article. I will give you full credit for the article, of course! Before I post your article on Quips and Tips, I will add an introduction from me and probably include related books and products to help readers get more information. I will also add an image.

I will send you the link when the article is published – and I’ll post it on my Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, and LinkedIn pages. I hope you share your article with your friends and followers – but please do not copy and paste the full published article onto your own blog or website. If you want, you can upload a “teaser” (about 250 words) onto your blog and link back to the full article on Quips and Tips.

4. Email me your invoice

I need your invoices for tax purposes. Email me your invoice by the 2nd day of the month after your article is published. For example, if I publish your article on November 15, you need to send me your invoice by December 2. I will pay you via PayPal by the 5th of that month). If you’re new to invoicing, read How to Create a Writer’s Invoice.

Questions about getting paid to blog for Quips and Tips? Ask below!

My Quips and Tips Blogs – and Available Topics

I will keep updating the available topics and assignments, so keep checking back.

If you have an idea for a tips-based article on any topic, please tell me in the comments below! I welcome creativity and inspiration – but I only publish articles that help readers solve specific problems. For instance, I won’t pay for a “How to Lose Weight” blog post, but I would definitely consider “How to Lose Weight After Quitting Smoking.”

1. Zzz Sleep Blog – Get Paid to Blog About Sleep

On ZZZ Sleep Blog (even though it’s not called “Quips and Tips”, I consider it part of the quips and tips family), I offer solutions for a variety of sleep problems.

Here are two of my posts, to give you an idea of what I’m looking for:

If you want to blog about sleep, please read through those two articles. This will save us both a lot of time, because you’ll see the type of blog posts I will pay for.

Blog Posts Needed for the Sleep Blog

  • 10 Tips for People Who Have Trouble Sleeping
  • Reasons for Excessive Daytime Sleepiness
  • Symptoms of Sleep Apnea
  • How Depression Affects Your Sleep – Done! Written by Linda Klonsky
  • 5 Healthy Sleep Habits of a Happy Child
  • How to Sleep With a Snorer
  • Symptoms of Sleep Deprivation
  • 7 Types of Sleeping Music
  • Trazodone for Sleep
  • How to Get to Sleep
  • Top 10 Sleeping Habits
  • 10 Things to Help You Sleep

If you don’t have personal or professional experience with these sleep topics, take a few minutes to research ScienceDaily, MayoClinic, WebMD, or other government, university, or health websites. Don’t copy the information! Instead, use your writing skill, style, and voice to share what you learn. Weave in your thoughts on the topic, or share a current news story about the topic. Get curious about the topic – you’ll be surprised what you learn!

2. Quips and Tips for Love and Relationships

Quips and Tips for Love and Relationships is my most popular blog; it gets over 6,000 hits a day.

Two of my most popular posts are:

These blog posts are easier to write than the sleep or fertility ones, because they aren’t health-based or scientific. However, that doesn’t mean you can just whip off an article in 15 minutes about fixing a marriage – and expect to get paid for your blog post! I want to bring readers quality tips and opinions, so they keep coming back.

Blog Posts Needed for Love and Relationships

  • 8 Signs He Wants a Relationship
  • How to Fix a Marriage
  • When to End a Relationship
  • Love Language Test
  • 7 Signs of an Affair
  • How to Recognize Bad Relationship Advice
  • 10 Tips for Interracial Relationships
  • Signs of an Abusive Marriage
  • Relationship Advice for Women
  • Relationship Advice for Men
  • How to Fix a Broken Relationship
  • 10 Tips for New Relationships
  • 10 Tips for Newlyweds
  • How to Make a Relationship Last
  • How to Spice Up a Relationship
  • How to Cope With a One-Sided Relationship
  • How to Rekindle a Relationship
  • 7 Tips for Taking a Break in a Relationship

I welcome your tips-oriented, practical article ideas for other relationship blog posts! Divorce, separation, stepfamilies, Christian marriages, friendships – the options are endless. Use your experience, share what you learned, help readers solve their relationship problems.

