Can’t Decide on Your Blog’s Focus? Tips for Baffled Bloggers


Does your blog need a focus? How do you decide on a specific topic or niche? These tips for bloggers will help you narrow down your ideas; they’re inspired by a question from a reader…

“I want to start a blog I’ll actually publish to frequently for quite some time,” says Jimmy on Ready to Start Blogging? 5 Steps to Setting Up a Blog for Writers. “I think I have a great perspective, but I can’t seem to narrow my focus down to something as specific as yours. When I write, the topics are rather varied, but generally they are basically life lessons we learn in our twenties (I’m 23). Do you have any suggestions? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!”

One of my first tips is to get and stay connected with your creativity. You need to tune into who you are as a blogger, as a writer, as a human being.

I’ve been bored with blogging for a few months. My well was dry, I couldn’t figure if I should keep blogging full-time or get a part-time job out of the house. But then I joined a group of writers reading Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. And, I started my Morning Pages. I’m filling my well, and realizing that I do love blogging…but I can’t do it on empty.

The Complete Artist’s Way: Creativity as a Spiritual Practice is a fantastic book for bored bloggers – or aspiring bloggers who don’t know what their niche is. It’ll help you stay in touch with your creative, authentic self — so you can be the blogger or writer you’re destined to be.

Here are a few thoughts for writers or other people who can’t decide on a blog niche or focus…

Can’t Decide on Your Blog’s Focus? Tips for Baffled Bloggers

Decide if your blog needs a specific focus

First, you need to decide if you should focus your blog in a specific way. My “pet” blog (my favorite one, but it’s not a blog about pets) is Quips and Tips for Achieving Your Goals because I can write about anything I want. I write about fitness, career, money, and travel – whatever strikes my fancy! And, whatever readers ask about. I love the freedom and variety of that blog.

Most professional or expert bloggers say you should start a blog with a specific focus or niche. That’s good if you want to brand yourself as an expert, build targeted blog traffic, and create a specific audience.

But there’s a danger to creating a blog that’s too focused…

It’s boring and stifling to be tied to one blog niche, topic,or subject forever.

My least favorite blog is Quips and Tips for Couples Coping With Infertility. I started it when my husband and I discovered we can’t have our own biological kids. But I’m not upset that we can’t have kids – I’d love to get pregnant, but I’m happy with my life, my marriage, and my career! I don’t want to blog about infertility because it bores me, I don’t want to blog about getting pregnant or fertility treatments because I could care less…but I don’t want to let that blog go because it’s getting more and more  popular all the time, and I make money from it. See my dilemma?

When you’re deciding on your blog’s focus or niche, remember that you’re committing to one topic for a long time. Maybe even forever! Yes, you can abandon it midstream or if you get bored – like the majority of bloggers do – but who wants to start a blog with that mindset?

The downside of a niche blog is that you might get tired or bored of it in year…or even a couple of weeks. Even if you absolutely love and are passionate your topic, you may run out of steam or ideas.


Figure out your purpose for blogging

Jimmy wants to share life lessons of 20 year olds. Why does his blog need to be as specific as Quips and Tips for Successful Writers? Why not start a blog that is as broad and general as life lessons? In fact, I don’t think “life lessons we learn in our twenties” is too general. I think it’s a blog niche that 20 year olds would love to follow and participate in. The beauty of that blog niche is that the ideas are endless.

If you’re a baffled blogger – you can’t decide on your blog’s purpose – then you need to figure out why you’re blogging. Why do you want to blog? Who are you writing for? What do you want to say?

The downside of a general blog, like Achieving Your Goals, is that it’s almost impossible to build and sustain a specific readership. But the upside is that I can write about whatever I want! My purpose for blogging is to motivate, inspire, and educate people.

Find your purpose, and don’t worry about narrowing down your blog to an uber-specific niche or topic. Just follow your heart and your gut!

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What do you think, fellow bloggers? Are you bored with your blog’s focus or niche? Got any tips for baffled bloggers?

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