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How to Start an Inspirational Christian Blog

Sharing your faith has never been easier! These tips on how to start an inspirational Christian blog will help you write like you have a message from the King (because you do). Blogging for Jesus involves humility, courage, and faith-based boldness. Christian bloggers also need a thick skin, a steady stream of wisdom from the Holy Spirit, and a close relationship with God.

My inspiration for this article came from a fellow believer, a Christian writer who discovered “She Blossoms” by searching for blogging ideas.

“My husband will be retiring in about three years and I work part-time as an at-home medical transcriptionist,” says Darlene on How to Know What to Blog About. “I also teach a weekly women’s Bible study group and have been helping women apply God’s word to their everyday lives for 30 years. We will soon be transitioning into permanent 5th wheel living and I have been looking for a way to make money from anywhere as we travel. I want to start a Christian blog both to share my faith and our process of going full-time from a home into an RV, along with our subsequent learning/traveling experiences.”

What a wonderful idea for an inspirational Christian blog – I love it! It’s practical and faith-based, interesting and inspirational. And yes, Darlene can actually support herself and her husband financially as a writer…if she learns how to make money blogging.

Update from Darlene: her new Christian blog is called Rooms Filled With Treasures – and is it beautiful! Visit her, sit awhile, enjoy meandering through her lovely space.

These seven tips for starting and writing a Christian blog apply to all types of faith-based writers. I’m riffing off Darlene’s questions and comments on my “how to know what to blog about” article, but my tips will apply to you, too.

8 Tips for Starting a Christian Blog

I’ll weave the rest of Darlene’s comments through my tips. Her thoughts will inspire and inform you; she also has excellent questions about writing inspirational blog posts. If you have any thoughts for her – or questions for me on how to start blogging as a Christian – please feel free to ask below.

The most important thing is to start today. “Act on what you hear!” says Paul in James 1:22-24. “Those who hear and don’t act are like those who glance in the mirror, walk away, and two minutes later have no idea who they are, what they look like.” (The Message)

Every person in the Bible had to step out of boat before they were blessed. No, they weren’t Christian bloggers – they were facing much bigger and scarier giants! It’s always a risk, and it requires discipline and focus.

1. Know why you want to blog for Jesus

Darlene summarized her reasons for starting a blog:

  1. I believe I have a writing and communication gift that would serve me well with a blog.
  2. I want to share my faith in God and encourage others by bringing the Word of God to life through short devotional teachings, plus share our RV preparation/fulfillment from the beginning as we move toward retirement.
  3. I want to make an income to support us after my husband’s retirement.

Perfect. Darlene has already created her vision of what she wants her blog to be about, why she wants to start blogging, and who her audience is. This clarity and focus is more than half the battle.

What about you? Why do you want to start an inspirational Christian blog? List three reasons – not just the standard “God calls us to share the good news of Jesus Christ” — even though that is 100% true. God DOES call us to share our testimonies of how Jesus has changed our lives and given us joy, peace, freedom, and grace. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a Christian blogger and spread the gospel in your writing! But if you want to consistently blog for years to come, you need a more personal and specific reason for blogging.

2. Be honest about the gaps in your knowledge

“Quite honestly, I am not too worried about the writing side since I have been writing devotionals and teachings for a long time,” says Darlene.

How to blog for Jesus

“I know I will need to focus on keywords in order for the search engines to pick me up, etc., but I can understand that kind of stuff. What scares me to pieces is the actual setting up of the blog and webpage itself. I am not tech-savvy, nor am I a good self-learner in regard to computer programs. I learn best by someone showing me as I do it and then I’m good to go. So, any help in that direction would be awesome!”

I love how humble and honest she is about her strengths and weaknesses. Darlene knows exactly what she is and isn’t good at. She knows where she needs help, and where she’s fine to fly like an eagle.

And you? What are your fears and worries about starting a Christian blog? Maybe it’s the idea of writing online, or expressing your faith-based beliefs without knowing how you’ll be received. Maybe you’ve already started blogging but nobody is reading your posts…and maybe this is testing your faith in God and yourself as a writer. Or, maybe you need help with the tech and computer part of starting a Christian blog.

3. Get help from professional (Christian?) bloggers and writers

In How to Start a Blog, I share the basics of starting a WordPress blog. I learned how to be blogger by simply jumping in with both feet and trying different delivery systems, blog themes, WordPress plugins, and even coding programs until I achieved the results I wanted.