3. The Dog Blog – Get Paid to Blog About Dogs

On The Dog Blog, you can share how you solved various dog problems. Here are a couple of my more popular blog posts:

I have included several general pet care articles on the dog blog, so feel free to share your ideas for pet blog posts.

Articles Needed for the Dog Blog

  • 8 Tips for Grooming Your Dog at Home
  • Causes of Canine Influenza
  • Most Common Dog Diseases
  • What Dog is Right for Me?
  • 10 Best Types of Dry Dog Food
  • What Not to Feed Your Dog
  • How to Find a Dog Sitter
  • 10 Tips for Finding a Pet Sitter
  • How to Become a Dog Sitter
  • What Kind of Dog Should I Get?
  • 10 Signs You Should Take Your Dog to the Vet

If you have experience with dogs – or if you’ve blogged about dogs in the past and you want to edit and add to that post – feel free to suggest article ideas.

4. Quips and Tips for Couples Coping With Infertility

On Quips and Tips for Couples Coping With Infertility, I offer a wide range of articles about getting pregnant and dealing with women’s gynecological health problems.

Here are two fertility blog posts:

If you’ve been pregnant, you probably have a zillion ideas for articles. I welcome your suggestions.

Articles Needed for the Fertility Blog

  • When Are You Most Fertile? 5 Signs of Ovulation – Done! written by Nathana Clay
  • How to Get Pregnant When You Have PCOS
  • How to Use a Fertility Calendar
  • What is a Fertility Cycle?
  • 10 Ways to Improve Female Fertility
  • 10 Ways to Improve Male Fertility
  • How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant
  • Can You Get Pregnant on Birth Control?
  • Symptoms of Menstruation
  • How to Deal With Painful Menstruation
  • 8 Tips for Coping With Heavy Periods
  • How to Cope With Long Periods

Again, if you have ideas for blogging about fertility, pregnancy, or menstruation, please comment below!

5. Bounce Back Babe – Get Paid to Blog About the Holidays

I want to post articles about holidays and gifts on the Blossom – but I’m open to suggestions. This blog is a general interest blog. Two of my most popular articles are…

Currently, my focus for this blog is tips and gifts that help people heal, and have a more meaningful holiday season.

Posts Needed for the Bounce Back Babe blog:

  • 10 Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for the Hostess – Done! Written by Peggy Williams
  • Easy Side Dishes to Make for Thanksgiving Dinner
  • 10 Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas – Meatless
  • What to Do With Leftover Turkey – Done! Written by Janet Caplan
  • 10 Gifts for Cancer Patients
  • 10 Gifts for Open Heart Surgery Recovery
  • Gifts for Chemo Patients
  • Financial Assistance for Cancer Patients
  • 10 Funeral Gifts for Widows
  • After Surgery Gifts for Your Boyfriend
  • What to Give Your Wife for Christmas

I welcome your suggestions for holiday season articles and gifts that help people cope with difficult experiences. I need specific, tightly focused blog posts, please!

6. Quips and Tips for Successful Writers – Get Paid to Blog About Writing

And finally, we come to Quips and Tips for Successful Writers. This is where you are now, and it’s one of my most neglected blogs.

Two sample articles are:

I abandoned this blog because there are SO MANY blogs and websites about writing and blogging. But, I’m willing to pay bloggers to write because I don’t want this blog to die.

Articles Needed for Successful Writers:

  • 10 Writing Techniques
  • How to Find Your Writing Process
  • 10 Tips for Academic Writing
  • Writing Strategies for Beginners – Done! Written by Jim Heskett
  • 10 Writing Careers – Done! Written by Peggy Williams
  • How to Write (____________you fill in the blank!)
  • Tips for Writing a Research Paper
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If you want to get paid to blog for Successful Writers, you need to offer solid information and tips. There are too many awesome blogs and websites vying for clicky clicky, and only the best blog posts rise to the top!

What do you think about getting paid to blog for Quips and Tips? I welcome your comments and questions below.

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