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5 Alternatives to Google Adsense Ads for Bloggers

Maybe you don’t want Google Adsense ads on your blog, maybe Google banned you, or maybe you just want to find better products. Here are five alternative types of affiliate ads for bloggers. If you want to take your blogging business beyond blogging, read The Six-Figure Second Income: How To Start and Grow A Successful Online Business Without Quitting Your […]

Alternatives to Google Adsense Ads for Blogs

Can’t Decide on Your Blog’s Focus? Tips for Baffled Bloggers

Does your blog need a focus? How do you decide on a specific topic or niche? These tips for bloggers will help you narrow down your ideas; they’re inspired by a question from a reader… “I want to start a blog I’ll actually publish to frequently for quite some time,” says Jimmy on Ready to Start Blogging? 5 Steps to […]

Want to Blog, But Don’t Know Where to Start? 5 Tips for Newbies

Many writers and “normal” folk want to blog, but don’t know where to start. These tips for new bloggers range from choosing a web host to troubleshooting blog blips and crashes. “Great blog content comes from craft, care, and attention. Not talent.” ~  Sonia Simone. If you’re worried that you’re not a talented blogger, you can rest easy. But you still have […]

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5 Tips for Building an Online Business While Traveling

Believe it or not, starting and running an online biz is easier when you’re on the road! These tips for building an online business while traveling are from Adam Costa, author of Business in a Backpack: How to Build and Run a Profitable Business While You Travel the World. “Building an online business while traveling is in fact easier than back home,” […]

6 Most Important Reasons Your Blog Isn’t Earning Money

The main reason your blog isn’t making money is low traffic. But, blog traffic isn’t everything, my friends. You can make big bucks even if you only have a few hundred readers a day, depending on where your ads are and what they look like. And, how bold you are as a blogger! “If you decide to generate income from […]

9 Reasons Your Blog Isn’t Attracting or Keeping Readers

Here’s what I learned when I asked my Quips and Tips writers how I could improve my blogs – I asked them to be brutally honest with me. Their feedback applies to all blogs — not just mine — and can help you attract and keep readers! Here’s one of the most interesting tips I received: “Right now, your Quips and […]

Getting More Links to Your Blog – Things That Make People Link

What blogger doesn’t want to get more links to her blog? I know I do, so I asked my Quips and Tips writers what makes them link to blog posts, spread web articles, and keep visiting a blogger’s space. Here’s a great tip, right off the bat: “I really like clean cut minimal looking blogs that have personality, such as […]

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How to Start Writing a Blog

How to Start Writing a Blog

Knowing how to start a writing blog – or start writing a blog – is less important than just jumping into the fray! Nevertheless, these tips for new bloggers will help you blog better — whether you’ve been blogging for ten years or ten days (or you’re just thinking about blogging….). The tough part about blogging is growing your readership and traffic — and it […]