But everyone is different, right? I’ve been approached many times by writers who are more comfortable with in-person help setting up a blog…but it’s not my calling. I’m a writer. All I want to do is write and work on my own blogs. I’m not teacher (even though I’m actually formally trained as a teacher – I have a Bachelor of Education! That’s how I know I’m not a teacher 🙂 ).

A smart way to start your inspirational Christian blog is to figure out exactly what type of help you need, and do an internet search for your specific question. If you’re more comfortable with in-person help, include your location in your query. So you might ask Google, “Who can help me set up a Christian WordPress blog and website in my city, state, or province?” or “Jesus bloggers and webmasters in X.”

4. Join MeetUp or take an in-person “how to start a blog” class

You’ll find plenty of webmasters, web design professionals, SEO experts, bloggers, online writers, and freelancers who would be happy to help you start your Christian blog remotely if you pay them lots of money. Skype, Facetime, Google groups – there are many ways to connect and get help online. Computer techs have long been able to log into and even do work on your computer from a distance.

However, learning in-person is more effective and valuable for many people…which is why I encourage you to look for a blogging or WordPress class in your area. Go in person, learn from somebody you can grab by the elbow! Another possibility is joining a MeetUp group for Christian bloggers, faith-based writers, WordPress publishers, affiliate marketers, etc. The networking aspect of in-person interaction with other inspirational writers and bloggers is invaluable. You may find the perfect person to help you start your blog – and you may even be able to barter your goods or services so you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars in fees.

5. Learn how to make money blogging

When I last updated 8 Ways I Make Crazy Money With My Blogs, the most I made from Amazon in one month was $15,000. That was a whole year ago. Believe it or not, last month alone (December 2016) I made $41,000 US on Amazon.

I honestly have a hard time accepting that I make so much money blogging. I don’t feel guilty or embarrassed…I just find it shocking because I love writing so much! I could work on my blogs 12 hours a day and still have to be dragged away from my laptop because I feel like I’m just starting my day. It feels weird to be making such a great living doing something I’m passionate about. But I guess that’s God for you! He gives us a calling, and if we follow it we will be blessed in all aspects of our lives.

If I can make money as an inspirational Christian writer and blogger, then you can too.

6. Consider finding a specific niche for your blog

Here’s my response to Darlene’s initial comment:

“These are awesome reasons to start a blog! It sounds like you have a great deal of experience in Christian teaching for women – which you’re also passionate about. I love the idea of living in an RV. That’s my dream, actually. And now with the internet and the ability to make money blogging, it’s totally possible to live the dream! I also love that you and your husband are planning in advance. Three years is a good amount of time to get your blog going and learn how to make money blogging – as well as learning what to blog about. I encourage you to get as specific as possible with your blog topic. Not “just” a Christian blog for women…but something even more niched and focused. Do you have any ideas for specific topics to write about?”

The reason I encourage specific niches for Christian bloggers and freelance writers is because there are a million billion general blogs, magazines, and newspapers online. The best way to make money when you’re starting a Christian blog is to be as specific as possible. Why? Because you’ll attract an audience of readers who are interested in your topic, who will follow your blog, and who will invest in the products and services you recommend because they trust and like you.

You might also start a specific series for your blog. For example, just today I started my “She Blossoms Through the Bible” project on BlossomTips.com. To learn more about helpful blog series, read 6 Tips for Starting a Self-Help or Inspirational Blog.

7. Trust God and take the next step

“As far as topics, I have some ideas on how to broaden the blog,” said Darlene. “Following the commandment Jesus gave us to love God and love others, I want to address both of these areas of daily life.

How to Start a Christian Blog

Along with sharing my spiritual side, I also want to bring in everyday life topics that will encourage and inspire others to use their giftings to bless others. For instance, I am passionate about cooking (kitchen), hospitality (dining and living room), and again, walking through the emotional and physical plan to move from a sticks and bricks home into an RV (tiny rooms/home). So I would love to incorporate my passions for God and life within the same blog as well as appeal to those like us, who desire or need to live smaller due to financial reasons. What do you think? Too much or do you think the blog can handle it all?”

8. Diversify!

Even though I lean towards a specific and narrowly focused blog, I also know how valuable it is financially to have multiple streams of income. I made money blogging by creating several blogs – and I did find that my Christian blogs were least profitable. So is this writing blog, by the way. I love writing about writing and blogging, but it’s definitely not a good ROI.

