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Business Writing Jobs and Rates – How Much Do Writers Make?

This list of business writing jobs and rates will answer the question, “How much do writers make?” Note that these are business writing jobs and rates – they don’t include web writing, print magazine articles, book royalties, or blogging income. If you want to make money as a freelance writer, you need to read Robert W. Bly’s books. He’s a professional […]

How to Write a Business Thank You Letter

Knowing how to write a business thank you letter is an important skill for all businesspeople, including freelance writers! Sending a quick note thanking an editor for an assignment may help build a good working relationship and ensure those articles keep getting assigned. And that’s what these business letter writing tips are all about…. “A meaningful note reflects the individual you’re writing […]

5 Tips for Writing About a Boring Topic

Sad, but true: writers have to know how to write about boring topics because we’re not all lucky enough to write about what we love. Whether you’re writing an essay about dirt or a dull report about due diligence, these tips will help you engage in what you’re writing. These five tips are from guest writer Sarah Danielson, who says, “Dull […]

how to write about a boring topic

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5 Ways to Be the Writer Who Gets Hired

Some freelance writers have a steady stream of work — more writing gigs than they can handle! — while other freelancers are always job hunting. These five tips will help you be the writer who keeps getting hired… Before the tips, a quip: “The three things that are most essential to achievement are common sense, hard work and stick-to-it-iv-ness.” ~ Thomas […]

7 Reasons Writers Are Fools if They Don’t Tell Stories

Don’t be a foolish writer! Here, a publication coach describes the reasons writers need to tell stories, and explains why story-telling is “the most important job for writers.” “Telling stories – and telling them well – is probably the single most important job facing any writer,” says the Publication Coach, Daphne Gray-Grant. “And guess what? Stories aren’t just for novelists. They’re […]

Making Money Freelance Writing – 5 Ways to Support Yourself as a Writer

Making money as a freelance writer is possible, even for new writers, even in a struggling economy! These tips for supporting yourself as a writer from professiona, experienced, employed writers, and they can catapult you from struggling wordsmith to professional writer! Before the tips, a quip: “In baseball, you get only three swings and you’re out,” says playwright Neil Simon. “In rewriting, you get […]

Tips for Editing and Revising Articles, Essays, and Research Papers

The best way to write great articles, essays, and research papers is to edit and revise until you can edit and revise no more! These tips for rewriting apply to all types of writing — from nonfiction papers to short stories. Knowing how to edit and revise is the key to being a successful writer (or earning an “A” on that essay or research paper!). […]