Based on my experience starting one big general blog (“Quips and Tips” back in 2008) and then branching off into about 15 more specific blogs (including two Christian websites), I would say it’s too much for one blog to handle all those different topics. Why? Because your RV-passionate readers might not care about hospitality or cooking. They may stop reading your blog because they don’t want the distraction of a recipe or living room furniture article. Your Christian readers who want to explore and express their God-given gifts may not want to read about going potty or cooking in an RV.

That’s why starting a niched or specific Christian blog may be more effective than a general blog that covers many different topics. I’d recommend starting one blog that you’re most passionate about. Pray about it – ask God where He’s leading you. Maybe He’ll give you total freedom; maybe He’ll guide you towards a specific type of Christian blog for women. Experiment with it, learn, write, grow…and see where God takes you next.

Freelancing in a niche market is an excellent way to diversify your blogging portfolio. In How to Start a Life History Writing Business, I described how to help people write their autobiographies and memoirs. This is an excellent way to supplement your Christian blogging income…which, by the way, will be pennies a day when you first start your blog.

Resources for Starting a Christian Blog

How to Start a Christian Blog Jesus Bloggers

If you want to be a writer, read Christian Writers Market Guide 2019: Your Comprehensive Resource for Getting Published. You’ll learn how to write for publishers and editors, in addition to writing a Christian blog. This guidebook is the most comprehensive and highly recommended resource on the market for finding an agent, an editor, a publisher, a publicist, a writing coach, or a place to sell your Christian or faith-based writing.

Remember that one of the biggest secrets to making money as a Christian writer or blogger is to develop several sources of income – not just one.

starting a successful christian blog

In Starting a Successful Blog when you have NO CLUE! – 7 Steps to WordPress Bliss Gundi Gabrielle offers a proven 7-Step formula will get you started quickly and efficiently. She starts with web software (“What is WordPress and why do most successful bloggers use it?” and ends with Blogging and Marketing Training.

ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income by Darren Rowse was my go-to guidebook when I first started blogging. Darren is one of the world’s most successful bloggers, and he openly shares everything he learned about how to start and write a blog for beginners.

How do you feel about starting an inspirational Christian blog? Have you already started one, or are you still in the contemplation stage? Your comments – and blog links – are welcome below…

Do you want write for a living? Join the Writers Work Community and get professional career training, writing tools, an online portfolio, and more.

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20 thoughts on “How to Start an Inspirational Christian Blog”

  1. hey Laurie 🙂
    thanks for sharing this for us newbies. i’ve been writing on and off for a couple of years now. we homeschool, travel, and are pretty active in church life. my husband is a traveling preacher, we host weekly bible studies in our home … so its been pretty inconsistent. mainly i just get a burden on my heart – and write it down and leave it alone. i haven’t really shared it anywhere except to a few individuals here and there … but sometimes i write something and feel like … maybe this is a gem and something to share — but i don’t even know how or who to connect to. i don’t really want to do the huge self promotion thing. i’m still not sure how i feel about ads (i don’t use them on my site yet) … but is there a good place to start to connect Christian writers to Christian blogs or group blogs? I generally blog about lessons learned from the Lord in marriage and parenting (and I have a section for homeschool, but that’s a little separate) … my blog is here, http://www.chroniclesofmomia.com And yes – it totally is the multiple subjects everything blog … someday i may split it up … but for now i’m just trying to figure out how the whole blogging thing works to begin with 🙂

    1. Thanks for your message, Katherine, and for sharing your Christian blog! I love the Chronicles of Momia title — very clever 🙂 CS Lewis would be pleased.

      I don’t know how to connect online with Christian writers or Christian blogs; I try to stay offline as much as possible! I spend my workdays writing and blogging, and need to read my books at lunch and in the evenings. But if I wanted to connect online with Christian bloggers, I’d just do an internet search for “online Christian women bloggers.” I’d also search Facebook, Pinterest, and even Instagram for the same terms.

      Offline, I love Christian Writers’ Conferences for connecting with other writers. I’ve never been to a Christian Bloggers Conference, though. If you find a Christian group you like, feel free to share the links here. I’m sure other She Blossoms readers would love to join you wherever you end up 🙂


      PS I liked your story of Bear and cleaning up the mess on your blog. You’re a great writer!

  2. Hello Laurie,
    Enjoyed your blog about Christian blogging. Very good advice. One of my fears about blogging for “God” is that I never want to say anything that isn’t absolutely right or can be taken out of context! I believe the best way to avoid that would be to pray before you write!
    I think that our blog will be on two subjects: Bible Studies (in the realm of Revelation, Rapture and Things to Come) and bringing the gospel to people who are seeking. God is the only One who can make it a successful blog though. I trust that He will lead us and make it a success if that’s in His plan for us.
    our blog site: https://michaelcopple.blog/
    Blessings, Elfriede

  3. Elaine Mingus (Jesus-Blogger.com)

    I love that you include diversifying. In 2019, this is especially important. Christian bloggers need to realize they can no longer put all their eggs in the blogging basket (or ad basket or Amazon basket). I don’t know when you wrote this blog, but these truths are still true today!

  4. Hello Laurie,
    Me again! I guess I should have read your About Me first. Just found out that you live in BC, we live in BC too, really close to the Alberta border in the Heart of 6 National Parks!

  5. Hello Laurie,
    I am so excited I, Elfriede, came across your blog. My husband Mike who is the writer and I, Elfriede, his wife who handles everything else from getting his book published to blogging, we are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ as our Saviour.
    Upon many requests for a Bible Study on the book of Revelation, Mike started putting together a Study Guide for our Bible Study Group. Months later the adventure had turned into a major book project. We are currently self-publishing with WestBow Press. WestBow Press also provides and assists in the Marketing Process which is awesome! One recommendation was that blogging would be a great tool to get our name out there.
    After quite a bit of research (still doing that…) I started my adventure in creating a blog on WordPress with the idea to later, after the publishing of our Study Guide, my blog could be merged with our Website. Starting to blog was a bit scary to me but now after my 3rd post it is beginning to be fun. We don’t have a big audience yet, but like you said “God will lead and provide.” We sure believe that HE is in control.
    Thank you for all your information, I still need a lot of help, advise and am looking for encouragement. May God bless you in your walk with Him.

    1. It’s great to hear from you, Elfriede! Your husband Mike’s book sounds fascinating — and I’m so glad you’re blogging! The best part is your faith and love for the Lord, which shines through every word.

      Please do post your blog link here, so we can see it. I’d love to visit you online 🙂


  6. Well, I have been blogging for some time now. Not making any money at all; but before the money part, I would love to be a blessing to people first. Am praying on this, studing and searching . I still know am not doing something right. Could you help check out my blog? Suggestions will be a great help. Thank you. http://www.decrystalife.blogspot.com.ng

  7. HI, my name is Christean. I have been looking into really wanting to blog for Jesus. I have experienced many things within these past two years. I really feel as though im called by God to do this. I also really enjoy writing, and I have had dreams ,and enlightenments I feel were given to me from the lord. Im reaching out because I am a beginner within coming to the truth ,and I have little experience on grammar and typing. I have some questions about how to get started, and how to find out exactly how to put everything together in the proper way. I do suffer from anxiety issues. However I believe Jesus allows all for a reason. I Must do my part. If you could please email me further information on how to get started, and steps to take to proceed in blogging for Jesus that would be greatly appreciated. thankyou. Again my name is Christean. Have a great day! Look forward to hearing back soon.

  8. How much of your personal life should you share? It’s one thing for me to share with someone in person but another to share on the world wide web. Is it possible to actually have a successful blog without sharing your whole life with the world (e.g. pics on social media, family names, etc)?

  9. Thanks for the wordspiration.
    You made a statement about a Christian blog not being profitable and that you needed multiple streams of income.
    Should this multiple streams of income come from creating other blogs where you diversify to other topics,for instance,a fashion blog?

    1. There are many different ways to create multiple streams of income as a blogger – and yes, creating another blog is a good way to diversify. It really depends on your blog topic, niche, and interests.

  10. tb joshua ministries

    Thank you for posting such magical words, I feel super blessed after reading this! May Jesus bless all of you and shower all of his blessings on you.

  11. This was a good read, and an informative blog article. Thank you for the time that you spent putting it all together. There is a lot of good information here, that I’m sure I’ll come back to for inspiration again. I have started blogs in the past because I felt a drawing and then let it go later for different reasons. I am currently starting a new blog now and I’m looking forward to the journey and where the Lord may take me in this endeavor. God bless!

  12. Thanks, Onuoha! When you get your blog up and running, come back here and post the link. I’d love to visit it 🙂

  13. Onuoha Ikechukwwu

    I appreciate the insight I got from your write up,is quite inspiring for me and an eye opener as I want to start a Christian blog that will drive my ministry in my specific calling.

    Thank you once again and God bless you really good.